Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)
Move List/Bios - XBOX 360
Akuma Lars AlexandserssonAlisa Bosconovitch
GuileAbel Heihachi MishimaKumaLei WulongChristie Monteiro
Chun-LiCammy WhiteRyuKen Masters Kazuya MishimaNina WilliamsBryan FuryJack-X1
ZangiefRufusDhalsimSagat Jin KazamaLing XiaoyuYoshimitsuRaven
BalrogVegaM. BisonJuri Han Asuka KazamaEmilie "Lili" De RochefortHwoarangSteve Fox
Sakura KasuganoBlankaRolento F. SchugergIbuki Paul PhoenixMarshall LawJulia ChangRobert "Bob" Richards
GuyCody TraversPoisonHugo Andore KingCraig Marduk
ElenaDudley Ogre
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[LP] = Light Punch
[MP] = Medium Punch
[HP] = Heavy Punch
[LK] = Light Kick
[MK] = Medium Kick
[HK] = Heavy Kick

[TAUNT] = Taunt
XBOX 360:
[LP] = [X]
[MP] = [Y]
[HP] = [RB]
[LK] = [A]
[MK] = [B]
[HK] = [RT]

[TAUNT] = [Back]

[Px3] = [LB]
[Kx3] = [LT]

[P] = Any Punch
[K] = Any Kick
[Px2] = Any 2 Punch Buttons Simultaneously
[Kx2] = Any 2 Kick Buttons Simultaneously
[Px3] = ([X]+[Y]+[RB])
[Kx3] = ([A]+[B]+[RT])
EX Special Moves:
EX Special Moves are powered up versions of your regular special moves. Perform an EX Special Move by pressing 2 or more punch or kick buttons (depending on the special move) when inputting a special move command (this uses 1 block of your Cross Gauge).

Cross Cancel: (F+[RB]+[RT])
When you enter this command after successful blocking your opponent's attack you will perform a Cross Cancel. Depending on the character, this may be an attack or a movement. It consumes 1 block of your Cross Gauge.

Recovery: D or any 2 Attack Buttons Just Before Landing
When your opponent's attacks have knocked your character to the ground, you can press down on the left stick or directional pad or any 2 attack buttons simultaneously the instant you hit the ground to perform a quick recovery. A successful recovery will reduce the amount of time spent prone on the ground and make it easier to respond to the next incoming attack.
*Some attacks, such as throws, do not allow a recovery to be performed after them.

Forward Roll Recovery: F (while down)
While down, press the directional pad in the direction of your opponent to perform a forward roll recovery. While performing a forward roll recovery, you are temporarily invulnerable. If used well, this can allow you to avoid your opponent's attacks.

Throw: ([X]+[A])
When standing close to your opponent, press the Light Punch and Light Kick buttons simultaneously to throw the opponent by pressing left or right on the directional pad or left stick.
*Some characters can also perform a throw when jumping (aerial throw).

Throw Escape: ([X]+[A])
You can prevent yourself from being thrown by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick together when your opponent begins to throw you.
*Throw Escapes cannot be perform against aerial throws.

Dash: F F/B B
Press the directional pad twice towards your opponent in quick succession to perform a forward dash, or press the directional pass twice in quick succession away from them to perform a backward dash. Dashing allows your to get close to your opponent quickly or to drop back and reassess the situation.

Switching: ([Y]+[B])
Press the Medium Punch and Medium Kick buttons simultaneously to switch with your partner. When a character switches with their partner, they enter standby move and will be able to recover any recoverable damage.

By using 1 block of the Cross Gauge it is also possible to cancel an action and switch with your partner.

Launcher: ([RB]+[RT])
A Launcher is a combined offensive/defensive attack where you launch your opponent into the air before performing a character change. Press the Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick buttons simultaneously while your character is on the ground to perform a Launcher.

A Launcher makes your invulnerable to your opponent's low attacks.

Boost Combo + Cross Rush:

Perform a Boost Combo by pressing the Light -> Medium -> Heavy Punch or Kick Buttons, in that order.

Pressing Light -> Medium -> Heavy, or alternatively Light -> Heavy/Medium -> Heavy - followed by a final Heavy attack - will unleash a Launcher. This is called a Cross Rush.

Super Arts:
If you use 2 blocks of Cross Gauge, you can perform a powerful special move known as Super Art. The Super Art commands differ from character to character.

Super Charge:
Special moves that have Super Charge next to them in the command list can be charged up to 3 levels by holding down the button. If you charge it up to level 3, you can perform a Super Art without consuming any of your Cross Gauge.

Special moves increase in power as follows, allowing you to perform an EX Special Move or Super Art without using your Cross Gauge: Special Move -> EX Special Move -> Super Art.

Cross Arts: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
The most powerful combination move possible, performed together with your partner. If successfully landed, a Cross Art will do a great deal of damage to your opponent, but will consume all 3 blocks of your Cross Gauge. When a Cross Art hits, you will automatically switch with your partner.

Cross Assault: D DB B ([Y]+[B])
A Cross Assault is a special technique in which you call in your partner and fight together. It uses all 3 blocks of the Cross Gauge. during Solo Play, the character you call in will be controller by the CPU. during Pair Play, your partner will control the character.

Pandora: D D ([Y]+[B])
Pandora is a last-ditch attempt to change the course of a battle that you can only activate when you have 25% or less of your total vitality remaining. When activated, you will no long be able to use the current character in that round, but your partner will get the following bonuses:

1.) Your partner's attack strength is increased.
2.) Your partner's Cross Gauge is always at maximum.
3.) Your partner will receive twice your current character's remaining vitality.

In addition, after activating Pandora, no tag moves can be used, and if you are unable to KO your opponent before Pandora ends, you will lose via Time Over.

Quick Combo:
Activate the combo your set under "Quick Combo" in Customize.
Using a Quick Combo requires at least 1 block of your Cross Gauge.
Selectable Street Fighter Characters:

