Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (1995)
Move List/Bios - Super Nintendo (Universal)
Thunder MegazordNinja MegazordShogun MegazordMega Tigerzord
LipsyncherGoldarLord ZeddSilver Horns
Ivan Ooze
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
[WP] = Weak Punch
[SP] = Strong Punch
[WW] = Weak Weapon
[SW] = Strong Weapon
[WP] = [Y]
[SP] = [X]
[WW] = [B]
[SW] = [A]

[2A] = Any two attack buttons pressed simultaneously
Forward Dash: F F
Back Dash: B B
Throw: [WP]/[SP] (close)
Reverse Throw: (Hold-B+[WP]/[SP])  (close)
Selectable Characters:

Thunder Megazord Thunder MegaZord
When Lord Zedd destroyed the Ranger's DinoZords, Zordon was able to salvage enough of them to create the Thunder Zords. These Zords consist of the Lion, Fire Bird, Unicorn, Griffin, and the Red Dragon which would combine to become the Thunder MegaZord.
Unique Attacks:
Lunge Punch: (F+[SP])
Two-Hit Uppercut: (D+[SP])
Special Moves:
Fireball: D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Uppercut Barrage: F D DF [SP]
Rising Uppercut: F D DF [WP]
Thunder Saber Combo: D DB B [WW]/[SW]
Dive Kick: (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Thunder Crush: D DF F, D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Mega Tigerzord Mega TigerZord
After losing his Green Ranger powers for good, Tommy was infused with the new White Ranger powers by Alpha and Zordon. With them he gained the TigerZord and the key to it, a sentient sword named Saba. The TigerZord can combine with the Lion, Fire Bird, Unicorn, and Griffin Thunder Zords to become the Mega TigerZord.
Unique Attacks:
Two-hit Elbow Strike: F F [SP]
Special Moves:
Wind-Up Punch: F D DF [WP]/[SP]
Energy Ball: D DF F [WW]/[SW]
Thousand-Hit Combo: B DB D DF F [WP]/[SP] (close)
Double Kick Dive:  (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Phoenix Strike:  D DF F, D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Ninja Megazord Ninja MegaZord
After losing the Thunder Zords and their powers the rangers travel to the temple of power where they meet the legendary being Ninjor. Ninjor restores their power coins and infuses them with the power of Ninja. With the power they gain new Ninja Zords: The red ape, blue wolf, black frog, yellow bear, pink crane, and white falcon. The core 5 Ninja Zords can combine to become the Ninja MegaZord and can further combine with the Falcon Zord to become the Ninja Mega FalconZord.
Unique Attacks:
Energy Ball: F F [WW]/[SW]
Escape Kick: B B [SP]
Special Moves:
Flying Kick: D DF F [WP]/[SP] (in air)
Spinning Rise: D DB B [WP]/[SP]
Slashing Combo: D DF F [WW]/[SW]
Spinning Jump: D DB B [WP]/[SP] (in air)
Fire Bomb: (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Ninja Clones: D DF F, D DF F [WP]/[SP] (close)
Shogun Megazord Shogun MegaZord
After Zedd and Rita kidnapped the FalconZord, Ninjor, and Kimberley, the rangers were blackmailed into using the Shogun Zords to destroy Angel Grove. However they were able to gain control of the new Zords and use them as replacements for their currently non-operational Ninja Zords.
Unique Attacks:
Backhand: (F+[SP])
Two-Hit Low Punch: (D+[WP])
Rush Punch: (D+[SP])
Sword Slice: (D+[SW])
Special Moves:
Fire Wave: D DF F [SW]
Upper Fire Wave: D DF F [WW]
Sword Cyclone: D DB B [SW]
Low Sword Cyclone: D DB B [WW]
Stomp: (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Spire of Fire: D DF F, D DF F [WW]/[SW]
Lipsyncher Lipsyncher
Lipsyncher is a giant lipstick monster created by Lord Zedd to defeat the Power Rangers. She wields a sword and emits powerful sound waves.
Unique Attacks:
Air Dash: F F/B B (in air)
Double Jump: U U
Spinning Kick: (D+[SP]) (in air)
Heel Kick: (D+[WP]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Music Strike: D DF F [SP]
High Music Strike: D DF F [WP]
Heel Dive: (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Energy Sphere: D DF F, D DF F [WP]/[SP] (close)
Silver Horns Silver Horns
Silver Horns is a monster created by Lord Zedd from a tick to defeat the Power Rangers. He speaks with a southern accent and can shoot fire from his horns.
Unique Attacks:
Claw Whirl: (Hold [SP]) (close)
Energy Ball: (Hold [SW]) (close)
Low Energy Ball: (Hold D+[SW])
Swipe: (F+[SP])
Special Moves:
Ground Pincher: D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Pinchers: F D DF [WP]/[SP] (opponent must be above Silver Horns)
Claw Drill: (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Lightning Strike: D DF F, D DF F [WW]/[SW] (opponent must be above Silver Horns)
Goldar Goldar
Goldar is a henchman for Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. He is often sent to fight the Power Rangers before a new monster is created.
Unique Attacks:
Fly: U U
Air Dash: F F (in air)
Straight Kick: (F+[SP])
Floor Stab: (D+[SW])
Sword Dive: ([WW]+[SW]) (in air)
Elbow Dive: ([WP]+[SP]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Eye Beams: D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Air Eye Beams: U UF F [WP]/[SP] (in air)
Sword Uppercut: F D DF [WW]/[SW]
Dive Kick: (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Energy Strike: D DF F, D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Lord Zedd Lord Zedd
Lord Zedd is the "Emperor Of Evil" and a main antagonist of the Power Rangers. He defeated Rita Repulsa and took command of her henchmen, and later married her.
Unique Attacks:
Spinning Staff: (D+[SW])
Spinning Air Staff: (D+[WW]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Near Lightning Strike: D DF F [WP]
Far Lightning Strike: D DF F [SP]
Magnetic Hand: F D DF [WP]/[SP]
Teleport (High): F DF D DB B [WP]/[SP]
Teleport (Low): F DF D DB B [WW]/[SW]
Teleport Grab: F, B DB D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Staff Dive: (D+[2A])
Super Move:
Fingertip Spears: D DF F, D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Boss Character:

Ivan Ooze Ivan Ooze
Ivan Ooze is the primary villain in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie. He was imprisoned by Zordon and remained there for over 6000 years, until he was set free by Lord Zedd.
Unique Attacks:
Spark Punch: [WP]
Energy Ball: [SP]
Near Fire Columns: [WW]
Far Fire Columns: [SW]
Special Moves:
Homing Fireballs: D DF F [WP]/[SP]
Invulnerable Strike: F D DF [WP]/[SP]
Super Move:
Play as Ivan Ooze:
Hold ([WP]+[SP]) and press [START] on the player select screen to play as Ivan Ooze