Shaq Fu (1994)
Move List/Bios - Sega Genesis
ShaqKaoriBeastSett RaColonelDiesel
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[FP] = Fast Punch
[PP] = Power Punch
[FK] = Fast Kick
[PK] = Power Kick
[MB] = Move Boost
[TAUNT] = Taunt
Sega Genesis:
[FP] = [Y]
[PP] = [Z]
[FK] = [B]
[PK] = [C]
[MB] = [A]
[TAUNT] = [X]

Hold B to block high and mid-range attacks, or hold DB to block low attacks.
Blocking Special Attacks will cause a minimal amount of damage to the blocker.

Characters can create a shield around them by holding (D+[A]).
The shield will block projectile attacks, but other attacks will go through.

Characters can throw when up close by pressing (F+[A]).

Taunting will leave a character open to attack.

Fury Bar:
As a character takes damage, their Fury Bar will charge up.
When it is full, the word "FURY" will appear on it and the character will deal slightly more damage for a while.

If a character is hit multiple times in a row without dealing any damage themselves, they risk being dizzied.
When dizzy, a character will be stunned on the ground while stars rotate above them.
Recover from a dizzy by pressing buttons rapidly.
Selectable Characters:

Auroch Auroch
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 456 lb
Age: 170
Origin: Second World
A simple outlaw that fights for pleasure. Auroch taunts anything that crosses his path.
Special Moves:
Ball And Pain: Forward Down/Forward Down Down/Back Back [C]
Boomerang: B F [B]
Beast Beast
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 410 lb
Age: Eternal
Origin: Unknown
Created by Sett from his own shadow, Beast is the mightiest of Sett's servants.
Special Moves:
Sonic Roar: Forward Down/Forward Down Down/Back Back (Forward+[C])
Spitfire: Down Down/Forward Forward [B] (Hold [B] to delay)
Thermal Blast: Down Down/Back Back [B] (close)

Roar: (Down+[X]) (alternate taunt)
Colonel Colonel
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 357 lb
Age: 42
Origin: Bio Corp
A celestial champion. Battered, shattered, and almost dead, Colonel was found by Beast on an obscure battlefield, the sole survivor of a fierce struggle.
Special Moves:
Bionic Burst: D Down/Forward F [B]
Heavy Metal: D Down/Forward F (B+[B])
Missile Launch: D Down/Back B (F+[A])
Diesel Diesel
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205 lb
Age: 30
Origin: USA
A longshoreman from the San Francisco docks, he spends more time brawling than handling cargo.
Special Moves:
Crate Crusher: Back Down Down/Back [B] (close)
Dash Upper: D Down/Forward F [B]
Dockside Dagger: B F [B]
Kaori Kaori
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 123 lb
Age: 23
Origin: Cimotha
Forced to obey Sett's will by the power of an enchanted ring, Kaori is the martial arts champion of an alien feline race.
Special Moves:
Cat's Claw: Down Down/Back Back [B]
Cyclone: Down Down/Back Back [C] (Hold [C] to extend, control movement with Back/Forward)
Energy Bomb: Back Down/Back Down Down/Forward Forward [B] (hits at medium range)
Leotsu Leotsu
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lb
Age: 500
Origin: Far East
The last grand master of an ancient martial art, one that remains a mystery to the other masters.
Special Moves:
Blast Kai: D Down/Back B (F+[B])
Bo Kai: D Down/Forward F [B] (close)
Flash Kai: Forward Down Down/Forward [C]
Mephis Mephis
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165 lb
Age: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
A mighty undead sorcerer who was once Sett's apprentice thousands of years ago.
Special Moves:
Burning Touch: D Down/Back B [B]
Lightning Arc: Back Down/Back Down Down/Forward Forward [C]
Lightning Jaws: D Down/Forward F [B] (Hold [B] to delay)

Knee Up: (Down+[X]) (alternate taunt)
Nezu Nezu
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 77 lb
Age: 12
Origin: Far East
Kidnapped by Beast to free Sett. Nezu is uncontrollable when angered. Although small, Nezu is agile, swift, and cunning.
Special Moves:
Eno Blast: D Down/Back B (F+[C])
Eno Flip: D Down/Back B [C]
Time Vault: F B D [A]
Rajah Rajah
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lb
Age: 38
Origin: 2nd World
A young mystic and skilled swordsman, Rajah submitted to Sett's sorcery while exploring the netherplans with his spirit.
Special Moves:
Scimitar Spiral: Forward Down/Forward Down Down/Back Back [B]
Sword Shockwave: Back Down Down/Back [C]
Thunder Clap: Forward Down Down/Forward [B]
Sett Ra Sett Ra
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 212 lb
Age: 3000
Origin: Unknown
An entity of ancient evil, Sett was defeated and entombed in another dimension ages ago.
Special Moves:
Cosmic Missile: D Down/Back B [C] (Hold [C] to delay)
Mummy Wrap: Forward Down/Forward Down Down/Back Back [B] (close)
Wedge Charge: Forward Down Down/Forward [A]
Shaq Shaq
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 301 lb
Age: 22
Origin: USA
A dominating force on and off the hoops court, rookie of the year, perennial all star and founder of Shaqido.. an extremely lethal martial art form.
Special Moves:
Inferno Kick: D Down/Forward F [C] (close)
Shaq-Urikin: F B F [A]
Voodoo Voodoo
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143 lb
Age: 27
Origin: Haiti
Many have fallen prey to Voodoo's ancient magic. She uses her power to hunt Sett's enemies.
Special Moves:
Eagle Claw: B Down/Back D Down/Forward F [B]
Earthquake: Forward Down Down/Forward [A]
Voodoo Doll: D Down/Back B [C] (Follow up with any attack to damage opponent)