WeaponLord (1995)
Move List/Bios - Universal
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[F1] = Fore Slash
[F2] = Fore Thrust
[F3] = Fore Strike
[B1] = Back Slash
[B2] = Back Thrust
[B3] = Back Strike
[F1] = [Y]
[F2] = [B]
[F3] = [A]
[B1] = [L]
[B2] = [X]
[B3] = [R]
[F1] = [A]
[F2] = [B]
[F3] = [C]
[B1] = [X]
[B2] = [Y]
[B3] = [Z]

To activate any attack, you must press and release the button. An attack will not be activated until you release the button.

Once you Hold down a button, hold down the button indefinitely until you do the special technique.

The Charge Moves indicated must be charged for 1-2 seconds.
Thrust Blocks:
Every character has unique special techniques, but one special move that all character can do is the Thrust Block. While the normal block is a safe and easy way to block, it is not your most effective defensive move - and it may not stop all attacks! A Thrust Block is an offensive block which can get you out of trouble and turn the tide of the fight. There are four different Thrust Blocks.

Standing High Thrust Block: (Hold U+[B1]/[F1])
Standing Mid Thrust Block: (Hold F+[B1]/[F1])
Sanding Low Thrust Block: (Hold D+[B1]/[F1])
Crouching High Thrust Block: (Hold DB+[B1]/[F1])
Selectable Characters:

Bane Bane
Height: 20 Hands High (6'8")
Weight: 28 Stones (397 lb)
Age: 25
Weapon: Rock Warhammer, Bone Hook
Bane is simply the most bestial, vicious, aggressive warrior in the tournament, a real dark horse who has the raw power to rip other fighters apart limb from limb. It is rumored he killed a fearsome saber-toothed wolf once with his bare hands, and now his face is shrouded by a wolf's mask.

Bane's weapon of choice is a giant Warhammer made from stone. This crushing weapon is two feet in length with a 150 lb head. Bane's skill and agility with this Warhammer belie his massive size, and his weapon technique is almost without equal.

Bane is a total powerhouse, and he fights with a nonstop fervor. In addition to his Warhammer which can break skulls, Bane wields a Bone Hook for ripping techniques.

Currently Bane is stuck on a cursed mountain pass, forced to stand guard against his will. He must be patient, for if he defeats the next fool to stumble onto the pass, they will be forced to take Bane's place.
Special Moves:
Skull Crusher: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), B UB UF
Berserker: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), B F UF
Hammer Blast: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), U B D
Power Hammer: B DB D [F2]/[F3]
Cursed Kick: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), DF DB F
Iron Fist: B DB D F [B2]/[B3]
Head Rocker: F D F [B2]/[B3]
Curse Slam: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), F UF U D
Fang Gutter: B DB F [F2]/[F3]
The Mutilator: D D [B2]/[B3]
Divada Divada

Height: 18 Hands High (6'0")
Weight: 15 Stones (210 lb)
Age: 25
Weapon: Twin-Bladed Staff
Divada is a dark and mysterious warrior/sorceress who combines the black magic of her spells with the cold steel of her Twin-Bladed Staff. She is cool, calculating, intelligent alluring, and lethal - a well-rounded fighter, never to be underestimated.

Divada's sorcery is one of her greatest weapons. She lives in a gigantic, ominous fortress atop a high hill, secluded from the rest of civilization. Few know much about this stronghold of magic, but incredible pyrotechnic displays often light the skies above the castle. Some say this is the sign of Divada's power; others say it is a mark of the wealth and riches hidden in the castle.

