Fighter's Nirvana

Pokkén Tournament Review by Slim Shady
Rating Guide:

Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 10/10 - Monument
10/10 – Monument
An amazing fighting game as close to perfect as humanly possible, fighting game developers should use this game as a study guide. Recommended must have.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 9/10 - Stunning
9/10 – Stunning
An impressive fighting game, fun to play, worth playing. Recommended own.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 8/10 - Marvelous
8/10 – Marvelous
An outstanding, fun fighting game. Very few criticisms exist. Recommended own.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 7/10 - Commendable
7/10 – Commendable
A good fighting game at its core, fun to play but some criticisms exists. Recommended borrow/rent.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 6/10 - Acceptable
6/10 – Acceptable
A decent fighting game, fun to play perhaps, but issues exist that distract or subtract from the overall experience. Recommended borrow/rent.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 5/10 - Humdrum
5/10 – Humdrum
A bland or unremarkable game, worth a play through but not worth owning. Save your shelve space for something better. Recommend borrow/rent.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 4/10 - Bummer
4/10 – Bummer
A bad game. It may look good… It isn’t. Don’t waste your time or money on this. Recommended avoiding at low priority.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 3/10 - Atrocious
3/10 – Atrocious
Nothing good exists in this game. It’s the anti-good. Recommended avoiding at medium priority.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 2/10 - Tormenting
2/10 – Tormenting
This game is so bad it’s almost like it’s doing it on purpose, tormenting you with its very existence. Recommend avoiding at high priority.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 1/10 - Torturous
1/10 – Torturous
The glitchiest of the glitchy. “Fighting Game” is used loosely. Recommend avoiding at highest priority.
Fighter's Nirvana Rating - 0/10 - Catastrophe
0/10 – Catastrophe
A borderline unfunny joke. Recommend burying in undisclosed location somewhere in the region of New Mexico.