Ryu Ryu
"Master of the Hado"
A wandering street fighter who trains rigorously in order to become a true martial artist. Studied the art of Ansatsuken from his master Gouken, but does not wield it to take lives. He wishes to test his mettle against fighters around the world in order to find an answer in the heart of battle. He searches for Pandora to see if there is a connection between it and the Satsui no Hado.
Shoulder Throw: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Somersault Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Collarbone Breaker: (F+[Y])
Solar Plexus Strike: (F+[RB])
Special Moves:
Shoryuken: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (also in air)
Joudan Sokutogeri: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Hadoken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Shinku Hadoken: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
The Strongest Rivals: Ken
Ken Masters Ken Masters
"The Eternal Rival"
Trained with Ryu under the tutelage of Gouken, and has since become eternal rivals with his good friend. He is the heir to the Masters Corporation. He is by nature a cheerful and positive person in contrast to Ryu's stoicism, but he is also able to concentrate on the task at hand. Worried about the dangerous road his friend Ryu is taking, he joins him in his journey.
Shoulder Throw: (F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Knee Bash: (N+[X]+[A]) (close)
Hell Wheel: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Inazuma Kick: (B+[B])
Forward Step Kick: (F+[B])
Thunder Kick: (F+[RT]) (Hold [RT] to feint)
Target Combo: [Y] [RB] (close)
Special Moves:
Hadoken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Shoryuken: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge (also in air)
Super Art:
Shippu Jinraikyaku: D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
The Strongest Rivals: Ryu
Chun-Li Chun-Li
"Legs of Justice"
An Interpol detective that continues to track Shadaloo in order to learn the truth about her father's whereabouts. She has closed many an investigation with her dangerous kicks. While she stands firm against the forces of evil, she is also a cheerful and stunningly attractive woman. She is currently investigating the movements of both Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu as they begin their search for Pandora.
Koshuto: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Kirinshu: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Ryuseiraku: ([X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Unique Attacks:
Kakukyakuraku: (DF+[RT])
Rear Spin Kick: (DF+[A])
Kakusenshu: (F+[B])
Kintekishu: (B+[B])
   Tenkukyaku: [B] (after Kintekishu)
     Tenshokyaku: D U [B] (after Tenkukyaku)
Yosokyaku: (D+[B]) (in air, up to 3 times in sequence)
Wall Jump: UF (mid-jump, near wall)
Target Combo: [RB] [RB] (during angled jump)
Special Moves:
Kikoken: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Hazanshu: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Spinning Bird Kick: Hold-D, (U+[A]/[B]/[RT])
Hyakuretsukyaku: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge (Tap [A]/[B]/[RT] for follow-up attack)
Super Art:
Senretsukyaku: B DB D DF F [LT]
Cross Art:
Hosenka: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Cool Beauties: Cammy
Cammy White Cammy White
"Unrelenting Soldier"
A young woman who belongs to the Delta Red team in the Secret Intelligence Services' Special Forces Unit. She was formerly one of M. Bison's brainwashed soldiers, but has since reverted to her former self and now works closely with her comrades. She speaks with level-headed attitude, but due to her comrades she can come off as a tomboy at times. When Chun-Li requests her help, the two begin their investigation of both Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu.
Hooligan Suplex: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Frankensteiner: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Flying Neck Breaker: ([X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Unique Attacks:
Special Moves:
Cannon Spike: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Quick Spin Knuckle: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Hooligan Combination - Razor's Edge Slicer: DB D DF F UF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Fatal Leg Twister: ([X]+[A]) (close, after Razor's Edge Slicer)
   Crossed Scissors: ([X]+[A]) (in air, close, after Razor's Edge Slicer)
Cannon Strike: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (during forward jump, EX version can be done with any jump)
Spiral Arrow: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Spin Drive Smasher: D DF F [LT]
Cross Art:
Cammy Quick Combination: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Cool Beauties: Chun-Li
Guile Guile
"Air Splitting Techniques"
A military man who specializes in hand-to-hand combat. In the past, he had a countless number of encounters in the battlefield, and understands that war requires callousness. While he is not one to talk much, he has a strong sense of justice. Guile receives orders from his superiors to travel to Antarctica in order to secretly investigate a mysterious that box that landed there.
Dragon Suplex: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Judo Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Flying Mare: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Flying Buster Drop: (B+[X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Unique Attacks:
Straight Chop: (F+[Y])
Spinning Back Knuckle: (F+[RB])
Knee Bazooka: (B/F+[A])
Rolling Sobat: (B/F+[B])
Reverse Spin Kick: (B/F+[RT]) (close)
Guile High Kick: (DF+[RT])
Target Combo: [B] (F+[Y]) (while crouching)
Special Moves:
Flash Kick: Hold-D, (U+[A]/[B]/[RT])
Sonic Boom: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) Super Charge
Super Art:
Sonic Hurricane: Hold-B, F [LB]
Cross Art:
Opening Gambit: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Military Spirit: Abel
Abel Abel
"Seeking His Past"
A young man that was created and destined to become a replacement body for M. Bison. He was discarded as a faulty product, but managed to survive. In order to find out the truth about his past, he pursues Shadaloo. After learning that Shadaloo is after a mysterious box that crash-landed into Antarctica, he partners with Guile to infiltrate the frozen continent.
Drop Throw: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Pincer Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Forward Kick: (F+[B])
Special Moves:
Change of Direction: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB](varied followup)
   Second Mid: (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (after Change of Direction)
   Second Low: (F+[A]/[B]/[RT]) (after Change of Direction)
     Finish Mid: (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (after Second Mid/Low)
     Finish Low: (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (after Second Mid/Low)
Wheel Kick: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Marseilles Roll: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Falling Sky: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Tornado Throw: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Shoulder Tackle: Hold-B,(F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) Super Charge
Super Art:
Breathless: Hold-B,(F+[LB])
Cross Art:
Heartless: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Military Spirit: Guile
Dhalsim Dhalsim
"Guided by the Holy Flame"
An Indian priest who is a master of yoga. His ability to stretch both his arms and legs and to spew fire from his mouth are all a result of his miraculous yoga powers. Although he is hesitant to harm his opponents, he continues to fight for himself and his family. In order to investigate the whereabouts of the missing children, Dhalsim heads to Antarctica.
Yoga Smash: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Yoga Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Yoga Spear: (D+[A]/[B]/[RT]) (in air)
Yoga Mummy: (D+[RB]) (in air)
Yoga Tower: (D+[LB])
Razor Chop: (F+[X])
Zoom Straight: (F+[Y])
Double Zoom Straight: (F+[RB])
Zoom Low Kick: (F+[A])
Zoom High Kick (M): (F+[B])
Zoom High Kick (H): (F+[RT])
Zoom Punch (L): (DF+[X])
Zoom Punch (M): (DF+[Y])
Double Zoom Punch: (DF+[RB])
Sliding: (DF+[A])
Yoga Sliding: (DF+[B])
Long Sliding: (DF+[RT])
Jump Zoom Under Punch: (F+[X]) (in air)
Jump Zoom Side Punch: (F+[Y]) (in air)
Jump Double Zoom Punch: (F+[RB]) (in air)
Jump Zoom Forward Kick (L): (F+[A]) (in air)
Jump Zoom Forward Kick (M): (F+[B]) (in air)
Jump Zoom High Kick: (F+[RT]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Yoga Fire: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Yoga Teleport: F D DF/B D DB, [LB]/[LT] (also in air)
Yoga Flame: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Yoga Blast: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Arts:
Yoga Inferno: F DF D DB B [LB]
Yoga Volcano: F DF D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Yoga Strike: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Indomitable Force: Sagat
Sagat Sagat
"The King With No Equal"
To prepare himself for his inevitable rematch against Ryu, the king of Muay Thai retreated to a secluded mountain village for training. His chest bares the scar left by Ryu's Shoryuken, and serves as a reminder to him of their fight. He cares not for victory or defeat; he merely wishes to clash against fighters of great strength. In order to locate a missing young girl, Sagat agrees to go with Dhalsim and heads to Antarctica.
Tiger Rage: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Tiger Carry: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Heavy Tiger Elbow: (F+[RB])
Low Step Kick: (F+[A])
High Step Kick: (F+[RT])
Fake Kick: [RT] [RT]
Special Moves:
High Tiger Shot: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Low Tiger Shot: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Tiger Uppercut: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Tiger Knee Crush: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Tiger Genocide: F D DF [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Indomitable Force: Dhalsim
Rolento F. Schugerg Rolento F. Schugerg
"Seeking an Ideal Nation"
A former high-ranking officer in the Mad Gear gang, Rolento was an expert in hand-to-hand combat, explosives, small arms and of course, bojutsu. Now he focuses on creating an "ideal nation" where everyone is a soldier day in and out. After learning about a mysterious box from a subordinate, Rolento seeks to secure and destroy the box to show the world that his army is a force to be reckoned with.
Colonel Carrier: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Deadly Package: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Trick Rod: (F+[B])
Spike Rod: (D+[B]) (in air)
Trick Landing: [LT] (while landing)
Special Moves:
Stinger: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT] [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Mekong Delta Attack: [LB] [X]/[Y]/[RB] (while landing)
Mekong Delta Air-Raid: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Mekong Delta Escape: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] [X]/[Y]/[RB]/[A]/[B]/[RT]
Patriot Circle: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge (can be performed 3 times in sequence)
Super Art:
Patriot Sweeper: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Tactical Ninjitsu: Ibuki
Ibuki Ibuki
"Ninja School Girl"
Trained from infancy to become a ninja. Although she carries out her duties, in reality she dreams of living a normal, high school girl life. She has a fascination with pop idols, but when she is tasked with a responsibility, she is always reliable. Ibuki is forced to accept Rolento's mission request by her village leaders, and the two of them head for the South Pole.
Yami Kazura: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Uki Yami: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Tobizaru: ([X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Unique Attacks:
Agemen: (B+[Y])
Backhand Punch: [RB] (F+[RB]) (far)
Spin Kick: (F+[A])
Reverse Spin Kick: (B+[B])
Hammer Kick: (F+[B])
Sazan: (DF+[B])
Bonsho Kick: (F+[RT])
Target Combo 1: [RB] (F+[B]) (while jumping)
Target Combo 2: [X] (F+[RB]) (during angled jump)
Target Combo 3: [A] (F+[B]) (during angled jump)
Target Combo 4: [X] (F+[Y]) (F+[RB]) (close)
Target Combo 5: [X] (F+[Y]) (F+[A]) (far)
Target Combo 6: [X] (F+[Y]) (DF+[RT]) (F+[RT]) (close)
Target Combo 7: (B+[B]) (F+[B])
Target Combo 8: [RB] (DF+[RT]) (F+[RT]) (close)
Target Combo 9: [A] (F+[B]) (F+[RT])
Special Moves:
Kunai: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (in air)
Tsuijigoe: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB] (follow up with Kunai possible at apex of jump arc)
Neck Breaker: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Kasumi Gake: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Kazakiri: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT] (EX version can be followed up with Kunai)
Tsumuji: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] ([A]/[B]/[RT] for high attack, (D+[A]/[B]/[RT]) for low)
Hien: B D DB [A]/[B]/[RT] (follow up with Kunai during descent)
Raida: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Yoroitoshi: F DF D DB B [LB]
Cross Art:
Yami Shigure: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Tactical Ninjitsu: Rolento
Poison Poison
"Graceful, Sexy, & Cool"
A former member of the Mad Gear crime syndicate. She is constantly at odds with her partner Hugo, although the two seem to get along just fine regardless. This finely curved woman doesn't always look this good. Poison heads for Antarctica to meet up with the media who have gathered there, in order to show off her assets.
Slapshot: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Frankensteiner: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Elbow Drop: (F+[Y])
Backflip: [LT]
Special Moves:
Whip of Love: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] (press [X]/[Y]/[RB] up to 2 times for followup, up to 3 times for EX)
Kissed by a Goddess: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Love Me Tender: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (press [A]/[B]/[RT] on hit to shift to a throw)
Aeolus Edge: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Love Storm: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Pink Monster Ball: Hugo
Hugo Andore Hugo Andore
"Bellowing Giant"
Hugo was a member of the Mad Gear syndicate, but after its collapse, he turned towards the squared circle and used his massive size and power to become a pro wrestler. Since then he has used his unparalleled strength and wrestling techniques to annihilate a great number of opponents. Hugo is a freakishly strong character, but also has a tender side to him. He is also a little bit on the slow side. In order to capture the attention of the media gathered in the Antarctic, Hugo travels with Poison to the South Pole.
Neck Hanging Tree: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Body Slam: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Body Press: (D+[RB]) (during vertical or forward jump)
Hammer Hook: (F+[RB])
Leap Attack: D (D+[B])
Special Moves:
Giant Palm Bomber: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Moonsault Press: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Shootdown Backbreaker: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Meat Squasher: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Ultra Throw: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Monster Lariat: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Gigas Breaker: D DF F [LT] (Hold buttons after activation to cause a miss)
Cross Art:
Hammer Frenzy: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Pink Monster Ball: Poison
Zangief Zangief
"Red Tank"
A hero of Russia who is aptly named the Red Cyclone. His love for his country outstrips anyone else, and to show the world the strength of his motherland, he fights day in and day out. He is a man with a finely honed body of muscle and power, and the countless scars on his body is proof of his training. As proof of his loyalty to his motherland, Zangief seeks to acquire the box.
Bodyslam: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Brain Buster: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Flying Body Attack: (D+[RB]) (during angled jump)
Double Knee Drop: (D+[A]) (during angled jump)
Headbutt: (U+[Y]/[RB]) (during vertical jump)
Long Kick: (DF+[RT])
Special Moves:
Spinning Piledriver: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Banishing Flat: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Double Lariat: [LB]
Quick Double Lariat: [LT]
Flying Power Bomb: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge while far from opponent
Atomic Suplex: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge near opponent
Super Art:
Final Atomic Buster: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Super Heavyweights: Rufus
Rufus Rufus
"Graceful Heavyweight"
An American fighter who toys with his opponents with a body that moves with unimaginable speed. He is so infatuated with himself that he even ignores his opponents during a match while heaping nothing but praise on himself. He views Ken Masters as his bitter rival, but constantly mistakes anyone wearing a karate gi or sporting blonde hair as Ken, and often gets into unnecessary fights. Zangief contacts Rufus and the two of them decide to secure the mysterious "box" for themselves.
Head Bazooka: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Hand Machinegun: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Vulture Kick: (F+[B])
Glory Kick: (DF+[B])
Fragrance Palm: (F+[RB])
Falcon Kick: (DF+[B]) (in air)
Target Combo: [A] (F+[RT]) (close)
Special Moves:
Messiah Kick: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   High Attack: [A]
   Mid Attack: [RT]
   Low Attack: [B]
Snake Strike: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Galactic Tornado: D DF F [Y]/[RB] Super Charge (B/F determines distance)
Super Art:
Big Bang Typhoon: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Space Opera Symphony: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Super Heavyweights: Zangief
Balrog Balrog (M. Bison in Japan)
"Violent Boxer"
With frightening punching power, Balrog pounds his opponents until they are no longer able to stand up. A top level member of Shadaloo, he is a belligerent man with a vicious mean streak, and is obsessed with money. He has a real hatred for his fellow Shadaloo member, Vega, and the feeling is most certainly mutual. However, under orders from M. Bison to retrieve Pandora, him and Vega travel to Antarctica.
Head Bomber: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Lever Break: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Special Moves:
Dash Low Straight: Hold-B, (DF+[X]/[Y]/[RB])
Dash Low Smash: Hold-B, (DF+[A]/[B]/[RT])
Dash Swing Blow: Hold-B, (DF+Hold [X]/[Y]/[RB])
Buffalo Head: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[Y]/[RB])
Turn Punch: (Hold [LB]/[LT]), (Release [LB]/[LT])
Dash Straight: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) Super Charge
Dash Upper: Hold-B, (F+[A]/[B]/[RT]) Super Charge
Super Art:
Crazy Buffalo: Hold-B, (F+[LB]/[LT])
Cross Art:
Dirty Bull: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Uneasy Alliance: Vega
Vega Vega (Balrog in Japan)
"Blood Stained Rose"
As a top level Shadaloo member, Vega is a maniacal sadist who enjoys tormenting his victims. He is obsessed with the idea of beauty and fights to rid the world of everything he deems ugly. Vega hides his face behind a mask, and with grace he soars through the air and takes down his opponents with style. He is often called the Spanish Ninja. Under orders from M. Bison, Vega and Balrog head to Antarctica to retrieve Pandora.
Rainbow Suplex: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Crescent Line: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Stardust Drop: ([X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Unique Attacks:
Piece of Mercury: (DF+[B])
Cosmic Heel: (DF+[RT])
Back Slash: [LB]
Short Back Slash: [LT]
Wall Jump: UF (mid-jump, near wall)
Special Moves:
Rolling Crystal Flash: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB])
Scarlet Terror: Hold-DB, (F+[A]/[B]/[RT])
Flying Barcelona Attack: Hold-D, (U+[A]/[B]/[RT]) (press [X]/[Y]/[RB] after wall jump for followup)
   Izuna Drop: (F/B+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (close)
Remove Claw: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB] (EX version removes mask)
Sky High Claw: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) Super Charge
Super Art:
Bloody High Claw: Hold-D, (U+[LB])
Cross Art:
Splendid Claw: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Uneasy Alliance: Balrog
M. Bison M. Bison (Vega in Japan)
"Never-Ending Nightmare"
The leader of Shadaloo, he has crossed paths with Ryu and and his acquaintances numerous times in fierce battles. He utilizes Psycho Power, which is fueled by hatred and evil, and has sent many innocent people to an early demise. As a fighter he possesses overwhelming power and ability, and is often called a devil in disguise. In his journey for world conquest, he heads to the South Pole in search of Pandora, and its potential power.
Deadly Throw: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Death Tower: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Hell Attack: [Y] [Y] (during forward jump)
Special Moves:
Psycho Crusher: (Hold-B, F+[X]/[Y]/[RB])
Head Press: Hold-D, (U+[A]/[B]/[RT])
   Somersault Skull Diver: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (after Head Press)
Devil Reverse: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[Y]/[RB]), [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Bison Warp: F D DF/B D DB, [LB]/[LT]
Double Knee Press: Hold-B, (F+[A]/[B]/[RT]) Super Charge
Super Art:
Knee Press Nightmare: Hold-B, (F+[LT])
Cross Art:
Psycho Punisher: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Blood & Anguish: Juri
Juri Han Juri Han
"Dark Spider"
A cruel female fighter who finds pleasure in destruction and the suffering of others. The powerful Feng Shui engine was implanted into one of her eyes by M. Bison, giving her incredible strength. M. Bison requests that Juri joins him in his journey to the South Pole in search of the mysterious box that crash landed there.
Karen Kick: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Assatsu Kick: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Sekku: (F+[B])
Special Moves:
Fuhajin: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Shikusen: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (in air)
   2nd Impact: [A]/[B]/[RT] (after Shikusen, during hit or block)
     3rd Strike: [A]/[B]/[RT] (after 2nd Impact, during hit or block)
Kasatushi: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] (only against certain attacks)
Senpusha: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Kaisen Dankairaku: D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Blood & Anguish: M.Bison
Street Fighter Boss Character:

Akuma Akuma (Gouki in Japan) (Boss)
"Master of the Fist"
The wielder of the Satsui no Hado, a man called "the master of the fist", who has slaughtered opponents with the ferocity of a demon. He searches for strong opponents to do battle with in a game of life or death. He has sent numerous fighters to their demise. He has a keen interest in Ryu, the disciple of Akuma's brother Gouken, as he has the potential to bring forth the Satsui no Hado from inside him. Because of that, he appears now to guide Ryu to the box in the Antarctic.
Goshoha: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Syuretto: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Zugaihasatsu: (F+[Y])
Tenmakujinkyaku: (D+[B]) (at top of forward jump arc)
Special Moves:
Gohadoken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Shakunetsu Hadoken: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Zanku Hadoken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (in air)
Goshoryuken: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (also in air)
Ashura Senku: F D DF/B D DB, [LB]/[LT]
Hyakkishu: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
   Hyakki Gozan: no input (after Hyakkishu)
   Hyakki Gosho: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (after Hyakkishu)
   Hyakki Gojin: [A]/[B]/[RT] (after Hyakkishu)
   Hyakki Gosai: [X] [A]/[B]/[RT] (after Hyakkishu)
Super Arts:
Raging Demon: [X] [X] F [A] [RB]
Misogi: D D D [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
DLC Street Fighter Characters:

Sakura Kasugano Sakura Kasugano (DLC)
"Blossoming Flower"
A high school girl who began to street fight after meeting Ryu. Her fighting style as well as her clothing -- complete with headband -- also matches that of Ryu. She never forgets to train every day and always puts forth her best effort in everything.
Sailor Shot: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Choba Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Flower Kick: (F+[B])
Special Moves:
Hadouken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (Hold [X]/[Y]/[RB] to change effect)
Shouoken: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Sakura Otoshi: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT] ([X]/[Y]/[RB] three time after hit for combo)
Shunpukyaku: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge (also in air)
Super Art:
Haru Ranman: D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Blanka Blanka (DLC)
"Fanged Beast"
The ruler of the jungle, who survived the harsh conditions of his environment since he was a child. The jungle has tempered his body so that he can move around quickly and with unpredictability. He possesses unusual techniques to chase down his opponents.
Wild Fang: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Jungle Wheel: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Rock Crusher: (B/F+[Y]) (close)
Amazon River Run: (DF+[RB])
Surprise Back or Forward: (B/F+[LT]) (Backward or Forward Hop)
Coward Crouch: (D+[LB]) (continuously perform directional input)
Special Moves:
Electric Thunder: (Tap [X]/[Y]/[RB])
Backstep Roll: Hold-B, (F+[A]/[B]/[RT])
Vertical Roll: Hold-D, (U+[A]/[B]/[RT])
Rolling Attack: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) Super Charge
Super Art:
Ground Shave Roll: Hold-B, (F+[LB])
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Guy Guy (DLC)
"Bushin Leader"
Guy is the 39th successor to the Bushinryu clan since the period of the Warring States. He once rescued Metro City from the clutches of the Mad Gear crime syndicate. He uses antiquated Japanese, and is a serious individual who saved Metro City from the Mad Gear Gang along side Mike Haggar and Cody Travers.
Grab Throw: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Shoulder Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Elbow Drop: (D+[Y]) (in air)
Ninja Sickle: (DF+[RT])
Neck Breaker: (F+[Y])
Wall Jump: F/UF (mid-jump, near wall)
Bushin Gokusaken: [X] [Y] [RB] [RT]
Bushin Gokusaken (Throw): [X] [Y] [RB] (D+[RT])
Target Combo: [Y] [RB]
Special Moves:
Bushin Senpukyaku: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Bushin Izuna Drop: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (followup with [X]/[Y]/[RB] [X]/[Y]/[RB])
Run: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (varied followup)
   Sudden Stop: [A] (during Run)
   Shadow Kick: [B] (during Run)
   Neck Flip: [RT] (during Run)
Kaiten Izuna Otoshi: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (in air, close)
Hozanto: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Bushin Goraisenpujin: D DB B [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Cody Travers Cody Travers (DLC)
"Fallen Hero"
A hero of Metro City, known for helping (along with Guy and Mike Haggar) to bring about the fall of Mad Gear. However, after he went on a reckless street rampage to save his girlfriend and destroy Mad Gear's resurrection, as well as being framed for Poison's crimes by a corrupt cop, Edi. E, he ended up being imprisoned.  He now lives a self-indulgent life and enjoys breaking out of prison whenever he wants to in order to create chaos.
Prisoner Throw: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Bad Stomp: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Stomach Blow: (F+[Y]) (not possible when holding knife)
Crack Kick: (F+[RT])
Jaw Crusher: (B+[Y]) (not possible when holding knife)
Hammer Hook: (F+[RB]) (not possible when holding knife)
Fake Bad Stone: (D+[RB]+[RT])
Pick up Knife: (D+[LB])
Knife Throw: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (while holding knife)
Knife Attack: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (while holding knife)
Bad Spray: (U+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (during Quick Recovery)
Special Moves:
Bad Stone: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (Hold [X]/[Y]/[RB] to increase power)
Criminal Upper: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Zonk Knuckle Punch: (Hold [X]/[Y]/[RB]),  (Release [X]/[Y]/[RB])
Ruffian Kick: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Final Destruction: D DF F [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Elena Elena (DLC)
"Warrior of the Savannah"
Elena is a princess of a Kenyan tribe that has a cultural tradition of fighting. Her father, chief of the region, is a traditional healer who also qualified in France for a doctorate degree in medicine.  She is able to hear and comprehend various rhythms as well as the voices of the wind and trees.
Leg Lift Throw: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Leg Hook: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Handstand Kick: (F+[Y])
Handstand Whip: (F+[B])
Round Arch: (B+[RT])
Sliding: (DF+[RT])
Target Combo 1: [X] [B] (in air)
Target Combo 2: [Y] [RB] (in air)
Target Combo 3: [RB] [RT]
Target Combo 4: [B] (D+[RB])
Special Moves:
Mallet Smash: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Scratch Wheel: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Lynx Tail: B D DB [A]/[B]/[RT]
Spin Scythe: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (can be executed twice in a row)
Rhino Horn: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Brave Dance: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Dudley Dudley (DLC)
"The Righteous Boxer"
A proud English gentleman with a perfectly groomed moustache. After his father's business went bankrupt and he lost everything, he put forth a tremendous amount of effort and fortitude to become a heavyweight boxer, and successfully recouped all of his father's assets.
Kidney Crusher: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Dynamite Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Slipping Jab: (F+[X])
Stomach Blow: (F+[Y])
Step Straight: (F+[RB])
Kidney Blow: (F+[B])
Dart Shot: (F+[RT])
Target Combo 1: (F+[X]) [Y]
Target Combo 2: (D+[A]) [B]
Target Combo 3: (F+[RT]) [B]
Target Combo 4: [X] [Y] [B]
Target Combo 5: [Y]/(F+[B]) [B] [RB]
Target Combo 6: (D+[A]) (D+[Y]) (D+[RB])
Target Combo 7: [B] [RT] [RB]
Target Combo 8: [A] [B] [Y] [RB]
Special Moves:
Jet Upper: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Machine Gun Blow: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Cross Counter: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Ducking: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Duck Straight: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Ducking)
   Duck Upper: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Ducking)
Thunderbolt: Hold-D, (U+[A]/[B]/[RT])
Short Swing Blow: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Rolling Thunder: F DF D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Selectable Tekken Characters:

Kazuya Mishima Kazuya Mishima
"Controller of the Devil"
A cold-blooded killer who has awakened the power of the devil. Supporting the G corporation from behind the scenes, he works in secret to reacquire the Mishima Zaibatsu. An arrogant and brutal man, he has fought countless times against his father, Heihachi, and his son, Jin. Kazuya seeks to use Pandora to strengthen the devil power within him so that he can wrestle control of the Mishima Zaibatsu away from Jin.
Double Face Kick: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Skull Smash: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Flash Punch Combo: [X] [X] [Y]
Agony Spear: [A] [X] [B]
Left Right Combo: [X] [Y]
Demon Slayer: [X] [Y] [Y]
Twin Fang Stature Smash: [X] [Y] [B]
Twin Fang Double Kick: [X] [Y] [B] [A]
Left Splits Kick: (F+[A])
Right Splits Kick: (F+[B])
Oni Front Kick: (B+[RT])
Demon's Wrath: (B+[A]) [X] [B] [X]
Reign of Terror: (B+[A]) [X] [B] [A]
Rampaging Demon: (B+[Y]) [B] [X]
Special Moves:
Mist Step: F D DF
   Rising Uppercut: [Y]/[RB] (during Mist Step)
   Dragon Uppercut: [X] (during Mist Step)
     Dragon Uppercut to Middle Kick: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Dragon Uppercut)
     Dragon Uppercut to Spinning Low Kick: (D+[A]/[B]/[RT]) (during Dragon Uppercut)
Spinning Demon: [A]/[B]/[RT] [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Mist Step)
Spinning Demon Hook: [A]/[B]/[RT] [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Mist Step)
Rising Sun: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kick: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during [RT] or EX Rising Sun)
   Sweep: (D+[A]/[B]/[RT]) (during EX Rising Sun)
Slaughter Hook: D DB B [X] (press ([X]+[Y]) when you have Cross Gauge for EX)
Slaughter High Kick: D DB B [Y] (press ([Y]+[RB]) when you have Cross Gauge for EX)
Devastator: D DB B [RB] (press ([X]+[RB]) when you have Cross Gauge for EX)
Demon God Fist: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Devil Beam: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Calculated Bloodlust: Nina
Nina Williams Nina Williams
"Cold-blooded Killer"
A professional assassin, who works without choosing her clientele. She is a cool-headed and callous individual who does not let anyone get in the way of her job. In the past, she failed to assassinate Kazuya Mishima. Rather, she suddenly appeared before Kazuya and began to work with him in order to secure the mysterious box.
Arm Grab Flip: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Over the Back Toss: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Ivory Cutter: [X] [B]
Left Right Combo: [X] [Y]
Left Right Combo to Spider Knee: [X] [Y] [A]
Bermuda Triangle: [X] [Y] [B]
Biting Snake: [X] [Y] [X] [B]
High to Spin Low Kick: [B] [A]
Blonde to Uppercut: [B] [A] [Y]
Blonde to High Kick: [B] [A] [B] (possible to cancel during Rolling Dash)
Flash Kicks: (DF+[A]) [A] [A] [B] (press [B] to transition to a fourth hit)
Creeping Snake to Left Low Uppercut: (DF+[A]) [Y] (D+[A]) [Y]
Creeping Snake to Left Low High Kick: (DF+[A]) [Y] (D+[A]) [B] (possible to cancel during Rolling Dash)
Special Moves:
Skull Splitter: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Geyser Cannon: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Rolling Dash: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Backhand Slap: [LB] (during Rolling Dash)
     Arm Break: [LB] (during Backhand Dash)
        Double Arm Break: [LB] (during Arm Break)
Blonde Bomb: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Double Explosion: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Calculated Bloodlust: Kazuya
Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama
"Kansai Peacemaker"
An Osaka-born girl who loves to stick her nose into other people's affairs, especially when it comes to fighting. Whenever she spots some roughhousing going on, she immediately enters the fray as a mediator without much thought. She has been taught the Kazama-style of martial arts, meaning she is no ordinary fighter. Asuka has a cheerful personality and gets along well with the locals. Her rival Lili has requested her assistance, so the two travel to the South Pole.
Cloud Taste: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
White Mountain: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Demon Slayer: (F+[X])
Tsuwabuki: (F+[Y])
Thunder Fall Kick: (F+[RT])
Dragon Wheel Kick: (F+[A])
Dragon Wheel Kick to Demon Slayer: (F+[A]) (F+[X])
Dragon Wheel Kick to Leg Cutter: (F+[A]) (DF+[RT])
Jab Uppercut: [Y] [X]
Jab Low Kick: [Y] [A]
Hyakujitsuko: [B] (D+[Y])
Lunging Mist Thrust: (B+[Y])
Whiplash to Toe Kick: (B+[Y]) [B]
Whiplash Sacred Blade: (B+[Y]) (D+[B])
Heron Dance: (F+[B]) [Y]
Heron Dance to Whiplash Sacred Blade: (F+[B]) (D+[B])
Leg Cutter: (DF+[RT])
Leg Cutter to Kariashi Shiranui: (DF+[RT]) [RT]
Leg Cutter 2nd Hit: (DF+[RT]) (DF+[RT])
Leg Cutter 2nd Hit to Kariashi Shiranui: (DF+[RT]) (DF+[RT]) [RT]
Leg Cutter 3rd Hit: (DF+[RT]) (DF+[RT]) (DF+[RT])
Leg Cutter 3rd Hit to Kariashi Shiranui: (DF+[RT]) (DF+[RT]) (DF+[RT]) [RT]
Special Moves:
Exorcisor: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Mist Palm Thrust: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Exorcisor)
     Raging Storm: (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (during Mist Palm thrust)
Double Lift Kicks: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Attack Reversal: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (only against certain attacks)
Falling Rain: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Sweep Throw: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Onikubigari: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Kishin Enbu: F DF D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Princess and Pauper: Lili
Emilie "Lili" De Rochefort Emilie "Lili" De Rochefort
"Platinum Grace"
The daughter of a world-famous oil czar. She has a haughty, arrogant attitude but also has a penchant for fighting, and thus when she finds the time she engages in street fights. She suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of Asuka Kazama in a tournament, and since then Lili has viewed her as a rival. For the sake of her father, she teams up with Asuka to retrieve the mysterious box located in the Antarctic.
Kiss of Devotion: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Femme Fatale: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Fortissimo: ([X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Unique Attacks:
Submissive Heel: (F+[RT])
Peacock Kick: (F+[B])
Peacock Waltz: (F+[Y]) [RB]
Peacock Jive: (F+[Y]) [Y] [RT]
Dominating Heel: (F+[A]) [A]
Heavy Languish: (D+[Y]) (F+[RB])
Heavy Languish Beat: (D+[Y]) (F+[RB]) [RT]
Left Right Combo: [X] (F+[Y])
Left Right Back Strike: [X] (F+[Y]) (D+[A])
Bed Time: [X] (F+[Y]) [B]
Andante: (DF+[RT])
Sforzando: [Y] [RB] (in air)
Saisaris: [A] [B] (in air)
Special Moves:
Angel Knee: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Angel Knee Ascension: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during EX Angel Knee)
Sunflower Lance: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (can be performed twice)
Divine Step: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT] (during forward jump, EX version can be done with any jump)
Air Spine Shot: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (in air)
Attack Reversal: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] (only against certain attacks)
Feisty Rabbit: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Rabbit's Foot: [A] (during Feisty Rabbit)
   Cloisonne: [B] (during Feisty Rabbit)
   Rabbit Thorn: [RT] (during Feisty Rabbit)
Dendrobium: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Wind Up Spear: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Princess and Pauper: Asuka
Heihachi Mishima Heihachi Mishima
"Unstoppable King of Iron Fist"
The man known as the King of Iron Fist, a formidable figure whose incredible strength betrays his age. He is usually a callous and heartless individual, but from time to time shows a softer side. He is currently fighting his son Kazuya and his grandson Jin for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. After discovering that both Jin and Kazuya have begun to search for Pandora, Heihachi begins his own journey to exterminate the two in order to reclaim the Mishima Zaibatsu.
Neck Breaker: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Broken Toy: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Flash Punch Combo: [X] [X] [Y]
Left Right Combo: [X] (B+[Y])
Demon Slayer: [X] (B+[Y]) [Y]
Demon Kicker: [X] (B+[Y]) [B]
Tatarigoroshi: (B+[Y])
Lightning Crush: (F+[A])
Chrome Dome: (F+[X]/[Y])
Hammer Punch: (B+[X])
Eisho Mon: (F+[Y])
Jichinsai: (B+[A])
Double Palm Strike: (F+[X]) [X]
Muso Tettsui: (F+[X]) [Y]
Muso Kageki: (F+[X]) [RB]
Special Moves:
Rising Uppercut: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Dragon Uppercut: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Dragon Uppercut followup: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (if Dragon Uppercut hits or is blocked)
Heaven's Wrath: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (only against certain attacks)
Hell Axle: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Demon Breath: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Raijin Stance: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Raijin's Wrath: F DF D DB B [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Overwhelming Intimidation: Kuma
Kuma Kuma
"Raging Beast"
A ferocious bear who uses a variation of the Heihachi Mishima style of karate. He is more than a mere pet to Heihachi, and stands as sort of a partner with him. When Jin was in control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kuma rescued the company in Heihachi's stead. He has also sat on the Mishima Zaibatsu's board of directors but lost control of the leadership to Jin. Filled with the desire for revenge, he reunites with his master Heihachi and heads to the Antarctic.
Bear Hug: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Bear Slam: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Swing Swung: ([X]+[A]) (close, during Hunting Stance)
Unique Attacks:
Left Right Bear Claw: [X] (B+[Y])
Double Wild Slap: [RB] [Y]
Jab Elbow Smash: [Y] [Y] [RB]
Jab Elbow Stomp: [Y] [Y] [A]
Triple Hammer: (B+[RB]) [RB] [RB]
G-Clef Cannon: (F+[X]) [Y] [RB]
Bear Smash: (F+[RB])
Big Tree: (F+[Y]) (during Hunting Stance)
Grizzly Fling: (F+[RB]) (during Hunting Stance)
Break'n: (B+[RB]) (during Hunting Stance)
Hunting Spear: (B+[Y]) (during Hunting Stance)
Feral Crouch: (D+[X])+[Y]) (during Hunting Stance)
Stance Change: [LT]
Special Moves:
Rock N' Roll Circus: F DF D DB B, F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Megaton Claw: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Grizzly Claws: [X] (after Megaton Claw)
   Grizzly Claw Smash: [Y]/[RB] (after Megaton Claw)
Headbutt: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (close)
Rolling Bear: F DF D DB B UB U UF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (far)
   Headbutt: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (after Rolling Bear)
Frolicking Bear: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Fatal Wind: F DF D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Overwhelming Intimidation: Heihachi
Paul Phoenix Paul Phoenix
"Aiming for the Top"
A hot-tempered fighter who aims to be the toughest fighter in the universe. He is Law's eternal sparring partner. He has suffered a countless number of defeats in battle, but refuses to give up. Instead he takes on these challenges head-on. He is currently mired in a mountain of debt, but after hearing news of a mysterious box in the Antarctic, him and Law head off to obtain it and the potential riches it would reward them with.
Push Away: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Foot Launch: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Hammer of the Gods: (F+[Y])
Hammer Punch: (F+[RB])
Hang Over: (F+[RB]) (DF+[RT]) [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Bone Breaker: (DF+[RT]) [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Demolition Man [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Bone Breaker or Hang Over on hit or block)
Special Moves:
Mountain Raze: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Shredder: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Sway: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Mortar Punch: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Phoenix Smasher: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Burning Fist: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Comrades Forever: Law
Marshall Law Marshall Law
"Flame of Passion"
Law is a martial arts master, and the long-time sparring partner of Paul Phoenix. Due to his Chinese restaurant business failing as well as his son's accident, Law is desperately searching for a way to make some money. Law learns of Pandora via a news program, and smelling the scent of money, he decides to travel to the South Pole with Paul.
Dragon's Fire: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Run Up to Drop: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Shin Crusher: (DF+[A])
Slide Kick: (DF+[B])
Dragon's Tail: (B+[B])
Dragon Hammer: (F+[Y])
Machine Gun Arrow: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
Left Right Combo: [X] (B+[Y])
Left Right Dragon Fist Combo: [X] (B+[Y]) (B+[Y]) [Y]
Left Right Blazing Fist Combo: [X] (B+[Y]) (B+[Y]) [X]
Left Right to Knee: [X] (B+[Y]) [A]
Junkyard Kick: (B+[Y]) [A] [B]
Dragon Rush Combo: (B+[Y]) [A] (D+[B])
Knuckle Rush: (B+[Y]) [Y]
Special Moves:
Somersault Kick: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Backflipper: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Somersault Kick)
Dragon Charge: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Cloud Gates: (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (during Dragon Charge)
   Dragon's Flight: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Dragon Charge)
   Dragon Knuckle: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Dragon Charge)
     Dragon Knuckle Combo: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Dragon Knuckle)
     Dragon Knuckle Flight: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Dragon Knuckle)
Fury Fist Rush: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Shaolin Spin Kicks: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Junkyard Soul: D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Comrades Forever: Paul
King King
"The Silent Jaguar"
A pro wrestler who wears a Jaguar mask to the ring. He swore revenge against Armor King's killer, Marduk, but eventually reconciled with his monstrous adversary. He is a silent and serious fighter. King obtains information that a man fitting the description of Armor King has boarded a ship bound for the Antarctic, so him and Marduk begin their trek despite some uncertainty.
Winding Nut: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Suplex: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Rolling Elbow Rush: (F+[Y]) (can be performed 3 times in sequence)
Jumping Knee Lift: UF+[B]
Disgraceful Kick: (B+[B])
Shoulder Tackle: (F+[Y]+[A])
Moonsault Body Press: (F+[X]+[B])
Special Moves:
Jaguar Step: [LT]
   Lariat: [X] (during Jaguar Step)
   High Elbow Drop: [Y]/[RB] (during Jaguar Step)
   Water Surface Kick: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Jaguar Step)
Mid-Air Leg Screw: (F+[LB]) (only against certain attacks)
Leg Screw: (F+[LT]) (only against certain attacks)
Running Jaguar Bomb: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Konvict Kick: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
   DDT: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Konvict Kick)
Giant Swing: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (only when your opponent is standing)
Tomahawk: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (only when your opponent is crouching)
Reverse Arm Slam Combo: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Arts:
Wonderful Mexican Special Combo: D DB B [LB]
Wonderful Mexican Special Combo to Muscle Buster:D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] (after 2 successful hits)
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Shocking Friendship: Marduk
Craig Marduk Craig Marduk
"Brutal Vale Tudo Fighter"
An overwhelmingly powerful fighter that uses Vale Tudo. Despite being at odds with King over the death of Armor King, the two eventually found friendship in the midst of their conflict. After receiving information that an Armor King look-a-like has boarded a ship bound for the Antarctic, Marduk also begins his journey to the South Pole.
Knee Breaker: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Around the World: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Revolving Trap Kick: [A] [B]/[RT] (far)
Jab Body Combo: [Y] (D+[RB]) (far)
Left Right Combo: [Y] [RB] (far)
Left Right to Gut Check: [Y] [RB] [B] [Y]/[RB] (far)
Left Right to Power Elbow Combo: [Y] [RB] (F+[Y])/[RB] (far)
Quick Elbow Combo: [RB] [Y]/[RB] (far)
Catapult Tackle Combo: [RB] (D+[LB]) (far)
Craig Rush: [Y] [RB] (F+[Y]) (D+[LB]) (far)
Mongolian Chop: (F+[LB])
Spinning Backfist: (B+[Y])
Wake Up Hammer: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (when lying face down on the ground)
Wake Up Sweep: (D+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (when lying face down on the ground)
Special Moves:
Gator Slam: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Northern Lights Suplex: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Double Leg Take Down: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
   Mount Mongolian Chop: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (if Double Leg Take Down hits)
   Hercules' Hammer: [A]/[B]/[RT] (if Double Leg Take Down hits)
Super Art:
Mount Rush: F DF D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Shocking Friendship: King
Hwoarang Hwoarang
"Free-wheeling Kicks"
A young man who usually fights with a cool composure, but in reality is a hot-blooded man looking for a good fight. In the past, he was prone to hustling people into street fights, but under the guidance of Baek, he is now fully devoted to his training. Hwoarang enters a mixed martial arts tournament as per Baek's request, but the tournament ground is reduced to rubble as a war erupts over Pandora. The fired-up Hwoarang forms a temporary alliance with Steve to exact revenge on their attackers.
Falcon Dice Kick: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Bring It On: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Spinning Trip Kick: (B+[A])
Tsunami Kick: (F+[B])
Iron Heel: (F+[RT])
Fade-Away Kick: (B+[B])
Reverse Kick: [Y] [Y]
Chainsaw Kick: [Y] [X]
Flashing Trident: [X] [Y]
Middle Kick Combo: [B] [B] [B]
High Kick Combo: [B] [B] [RT]
Low Kick Combo: [B] [B] (D+[A])
Low & High Kick Combo: [B] [B] (D+[A]) [RT]
Low & High Smash Kick Combo: [A] [B]
Quick Kick Combo: [Y] [Y] (during Flamingo Stance)
Flamingo Kick Combo: [A] [B] (during Flamingo Stance)
Fire Storm: [B] [A] (during Flamingo Stance)
Motion Switch: [LT]
Special Moves:
Special Step: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Sky Rocket: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Hunting Hawk: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Air Raid: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Air Raid Special: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (in air)
Dynamite Heel F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Heel Explosion Combo: F DF D DB B [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Young & Talented: Steve
Steve Fox Steve Fox
"Stinging Hook"
A cool, handsome boxer who is currently the reigning middleweight champion of the world. He is a serious and strong-hearted character who hates when others meddle in his matches. His match against Hwoarang was stopped as the Mishima Zaibatsu and Shadaloo reduced the tournament grounds to a wasteland with their fighting. Steve decides to team up with Hwoarang to get revenge on both companies for interfering with their fight.
Gut Wrencher: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Armlock Throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Weaving A: [A]
Weaving B: [B]
   Shoulder Rush: [X] (during Weaving B)
     Uppercut: [Y]/[RB] (during Shoulder Rush)
Quick Spin: [RT]
   Spin Gut Punch: [Y]/[RB] (during Quick Spin)
   Spin Low Hook: (D+[Y]/[RB]) (during Quick Spin)
Chopping Straight: (DF+[Y])
Foot Stomp: (B+[A])
   Foot Stomp Right Hook: [Y]/[RB] (when Foot Stomp hits or is blocked)
Ducking Body: (F+[Y])
   Ducking Hook: [X] (during Ducking Body)
     Flicker: B (during Ducking Hook)
British Edge: (F+[X]) [Y]
Special Moves:
Flicker Stance: (B+[LT])
   Flicker Jab: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Flicker Stance)
Peekaboo: (F+[LT])
   Patella Smash: [X] (during Peekaboo)
   Cutting Elbow: [Y] (during Peekaboo)
   Albion Combination: [RB] (during Peekaboo)
Ducking: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Fox Hunt: [X] (during Ducking)
   Skyscraper: [Y] (during Ducking)
   Gatling Gun: [RB] (during Ducking)
Sonic Fang: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Swaying: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (only against certain attacks)
Hellfire: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Hellfire Rush: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Young & Talented: Hwoarang
Julia Chang Julia Chang
"Nature-loving Beauty"
As a young child, Julia discovered the ruins of an ancient civilization. Now, this nature-loving woman fights for what she believes in with Chinese Kempo. A beautiful, intelligent woman, Julia always approaches every situation with careful judgment. To prevent Pandora's unknown power from falling into the wrong hands, Julia teams up with Bob and travels to the Antarctic.
Wild Stallion: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Mad Axes: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Party Crasher: F (F+[Y])
Kaida: (F+[RB])
Baiyuan Sanshou: [X] (B+[Y]) [X] [X]
Divine Impact: [X] [X] [Y]
Divine Intervention: [X] [X] [B]
Trickling Stream: (B+[Y]) [X]
Raging Rapids: (B+[Y]) [Y]
Slow Power Punch Combo: (F+[Y]) [X]
Slow Power Punch to Low Kick: (F+[Y]) [A]
Slow Power Punch to High Kick: (F+[Y]) [B]
Red Orchid Combo: (F+[B]) [Y]/[RB] [A]/[B]/[RT]
Mountain Crusher: (F+[B]) [Y]/[RB] (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB])
Special Moves:
Swift Step: B DB D DF F [X] (press ([X]+[Y]) for EX)
Lashing Arrow: B DB D DF F [Y] (press ([X]+[RB]) for EX)
Swift Step Explosion: B DB D DF F [RB] (press ([Y]+[RB]) for EX)
Wind Roll: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Tequila Sunrise Elbow Smash: [X]/[Y]/[RB] [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Wind Roll)
   Hunting Tomahawk: [A]/[B]/[RT] [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Wind Roll)
   Wind Roll Explosion: (D+[A]/[B]/[RT][LB] (during Wind Roll)
Rising Kick: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Tiger Strike: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Iron Mountain Rush: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Charming & Chubby: Bob
Robert "Bob" Richards Robert "Bob" Richards
"The Perfect Body"
A man renowned as a bounty hunter who developed his body to immense proportions in order to fight larger opponents. While others vehemently disagree, Bob believes that he now has the "perfect body". He is extremely smug, and is stoic in the face of adversity. Julia, worried that the box may be used for evil purposes, hires Bob to travel with her to the South Pole.
Flying Cask: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Quarter Duck: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Double Chapati: [RT] [RT] (in air)
Gaufrettes Cutter: [B] [Y] [RB] (far)
Gaufrettes Kick: [B] [B] [RT] (far)
Gaufrettes Punch: [B] [RB] (far)
One Two Punch: [X] (B+[Y])
Fast Break: [X] (B+[Y]) ([X]+[Y])
Course Picante: [X] [A] [A]
Contorno Farce: (D+[RT]) [RT] [RT]
Special Moves:
Spinner Ball: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Lyonnaise Break: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Spinner Ball)
   Perfect Press: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Spinner Ball)
   Panini Flip: (D+[A]/[B]/[RT]) (during Spinner Ball)
Cracker: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Pound Cake: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Cracker)
   Cracker Jacker: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Cracker)
Special Step: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Langue Washer: [X] (during Special Step)
   Spiral Rocky: [Y] (during Special Step)
   Granchi Cannon: ([X]+[Y]) (during Special Step)
   Apres Sweep: [A] (during Special Step)
     Cutting Coppa: ([X]+[Y]) (during Apres Sweep)
Giga Jacker: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Giga Meteo: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Charming & Chubby: Julia
Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu
"The Inheritor of the Demon Sword"
As the mysterious head of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu steals from evil companies and spreads their wealth to the poor. Although he has a serious temperament, he also shows flashes of stupidity. Believing that his demonic sword is resonating with the large mass of fighters who are searching for Pandora in the Antarctic, Yoshimitsu travels with Raven in order to quell his sword's cries.
Sword Face Smash: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Oni Killer: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Flea: (D+[LT])
   Flea to Sliding Headbutt: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Flea)
   Jumping Flea: UB/U/UF (during Flea)
   Flea Release: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Flea)
Triple Roundhouse Combo: (F+[RT]) (can be performed three times in sequence)
Poison Wind Bronze Fist: (F+[B]) [Y] B B
Poison Wind Silver Fist: (F+[B]) [Y] [A]/[B]/[RT]
Poison Wind Gold Fist: (F+[B]) [Y] [A]/[B]/[RT] [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Poison Wind Bronze Fist Steel Fist: (F+[B]) [Y] (F+[B])
Special Moves:
Poison Breath: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (can be used during Flea)
Gehosen: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Suicide: F DF D DB B, F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Slap U Silly: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (Tap [X]/[Y]/[RB] for followup attacks)
Stone Fists: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (Tap [A]/[B]/[RT] for followup attacks)
Indian Stance Vacuum Dance: F D DF/B D DB, [LB]/[LT]
Sword Poke Windmill: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Sword Poke Whirlwind: F DF D DB B [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Masters of Darkness: Raven
Raven Raven
"Shadow Dancing Raven"
Dispatched by an unknown corporation, the agent known as Raven tracks his targets from the darkness and erases them. He uses a unknown derivation of classic ninjitsu. Regardless of his mission's difficulty, Raven can always be relied on to carry out his duty. He does not recognize Yoshimitsu as a true ninja such as himself. Due to a request the two travel to Antarctica, but only under the condition that things are done Raven's way.
Orbiting Moon: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Dark Matter: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Stormbringer: (F+[B]) [B]/[RT]
Skull Smasher: (B+[B]) [A]
Skull Smasher Feint: (B+[B]) [B]
Skull Smasher Feint Low: (B+[B]) [RT]
Special Moves:
Crossed Ninja Stars: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] (also in air)
Haze: F D DF/B D DB, [LB]/[LT]
Alter Ego: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Wind Cross: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge ([X]/[Y]/[RB] on hit or block for multiple attacks)
Super Art:
Doppelganger: D DB B [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Masters of Darkness: Yoshimitsu
Jin Kazama Jin Kazama
"Pitch Black Wings"
The current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. To exterminate the tainted blood of Mishima, he aims to take the life of both his father Kazuya and his grandfather Heihachi. He was a serious and gentle person in the past, but due to the many encounters he has had, he has become a calculating individual. He is in agony due to the Devil Gene with him, and believing that the power of Pandora may help extinguish the Devil Gene, Jin travels to the South Pole.
Tidal Wave: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Over the Shoulder Reverse: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Left Right Combo: [X] [Y] (far)
Inner Axe: [X] [Y] [A] (far)
Spinning Hook Kick: [X] [Y] [B] (far)
Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo: [X] [A] [Y] [X] [B]
Kazama Style 6 Hit Combo: (F+[A]) [X] [A] [Y] [X] [B]
Shun Masatsu: (B+[Y]) [X]
Special Moves:
Special Step: F, D DF
   Thrusting Uppercut: [X] (during Special Step)
   Right Roundhouse Punch: [Y] (during Special Step)
   Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick (L.L.R.K.): [B] (during Special Step)
   Spinning Special Step: ([A]+[B]) (during Special Step)
Power Stance: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Median Line Destruction: F B F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Mental Alertness: (D+[LT])
   Left Drill Punch: [X] (during Mental Alertness)
   Swaying Willow: [Y]/[RB] (during Mental Alertness)
   Leaping Side Kick: [A] (during Mental Alertness)
   Right Sweep: [B]/[RT] (during Mental Alertness)
Penetrating Fist: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Devil Beam: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Destined Partners: Xiaoyu
Ling Xiaoyu Ling Xiaoyu
"Dancing Phoenix"
Xiaoyu is a brilliant Chinese Kempo fighter who uses Hakkesho and Hikasho as the base of her fighting style. She is acquaintances with Heihachi Mishima, which is how she first met Jin and fell in love with him. When the Devil Gene inside of Jin awakened, Xiaoyu, deeply concerned for Jin's well-being, vows to always be by his side. She may act like a child at times, but she is strong-willed and assertive. Unable to bear the thought of Jin traveling alone to Antarctica, Xiaoyu forces herself on him.
Jade: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
So Shoe Me: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Cyanide: (F+[B])
Phoenix: (D+[LB])
Rain Dance: (B+[LT])
Special Moves:
Storming Flower: D DF F [X]
Fortune: D DF F [Y]
   Fortune 2nd Hit: [Y] (during Fortune)
Fortune Cookie: D DF F [RB]
   Fortune Cookie 2nd Hit: [RB] (during Fortune Cookie)
     Fortune Cookie 3rd Hit: [RB] (during Fortune Cookie)
Shooting Star: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Phoenix Stance: (D+[LB])
   Wave Crest: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Phoenix Stance)
   Double Map Sweep: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Phoenix Stance)
   Flower Power: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Phoenix Stance)
   Phoenix Talon: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Phoenix Stance)
Mistrust: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Rain Dance)
Dark & Stormy: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Rain Dance)
   Turn of Fortune: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (before the first hit of Dark & Stormy hits)
California Roll: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]  (during Rain Dance)
   Cyclone Left: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during California Roll)
Back Layout D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Rain Dance, press [A]/[B]/[RT] to cancel)
Hakkesho: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Hakkesho Combo: D DB B [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Destined Partners: Jin
Tekken Boss Character:

Ogre Ogre
"Stealer of Souls"
In the past, this mysterious creature was responsible for the tragic loss of numerous fighters. He is often called the "fighting god" due to his near-insurmountable power and imposing figure. In reality, he is actually a biological weapon that was left behind on Earth by an ancient alien race. After hearing a familiar voice from years past, he travels to the Antarctic in search of the voice's origin.
Rag Doll: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Deadly Spear: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Flash Punch Combo: [X] [X] [Y]
Demon Slayer: [X] [Y] [Y]
Infinite Kick Combo: (F+[RT]) [RT] [RT] [RT] [RT]
Hunting Hawk: (UF+[A]) [B] [A]
Snake Blade: (D+[A]) (D+[B]) (D+[B])
Special Moves:
Waning Moon: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Ancient Power: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Blazing Kick: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
Owl's Hunt: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Owls Hunt: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Quick Recovery)
Indigo Punch: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Hell Inferno: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
DLC Tekken Characters:

Lars Alexandsersson Lars Alexandersson (DLC)
"Traitorous Fist"
The brains behind the coup d'état of the Mishima Zaibatsu. He was formerly a young and brilliant leader of the Tekken Force, possessing great battle potential and wits to match. He has a good nature around him which has given birth to a bond of confidence between him and his cohorts, but also possesses great leadership ability.
SHB: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Raging Thunder: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Storm Axle: (F+[B])
Special Moves:
Silent Entry: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Lightning Thrust: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Silent Entry)
   Rising Storm: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Silent Entry)
Avalanche Stomp: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Avalanche Flip: [X] (during Avalanche Stomp)
   Avalanche Spike: [Y]/[RB] (during Avalanche Stomp)
Lightning Screw: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
Dynamic Entry: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
   Mjolnir: (D+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (during Dynamic Entry)
   Lock and Load: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Dynamic Entry)
     Double Barrel: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Lock and Load)
Super Art:
Zeus: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Alisa Bosconovitch
Alisa Bosconovitch Alisa Bosconovitch (DLC)
"Robotic Smile"
A robot modeled after a young girl, developed by Dr. Boskonovitch in his research facility. Lars discovered her by chance, and since then she has supported him in his endeavors. She has a polite and honest personality, although she can be somewhat childish at times.
Spam Bomb: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Double Bull Shoot: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Compression: ([X]+[A]) (in air, close)
Unique Attacks:
Destructive Form: (D+[LB])
   Clock Setting: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Destructive Form)
Quick Access: [B] [Y] (near opponent)
Lost Access: [B] [Y] (far from opponent)
Idling: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Destructive Form)
Hertz Blade Flare: (F+[Y]) (during Destructive Form)
Special Moves:
Double Rocket Punch: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Cradle Star: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT] [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Happy Propeller: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Boot: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Hard Reset: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Boot)
   Eject Slider: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Boot)
Dual Boot: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Thruster Right: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (during Dual Boot)
   Thruster Left: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Dual Boot)
Double Cut: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Trigger Shuffle: D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Lars Alexandersson
Bryan Fury Bryan Fury (DLC)
"Wicked Replicant"
The former partner of Lei Wulong. He lost his life during a shootout in Hong Kong, but was brought back to life as a "replicant". Afterwards, he gave into his destructive tendencies and now only lives to cause mayhem.
Knee Blast: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Anaconda Assassin: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Mid Kick to Rush: (F+[B]) [Y] [X] [Y]
Gatling Combination: (F+[B]) [Y] [X] [B]
Double Back Knuckle: [RB] [X] (far)
Chopping Elbow: (F+[Y])
One Two Body Blow: [X] [Y] [X]
One Two Low Kick: [X] [Y] [A]
One Two High Kick: [X] [Y] [B]
Special Moves:
Snake Pit: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Mach Breaker: F F [Y]
Fisherman's Slam: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
   Atomic Throw: [LB] (when [Y], [RB] or EX version hits)
Right Left to Spin Kick: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB] (can be performed three times in sequence)
Flying Knee: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] Super Charge
Super Art:
Face Crusher: D DB B [LT]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Jack-X1 JACK-X (DLC)
"Heavy Arms"
A powerful robot that responds only to the orders of its master. It serves as a backup to the JACK-6 line of robots. It possesses superior attack range and power, and is also equipped with several high-powered all-range attacks.
Megaton Drop: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Iron Gunman: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Giant Foot Stomp: U (in air)
   Pancake Press: D (during Giant Foot Stomp)
Granite Stomping: (F+[A])
Cossack Kicks: (D+[A]) [B] [A] [B] [A] [B]
   Cossack Smash: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (after Cossack Kicks)
Megaton Strike: (D+[X]) [RB]
Machinegun Blast: [Y] [Y] [Y] [RB] (close)
Diamond Reamer: [Y] [Y] (far)
Mad Dozer: [B] [Y] [Y]
Special Moves:
Piston Gun: (Tap [X]/[Y]/[RB])
Megaton Earthquake: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Rocket Uppercut: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Atomic Shoulder Tackle: B DB D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
Gigaton Punch: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Giant Rush: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Bryan Fury
Lei Wulong Lei Wulong (DLC)
"Super Cop"
A detective with the Hong Kong international police force, known as "Super Cop". He has a keen sense of justice and is also a highly competent investigator. However, due to his carefree attitude, he has a large number of unsolved cases.
Sailboat Stretch: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Closing Fan: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Razor Rush Mid Kick: (F+[Y]) [X] [Y] [X] [B]
Razor Rush Low Kick: (F+[Y]) [X] [Y] [X] [A]
Drunken Rapid Fists: [Y] [Y] (during Staggering Slide)
Drunken Fox Combination: [A] [Y] [RT] (during Staggering Slide)
Staggering Slide: [LT] (during Play Dead)
   Tiger Sip: [LB] (during Staggering Slide)
     Tiger Sip Blow: (F+[X]/[Y]/[RB]) (during Tiger Sip)
Dancing Spear: [RB] [Y] [A] [X] (during Back Turn)
Reverse Double Kick: [B] [RT] (during Back Turn)
Rushing Snake: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] (during Snake)
Snapping Snake: [X] [Y] [X] [Y] (during Snake)
Snake Bite Combo: [Y] [Y] [B] [A] [B] (during Snake)
Wolf Fang Cannon: [B] [X] [Y] [A] (during Dragon)
Beating Kick Mid Combo: [B] [Y] [X] [Y] [B] (during Panther)
Beating Kick Low Combo: [B] [Y] [X] [Y] [A] (during Panther)
Panther's Scratch: [X] [Y] (during Panther)
Crane Dance: [A] [B] [Y] [A] (during Crane)
Drunken Master Walk: (F+[LT])
   Spinning Headbutt: (B+[LB]) (during Drunken Master Walk)
   Drunken Fall: (F+[LB]) (during Drunken Master Walk)
Back Turn: (B+[LT])
Snake: (D+[LT])
Dragon: U (during Snake) or D (during Tiger)
   Dragon's Spite: (F+[LB]) (during Dragon)
Tiger: U (during Dragon stance)
   Double Tiger Palm: [LB] (during Tiger)
Panther: D (during Snake) or U (during Crane)
Crane: D (during Panther stance)
Special Moves:
Reverse Lotus: F D DF [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Floating Lotus: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Reverse Lotus)
Comet Kick: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Comet Strike: [A]/[B]/[RT] (during Comet Kick)
Tornado Kick: D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (can be performed three times in sequence)
Orchid Palm: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Orchid Dance: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Christie Monteiro
Christie Monteiro Christie Monteiro (DLC)
"Rhythmic Dancer"
The granddaughter of a legendary Capoeira master. While her grandfather was imprisoned, he befriended Eddy, who she learned Capoeira from. Yearning for another chance to meet Eddy, she now searches for his whereabouts after he suddenly disappears.
Adeus: (N/F+[X]+[A]) (close)
Garganta throw: (B+[X]+[A]) (close)
Unique Attacks:
Island Mirage: (F+[B])
Satellite Moon Hot Plate Special: (F+[RT]) [RT]
Rasteila to Circle Kick: (D+[X]) [B] (D+[RT]) [RT]
Rasteila Chibata: (D+[X]) [B] (D+[RT]) [A]
Rasteila to Low Kick 2: (D+[X]) [B] (D+[RT]) [B]
Rasteila to Heran Bago: (D+[X]) [B] (D+[RT]) [B] [RT]
Thong Bikini to Low Kick 2: (D+[X]) [B] (D+[RT]) [B] [B]
Negativa to Meia-lua Combo: (D+[X]) (F+[B])
Negativa to Armada Combo: (D+[X]) [B]
Armada to Rasteila: (D+[X]) [B] (D+[RT])
One Two Elbows: [X] (F+[Y])
Gancho Chibata: [B] [B] (far)
Special Moves:
Double Arm Stinger: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[RB]
Twister Sweep: F DF D DB B [A]/[B]/[RT] (Tap [A]/[B]/[RT] for followup attacks)
   Twister Front Stinger: F (after Twister Sweep)
Handstand: D DF F [A]/[B]/[RT]
   Helicopter: [X]/[Y]/[RB] (after Handstand)
   Batucada: [A]/[B]/[RT] (after Handstand)
   Perch Flop Kick: (D+[A]/[B]/[RT]) (after Handstand)
   Front Stinger: F (after Handstand)
Wheel Kicks: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[RB] Super Charge
Super Art:
Wheel Kicks Sao Paulo Special: D DF F [LB]
Cross Art:
Unnamed: D DF F ([Y]+[B])
Tag Team Partner:
Lei Wulong