Divada's already made her mark on the tournament. many of her foes journeyed to her great castle thinking she would be an easy conquest, but Divada's surprising ferocity and cunning turned her foes into little more than husks of corpses. Few know her motives and desires, but some say that is her power was unleashed, she would be a more fearsome ruler than even the DemonLord himself.
Special Moves:
Ground Blast: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), UB B D
Soul Drill: B DB F [B2]/[B3]
Power Flip: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U UF D
Psycho Blades: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), U UF B
Death Whirl: F DB D [F2]/[F3]
Orb of Souls: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U U UF
   Breakout: F DF D [B3] (after Orb of Souls)
Hell Deflect: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), B D F
Heel Kick: F F [F2]/[F3]
Soul Displacer: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), D D DF
Jen-Tai Jen-Tai

Height: 20.5 Hands High (6'10")
Weight: 19 Stones (265 lb)
Age: 25
Weapon: Falchon and Spiked Shield
Out of all the arena masters, Jen-Tai is said to be the DemonLord's most favored. She is the tallest, strongest, most imposing warrior ever to enter the battle circuit. She participates in the tournament as the final challenge contestants must face before they reach the great Demonlord himself!

Jen-Tai started her career as a mercenary, selling her Sword to whoever could afford it. She was a solider on fortune, conquering her enemies and achieving the glory due her.

Eventually Jen-Tai's path led her to the great arena fighting circuit. Jen Tai decided to retire from her career as a mercenary and join the arenas for the sake of her love for swordplay.

Noble and proud, Jen-Tai values honor above all else. She has no desire for violence or killing; the thrill of combat and bettering herself is all she lives for. She usually does not kill her opponents, instead sparing their lives so that they may learn lessons from her and return to challenge her again.
Special Moves:
Shield Smash: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), D DF F
Reverse Kick: B F [B2]/[B3]
Death Blade: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), F DF D F
Leg Breaker: D DF F [F2]/[F3]
Back Blade Strike: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), F B DB D DF
Aura Strike: B D DB B [B2]/[B3]
Shield Spike: B F [F2]/[F3]
Back Hand Blast: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), B UB F
Ram Toss: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), F UF U B
Korr Korr
Height: 19 Hands High (6'3")
Weight: 20.5 Stones (288 lb)
Age: 25
Weapon: Broad Sword
Born under the Warrior's Moon, Korr is the most gifted swordsman to emerge from the Tarok tribe in generations. An incomparable physical specimen, Korr cam defeat four of his mates with just a dagger. Using his devastating Broad Sword and refined weapon techniques, Korr can lock blades with the best fighters who have ever walked the planet!

So adept is Korr that he was named Master Warrior, a title not bestowed on any other Tarok for two decades... except for one other, Korr's twin brother Kang. Korr' s (not identical) twin has been missing for many years, no one knows if he's even alive. Korr still hopes one day to hear word of his brother Kang...

Korr is aggressive, but honorable and rarely uses any techniques hat could be considered underhanded. Since he met the DemonLord, he is on a personal mission to complete his training and prove his worth once and for all by deposing this dictator of the combat circuits.
Special Moves:
Double Flame Strike: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), D DF F D
Power Kick: B F [B2]/[B3]
Firestorm: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), U UF D
Gut-Slash: B DB D DF F [F2]/[F3]
Tarok Strike: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), DB D DF F
Heart Strike: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U U D
Elbow Smash: F F [F2]/[F3]
360 Flame Strike: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), F U UF
Power Push: F DF D DB [B2]/[B3]
Knee-Tarok: F DB D DF F [F3]
Power Deflect: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), F DF D DB
Talazia Talazia

Height: 17.5 Hands High (5'10")
Weight: 11.5 Stones (163 lb)
Age: 25
Weapon: Claw Shield and Talon Blade
The lithe, beautiful and deadly Talazia has the presence and mannerisms of a falcon. She has the primal instincts of a great avian hunter, and she swoops onto her foes and rips them without mercy.

Talazia has a penchant for being a loner. She often climbs to the tops of the tallest trees and stares longingly into the sky. Somehow she knows a part of her existence has been stolen.

Talazia trained among the best of her tribe, and to the surprise of many of the leaders, she has become the most talented and vicious fighter the tribe has ever seen. It must be the true spirit in her blood, unforgiving and unrelentless.

Talazia's unorthodox fighting style matches her free spirit. She wields a Claw Shield used for locking and shredding and a Talon Blade flying disk which can extend to attack opponents or be used as a projectile.
Special Moves:
Air Tear: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U UF F
Talon Blade: B D B [B2]/[B3]
Rip Claw: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), B DB D DF
Shadow Deflect: F DF DB [F2]/[F3]
Prey Launch: DB D F [B2]/[B3]
Phoenix Strike: (Hold [B3]), B DB D F
Falcon Strike: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), U UB B
Double Talon Strike: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), F D F
Reverse Claw: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U U D
Air Frenzy: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), U F UF
Zorn Zorn

Height: 18.5 Hands High (6'2")
Weight: 16 Stones (225 lb)
Age: 25
Weapon: Ivory Axe and Skull Shield
Zorn is a "jack-of-all-trades" to his comrades... a "thief" to his accusers. But this can never be proven of course, because he's too good at his work. Zorn has dabbled in magic and is a strong fighter.

Zorn loves to live the high life. He collects the finest weapons and armaments and values wealth above all else... Except maybe alluring women. He thinks he is the baddest ass around and will go to any length to prove his boasts. Maybe that's his only weakness, he's so many cocky.

Recently Zorn acquired a particularly fine set of weapons. He got an Ivory Axe so sharp it could split the hair on a pit beast's back and a Bone Shield. Though others have told Zorn is look like a hideous orc's skull, Zorn is convinced the shield is incredibly powerful.

Zorn is generally a defensive fighter, but his huge ego compels him to find ways to win. His crowd-pleasing tactics and natural abilities have earned him a slot as one of the DemonLord's arena masters, second in status only to Jen-Tai.
Special Moves:
Scream Shield: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), F U F
Ancient Axe: B DB F [B2]/[B3]
Hell Grinder: Hold-B, (F+[B2]/[B3])
Hell Fire: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), D DF U
Axe Trip: B DF DB [F2]/[F3]
Shield Crack: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U B D
Axe Lift: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), U UB
Roll: F DF DB [B2]/[B3]
Demon Axe: Hold-B, (Hold [F2]/[F3]), DF F
Corpse Striker: Hold-D, (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U UF
Zarak Zarak (Boss)

Height: 21 Hands High (7'1")
Weight: 31 Stones (435 lb)
Age: 25
Weapon: Guillotine (staff/axe/spear weapon)
Zarak is a consummate warlord, maybe even more ruthless than any who came before him. he rules his extensive empire with an iron fist, but unlike other warlords he takes a personal interest in his conquests. He defeats all challengers in one-one-one combat!

From the repulsive living spider helmet which protects and aids him in battle to the evil demon's glint of his eyes, the DemonLord provokes fears in all but the most stalwart, experienced fighters. But most awe-inspiring of all is his legendary weapon Guillotine. Zarak's own creation, this unique combination of staff, axe, and spear has been used without mercy to execute all manner of men, creatures, beasts... even other demons.

Zarak's fighting style is possibly the most diverse of all the contestants. There is not a single tactic, technique or maneuver the DemonLord will exclude form his arsenal. He often switches between aggressive and defensive stances to keep his opponent off-guard.

Knowing that the Prophecy is at hand, Zarak is holding the great tournament to find the WeaponLord for a final confrontation. Zarak is convinced that with his demon's powers and awesome fighting skills he has the ability to change destiny... Maybe he is right.
Special Moves:
Chaos: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), F U UF
Inferno: F DF DB [B2]/[B3]
Web Rip: F DF DB [F2]/[F3]
Web Slap: Hold-B, (Hold [F2]/[F3]), F
Warp Spider: (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U UB B
Guillotine Strike: Hold-D, (Hold [B2]/[B3]), U UF
Power Slice: (Hold [F2]/[F3]), U UF B
Widow Grip: Hold-B, (Hold [B2]/[B3]), DF F
Power Vault: B DB F [F2]/[F3]
Play as Zarak during Story Mode: