Fighter's Nirvana

Wanted Move Lists:
Dead or Alive (Series)
King of Fighters (Series)
Samurai Shodown (Series)
Soul Calibur (Series)
Street Fighter (and/or Capcom VS Titles, Check to see what we're missing)
Super Smash Bros. (Series)
Tao Feng - Fist of the Lotus (XBOX)
Tattoo Assassins (Arcade)
Tekken (Series)
Ultimate Fighter (SNES)
Virtua Fighter (Series)
Way of the Warrior (3DO)
*Anything not covered already by the site

These are a few of our most-wanted move lists for the site.  If you have a move list for another game not represented already on our site, or would like to make one, feel free to e-mail us.  If your move list is deemed adequate enough to upload, we will do so ASAP.

If you feel like you have information or additions on game guides already on our site, please feel free to e-mail us.

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