Tattoo Assassins (1994 - Unreleased)
Move List/Bios: Arcade (Unreleased)
Takara "Tak" HataBilly Two MoonsLuke Cord
MayaA.C. CurrentHannah Hart
Karla KellerTruck DavisDerek O'Toole
RhinaDeke KayPrizm
Koldan The Conqueror
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[LP] = Low Punch
[HP] = High Punch
[LK] = Low Kick
[HK] = High Kick
[BL] = Block
[MT] = Morph Tattoo

Morph Tattoo:
After selecting your fighter, you select a special move that you can perform by pressing [MT].
What your character does when you push [MT] will change depending on what you choose.
The special button has to recharge for a couple of seconds after you use the special move, as well as when you execute the move yourself.
you cannot do the move anymore when the Special Meter runs out, except for when you actually perform it yourself.
Random Select:
Press U when highlighting Billy Two-Moons.
Alternate Colors:
When highlighting your characters press Start to change their colors.
Normal Attacks:
Uppercut: (D+[HP]) (Doubles as Fatality)
Roundhouse: (B+[HK]) (Doubles as Fatality)
Sweep: (B+[LK])
Throw: (F+[LP]) (Close)
Grab & Hit: (F+[HP]) (Close)
Hit While Blocking: (Hold [BL]), [HK]/[LK] (Doesn't work with Derek O'Toole.)
Poison Fart: B B [LP]
Taunt: (Hold [BL]), F F F
Universal Finishers: (During No Mercy)
Make Opponent Beg For Their Life: [MT] [MT] [MT] (Do 9 times in a row to make your opponents head pop off.)
Decap Uppercut: (D+[HP]) (Close)
Exploding Roundhouse: (B+[HK]) (Close)
It's Burgertime!: [LP] [HP] [BL]
Wilde Thang: [LP] [HK] [BL]
Farmer and Wife: [LP] [LK] [BL]
Mona Lisa: [LK] [LP] [BL]
DeLorean: [LK] [HK] [BL]
Whistler's Mother: [HP] [LP] [BL]
Musketeer: [HP] [HK] [BL]
Hot Stuff: [HP] [LK] [BL]
It's Hammer Time!: [BL] [BL] [HP]
Strike!: [BL] [BL] [LP]
Gotcha, Ya Little Booger!!: [BL] [BL] [HK]
Nudeality: [BL] [BL] [MT]
Smoking Kills!: [HP] [LP] [LK] [HK]
No Artificial Additives: [HP] [HK] [LK] [LP]
Happy Thanksgiving!: [HK] [LK] [LP] [HP]
Lipstick: [HK] [HP] [LP] [LK]
Animality: [HP] [HP] [HP] [BL]
Morphality: [LP] [LP] [LP] [BL]
Selectable Characters:

A.C. Current A.C. Current
A.C. is a cyber-mercenary who travels the net, cracking computer systems for the highest bidder. After being set up in an industrial espionage double-cross, A.C. is wanted by Interpol and by his former employers...
Special Moves:
Lightning Bolt: D DF F [LP]
Ground Bolt: F F [LK]
Flying Lightning: F F [LK] (In Air)
Nail Gun: F F [LP]
Electric Shield: D D [LP]
Buzz Saw: B B [HP] (Doubles as Fatality)
Thunder Mace: B B B [HK] (Doubles as Fatality)
Lazer: (F+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
Electrifying Victory: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [HP]
Fatal Buzz Saw: B B [HP]
Decapitation Mace: B B B [HK]
Eat Ship And Die!!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Oh, I Wish I Was A...: D D D [LK]
Flamed!: B B B B [LK]
Billy Two Moons Billy Two Moons
Branded a renegade after taking arms against the U.S. Bureau of land management over preservation of the burial site of his Ancestors, Billy has been a fugitive for many years, and he has had to dispatch numerous bounty hunters...
Special Moves:
Axe Toss - High: D DF F [HP]
Axe Toss - Low: D DF F [LP]
Flaming Arrow: B F [LP]
Axe Uppercut: (D+[HP]) (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Diamondback Whip: B B [HP] (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Air Axe: F F F (In Air)
Spiritual Leap: D U
Phoenix Acid Bath: (F+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
Man-Eating Phoenix: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [HP]
Axe Scalp: [MT] [MT] [LP]
Axe Uppercut: (D+[HP]) (Close)
Diamondback Whip: B B [HP] (Close)
Decapitation Phoenix: F F F [LP]
Judgment Day!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Oh, I Wish I Was A...: D D D [LK]
Flamed!: B B B B [LK]
Derek O'Toole Derek O'Toole
Derek is an aspiring rock star who was falsely accused of taking part in terrorist activities in his home town of Belfast. He was forced to develop fighting skills to defend himself. He is now he is now part of the underground club scene...
Special Moves:
Deadly Cigarette: F F [HP]
Barbed Wire Whip: D DF F [LK]/D DB B [LK]
Guitar Fireball: B F [HK]
Air Guitar Fireball: F F [LK] (In Air)
Standing Guitar: B F B [HK]
Musical Teleport: B D D [BL]
Guitar Sweep: B B [LK]
Flying Death Skull: (F+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
That's The Name of The Tune!: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [HP]
Oh, I Wish I Was A...: D D D [LK]
Judgment Day!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Flamed!: B B B B [HK]
Hannah Hart Hannah Hart
Hannah was a world class strip club dancer, until a deranged killer started stalking the other dancers and murdered her best friend. She now prowls the night, in search of the man who ruined her life. Her only desire is a cruel revenge...
Special Moves:
Ground Web - High: B B [LK]
Ground Web - Low: B B D [LK]
Spider Leg Fury: F B [LP]
Deadly Venom: F F [HP] (Doubles as Fatality)
Spider Jump: D D [HK]
Roll Attack: B B D [HK]
Web Swing: F F F
Quick Recovery: F F F (While Standing Up)
Cartwheel: B B F (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Spider Face Bite: (F+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
Spider Maul: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [HP]
Baby Spiders Attack: [MT] [MT] [LP]
Exploding Cartwheel: B B F (Close)
Deadly Venom: F F [HP] (Close)
Oh, I Wish I Was A...: D D D [LK]
Eat Ship And Die!!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Flamed!: B B B B [HK]
Karla Keller Karla Keller
Karla was cheated out of her chance to compete in the Olympics when her rival Eva Gunther attempted to cripple her in a late-night ambush. Karla has sworn a vicious revenge and is practicing her martial arts for that day...
Special Moves:
Ice Blast: D DF F [LP]
Snowflake - High: F F [HP]
Snowflake - Low: F F D [HP]
Nasty Icicle: B F [HP] (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Ice Shield: B B B [BL]
Flying Ice Blade: B B F (Also in Air)
Charging Blade: B B D (Doubles as Fatality)
Man-Eating Rose: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
Lethal Thorns: (F+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [HP]
Gut Slice: B F [HP] (Close)
Clean-Up Car: [HK] [LK] [BL]
Oh, I Wish I Was A...: D D D [LK]
Eat Ship And Die!!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Flamed!: B B B B [LK]
Luke Cord Luke Cord
Luke is a former Navy seal who is stranded in Alaska after a secret operation against the Soviets was compromised by a bureaucrat. He has been declared dead by the US Navy, But the CIA still has a contract out on him because of his knowledge...
Special Moves:
Knife Throw - High: B B [HK]
Knife Throw - Low: B B D [HK]
Rolling Grenade: D DF F [HP]
Grenades: B F [HP]
Boat Anchor: B B [HP] (Doubles as Fatality)
Rushing Tackle: F F F
Energy Shield: (Hold [BL]), D D
Octopus Squeeze: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
Tentacles: (F+[MT])
Heart Squish: [MT] [MT] [HP]
Heart Stab: [MT] [MT] [LP]
Fatal Boat Anchor: B B [HP] (Close)
Flaming Fart: B B B [LK]
Oh, I Wish I Was A...: D D D [LK]
Judgment Day!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Flamed!: B B B B [LK]
Maya Maya
Maya's Father, a tribal chief, was killed by foreign land developers intent on taking over her tribe's land. Maya has taught her people to use guerilla tactics against the foreigners; Now the developers want her dead as well...
Special Moves:
Tiger Fireball - High: F F [HK]
Tiger Fireball - Low: F F D [HK]
Blow Gun: F F [HP]
Femur Club: B B [HP] (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Claw Attack: D D D [LK] (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Tiger Leap: D D [HK]
Back Kick: B B B (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Tiger Slice: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
Tiger Maul: (F+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [HP]
Club Decap: B B [HP] (Close)
Claw Attack Splatter: D D D [LK] (Close)
Back Kick: B B B (Close)
Eat Ship And Die!!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Takara "Tak" Hata Takara "Tak" Hata
Tak is a former Yakuza assassin. When the governor's daughter was killed by the son of a powerful crime lord, Tak was frame for the murder. He is now wanted both by the Yakuza and the Japanese police...
Special Moves:
Smoke Bomb - High: D DF F [HP]
Smoke Bomb - Low: D DF F [LP]
Blade Frenzy - High: B B B [LK]
Blade Frenzy - Low: B B D [LK]
Power Fist: F F [HP]
Humiliation: (Hold [BL]), F F [HP]
Kendo Sticks: D DB B [HK]
Knife Throw: B F [HK]
Smoke Teleport: D D
Power Shield: [BL] [BL] D
Purple Dinosaur Friendship: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [LP]
Glitched Nudeality: (F+[MT])
Two-Headed Dragon: [MT] [MT] [MT]
Oops, Stepped In It!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Flaming Fart: B B B [HK]
Flamed!: B B B B [HK]
Truck Davis Truck Davis
Truck is the last surviving member of the Holy Terrors Biker Gang. The Holy Terrors were ambushed by a rival gang, The Sore Losers, after they lost a drinking contest. Now Truck has a score to settle, and the losers want to finish the job...
Special Moves:
Molotov Cocktail - High: D DF F [HP]
Molotov Cocktail - Low: D DF F [LP]
Flying Bottle: D D [LP]
Crowbar: D DB B [HP] (Close, Doubles as Fatality)
Bottle Throw: B F [HP]
Hyper Fireball: F F [HP]
Energy Shield: (Hold [BL]), D D
Swallowing Snake: (F+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [MT]
My Day Has Been Made: (B+[MT])/[MT] [MT] [HP]
Fatal Crowbar: D DB B [HP] (Close)
Oh, I Wish I Was A...: D D D [LK]
Judgment Day!: [BL] [BL] [LK]
Flamed!: B B B B [HK]
Boss Characters:

Rhina Rhina (Sub Boss)
Special Moves:
Deke Kay Deke Kay (Sub Boss)
Special Moves:
Intestine throw: D DF F, D
Prizm Prizm (Sub Boss)
Special Moves:
Laser projectile: D DF F, B/D/F
Koldan The Conqueror Koldan The Conqueror (Final Boss)
Special Moves: