Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting (1992)
Move List/Bios - PlayStation 1/2
RyuE. HondaBlankaGuileBalrogVega
KenChun-LiZangiefDhalsimSagatM. Bison
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
[LP] = Light Punch
[MP] = Medium Punch
[HP] = Heavy Punch
[LK] = Light Kick
[MK] = Medium Kick
[HK] = Heavy Kick
PlayStation 1/2:
[LP] = [□]
[MP] = [Δ]
[HP] = [L1]
[LK] = [X]
[MK] = [○]
[HK] = [R1]

[Px3] = [L2]
[Kx3] = [R2]

[Px2] = Any 2 Punch Buttons Simultaneously
[Kx2] = Any 2 Kick Buttons Simultaneously
[Px3] = [L2] = ([□]+[Δ]+[L1])
[Kx3] = [R2] = ([X]+[○]+[R1])
Selectable Characters:

Blanka Blanka
Date of Birth: February 12, 1966
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 218 lb
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Brazilian
Fighting Style: Savage Jungle Fighting
Very little is known about this bizarre fighter from the jungles of Brazil. For years, the natives have reported seeing a half-man, half-beast roaming the rain forests. But, it has only only been within the last year, that the beast named Blanka appeared in the cities of Brazil and challenged any fighter who would dare oppose him.

Normally passive and docile, when enraged Blanka attacks like an uncaged animal. Blanka uses his speed and agility to inflict maximum damage on his opponents.  He often uses his claws and razor sharp teeth to shred his opponents into small pieces.
Special Moves:
Electric Thunder: (Tap [□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Rolling Attack: Hold-B, (F+[□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Vertical Roll: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[○]/[R1])
Chun-Li Chun-Li
Date of Birth: March 1, 1968
Height: 5'8"
Weight: (She won't tell)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Chinese
Fighting Style: Tai Qi Quan
Unlike many of the other contestants, Chun-Li has not entered the tournament for personal glory. Instead, she has been tracking the movements of an international smuggling operation known as Shadaloo. The trail has led her to the tournament and she now believes that one of  the Grand Masters may have been responsible for the death of her father.

Stunned by her good looks, opponents often underestimate Chun-Li's ability and find themselves flattened by a few well-placed kicks.  Chun Li's quest for justice guides her life, but at heart she is still a young girl who yearns to live a normal life.
Special Moves:
Hyakuretsu Kyaku: (Tap [X]/[○]/[R1])
Spinning Bird Kick: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[○]/[R1])
Kikouken: B DB D DF F [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Hawk's Talon Kick: (D+[○]) (in air) (supposedly in world warriors as well)
Dhalsim Dhalsim
Date of Birth: November 22, 1952
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 107 lb
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Indian
Fighting Style: Yoga
Over the course of his life, Dhalsim has sought to unify his mind, body and soul through the discipline of Yoga. Now, as he nears his goal, Dhalsim must test himself and his skills before he can rise to a higher state of consciousness.

By controlling his mind and body, Dhalsim is able to extend his arms and legs great distances.  However, Dhalsim's greatest skill is his patience. He knows that he does not stand a chance in a slugging match. Instead, he concentrates on using his unique abilities to keep his enemies at a distance and to slowly wear them down.  While Dhalsim will do everything necessary to win, he will never hurt his opponent more than necessary, nor will he ever take another fighter's life.
Special Moves:
Yoga Fire: D DF F [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Yoga Flame: F DF D DB B [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
*Yoga Teleport Forward: F D DF [L2]/[R2]
*Yoga Teleport Backward: B D DB [L2]/[R2]
  *any two punch or kick buttons will work also
[L2] will teleport you close to your opponent
[R2] will teleport you away from your opponent
E. Honda E. Honda
Date of Birth: November 3, 1960
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 304 lb
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Sumo Wrestling
Edmond Honda has been trained since birth to take his place as the greatest Sumo wrestler to ever step into the ring. Upon receiving the title of "Yokozuna" or Grand Champion, Honda was shocked to learn that the rest of the world did not consider Sumo wrestling a true sport. Outraged, he has vowed to prove that Sumo wrestlers are the greatest fighters in the world.

A strict disciplinarian, Honda guides his pupils with a stern hand.  He understand that only through hard works and dedication can one reach a goal.  Quick and extremely powerful, Honda's greatest advantage is his size. He loves to use his new Sumo Smash to flatten unsuspecting opponents.
Special Moves:
Hyakuretsu Harite: (Tap [□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Super Zutsuki: Hold-B, (F+[□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Super Hyakkan Otoshi: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[○]/[R1]) (Sega Genesis Version Only)
Guile Guile
Date of Birth: December 23, 1960
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 191 lb
Blood Type: O
Nationality: American
Fighting Style: US Special Forces Training
An ex-member of en elite Special Forces team, Guile and his co-pilot Charlie were captured during a mission in Thailand six years ago. After many months of imprisonment, he and Charlie managed to escape from their jungle prison. During the perilous trek to civilization, Charlie died and Guile has been consumed with vengeance ever since.

Guile's calm and emotionless exterior hides rage inside.  Driven by his need for revenge, he will let nothing stand in his way.  Using a unique blend of Special Forces training and street fighting skills, Guile is a force to be reckoned with.
Special Moves:
Sonic Boom: Hold-B, (F+[□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Flash Kick: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[○]/[R1])
Ken Ken
Date of Birth: February 14, 1965
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 169 lb
Blood Type: B
Nationality: American
Fighting Style: Shotokan Style Karate
A disciple of the Shotokan school of Karate, Ken is a natural athlete. Unfortunately, Ken's natural fighting skill has fueled his giant ego and he is constantly reminding his opponents that he is the greatest fighter of all time. Over the past few years, Ken has let his skills deteriorate and has spent most of his time on the beach with his girlfriend. Only a challenge from his old training partner, Ryu, has rekindled his fighting spirit and caused him to try and perfect his Dragon Punch and Hurricane Kick.

Brash and arrogant, Ken loves to show off during a fight. After knocking his opponent senseless with the speed of his Hurricane Kick, Ken loves to finish them off with his improved Dragon Punch.
Special Moves:
Hadoken: D DF F [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Shoryuken: F D DF [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [X]/[○]/[R1] (also in air)
Ryu Ryu
Date of Birth: July 27, 1964
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lb
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Shotokan Karate
A student of Shotokan school of Karate, Ryu has developed into a pure warrior. He has devoted his entire life to the perfection of his fighting skills and has forsaken everything else in his life. Ryu has no home, no friends and no family. Instead, he wanders the globe seeking to test his skills against other fighters.

Probably the strongest all-around fighter, Ryu claimed the title of grand champion after his narrow defeat of Sagat.  Cool and calculating, Ryu is very patient in combat. Always seeking to maximize his abilities, Ryu has improved the speed of his fireball and uses it to pound his opponents into a corner.
Special Moves:
Hadoken: D DF F [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Shoryuken: F D DF [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [X]/[○]/[R1] (also in air)
Zangief Zangief
Date of Birth: June 1, 1956
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 256 lb
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Russian
Fighting Style: Wrestling
Many believe that Zangief entered the tournament out of his fierce respect for his country, but they are only partially correct. Zangief loves his country, but he loves to stomp on his opponents even more. What would you expect from a man who wrestles bears for fun?

Good natured, with a great sense of humor, Zangief loves to fight.  He left the Russian Wrestling Federation because of the lack of competition and now seeks suitable opponents wherever he can find them.  Totally fearless, Zangief is willing to walk into a punch as long as he can grab his opponent and drive them into the pavement with his Spinning Pile Driver.
Special Moves:
Spinning Clothesline: [Px2]/[L2]
Turbo Spinning Clothesline: [Kx2]/[R2]
Screw Piledriver: F DF D DB B UB U UF [□]/[Δ]/[L1] (close)
Boss Characters:

Balrog Balrog (Sub-Boss)
Date of Birth: September 4, 1968
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 252 lb
Blood Type: A
Nationality: American
Fighting Style: Heavyweight Boxing
A former heavyweight champion, Balrog was barred from professional boxing after he ignored the rules of the ring. Wild and aggressive, Balrog now makes a living brawling on the streets of Las Vegas and occasionally picks up a buck as hired muscle for M. Bison.

Subscribing to the theory that whoever hits the hardest wins, Balrog is all brawn and very little brain. While he can easily be outsmarted, few fighters have his strength and tenacity.
Special Moves:
Turn Punch: (Hold [L2]/[R2]), (Release [L2]/[R2])
Dash Straight: Hold-B, (F+[□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Dash Upper: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[○]/[R1])
Vega Vega (Sub-Boss)
Date of Birth: January 27, 1967
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 208 lb
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Spanish
Fighting Style: Spanish Ninjutsu
Of noble blood, Vega has successfully blended the Japanese art of Ninjutsu with the skills he learned as a matador. The result is a beautiful and deadly ballet which has earned Vega the nickname of the "Spanish Ninja."

Vain and egoistical, Vega lives by the philosophy that beauty is strength. Despising anything ugly, Vega views himself as "perfect" and uses a mask to prevent his face from becoming scarred in battle. Used by Bison primarily as an assassin, Vega often dispatches his opponents using his claw.
Special Moves:
Flying Barcelona Attack: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[○]/[R1]) ([□]/[Δ]/[L1] while in midair)
Izuna Drop: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[○]/[R1]) (B/F+[□]/[Δ]/[L1] while in midair)
Rolling Crystal Flash: Hold-B, (F+[□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Sagat Sagat (Sub-Boss)
Date of Birth: July 2, 1955
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 283 lb
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Thai
Fighting Style: Muay Thai
Once called "King of the Street Fighters", Sagat reigned supreme until his narrow defeat at the hands of Ryu. Humiliated at his loss, he now plans to regain the title at any cost.

Sagat's Muay Thai fighting style is thought to be the most powerful in the world. With the exception of M. Bison, no other fighter comes close to his overall fighting ability. At heart an honorable man, Sagat is tortured by his loss to Ryu and will side with anyone who will give him the chance or experience needed to regain the title.
Special Moves:
Tiger Uppercut: F D DF [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Tiger Knee Crush: D F [X]/[○]/[R1]
Tiger Shot: D DF F [□]/[Δ]/[L1]
Ground Tiger Shot: D DF F [X]/[○]/[R1]
M. Bison M. Bison (Boss)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 254 lb
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Unknown
Fighting Style: Unknown
Never has a man been more cloaked in secrecy than M. Bison. Ever since he emerged to lead the international crime organization Shadaloo, the world has been awed by the incredible power at his command.

Seen as the master of evil, Bison rules over his empire with an iron fist. Preferring to let his underlings do most of the dirty work, Bison only unleashes his powerful psychic ability when absolutely necessary. Unmatched in his power and agility, M. Bison reigns supreme as the greatest Street Fighter in the world.
Special Moves:
Psycho Crusher: Hold-B, (F+[□]/[Δ]/[L1])
Double Knee Press: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[○]/[R1])
Head Press: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[○]/[R1]) (after Head Press, press [□]/[Δ]/[L1])