Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (2006)
Move List/Bios - Arcade/PlayStation 2

A.B.A.Anji MitoAxl LowBaikenChip ZanuffDizzyEddieFaustJam Kuradoberi
JohnnyKy KiskeMayMillia RageOrder-SolPotemkinSol BadguyTestamentVenom
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward
B = Back/Block

F F = Dash
B B = Retreat
D U = High Jump
DB = Low Block
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
[P] = Punch
[K] = Kick
[S] = Slash
[H] = Heavy Slash
[D] = Dust
[T] = Taunt/Respect
PlayStation 2:
[P] = [□]
[K] = [X]
[S] = [Δ]
[H] = [○]
[D] = [R1]
[T] = [R2]

Press [R2] to Taunt, Press (F+[R2]) to respect the opponent.
Universal Moves:

Psych Burst: ([D]+[P]/[K]/[S]/[H])
This system was created to turn matches around in various situations and further permit the use of a wide range of strategies.
Not only can you knock back enemies but also increase the Tension Gauge to "MAX" by meeting certain conditions.
The Psych Burst can only be used when the Burst Gauge reaches "MAX" and it renders your character invulnerable for a set time when activated. But it cannot be activated while your character is hit by an Overdrive Attack or when being thrown. (An "X" mark appears on the Burst Gauge when it cannot be activated.)
In Situations others than when your character activates a Psych Burst during a damage motion, the Tension Gauge increases to "MAX" only when you hit an enemy.

The Burst Gauge:
An expended Burst Gauge gradually recovers as time elapses and with each hit your character takes. Further, the amount of gauge power expended varies with the condition at the time of us as follows:
Condition at use: Amount of Burst Gauge Expended:
Normal Conditions: 2/3
*While Being Hit: All (However, hitting an opponent restores the gauge by 1/3.)

*"While being hit" refers to when your character is leaning backward, slip, being thrown, being knocked down, or guarding against attacks.

Two-Level Jumps: Up/Back/U/Up/Forward during jumps
Lets you jump again while in the air (Allows Chip Zannuff to jump three levels). (Cannot use after High Jump)

Forward Thrust Attack: (F+[P]/[K]/[S]/[H])
With a Punch or Heavy Slash common to all characters, keep F pressed down while attacking to transform attacks.

*Certain characters can use this with kicks, too.
*For Bridget only, use (F+[S]) in place of (F+[H])

Dead Angle Attack: During Guard, F+ Any 2 Attack Buttons, Except Dust Button, pushed simultaneously
At the instant you've guarded against an opponent's attack, push any 2 attack buttons simultaneously while pushing the right directional button to counterattack from the guard position.

*The Tension Gauge must be 50% or above for this move.

Dust Attack: [D] (while standing)
By pushing [D] you can use attacks that spin around and knock down your opponents. This causes them to becomes temporarily defenseless. At this time, push up on the direction button to pounce on your opponent. It's a perfect chance to strike back with a combo attack.

*Push [D] during a jump to activate an "Aerial Dust Attack" and be able to use the unique moves of each character.

Sweep: [D] (while crouching)
Push [D] while in crouch to use the sweep move. If this attack hits your opponent ,he cannot bounce back from the attack with a Recovery move.

Recovery: Push any 2 attack buttons when knocked down.
When knocked down after being attacked, push any 2 attack buttons simultaneously while in the air to regain your balance. This move enables you to quickly ready yourself against the next attack.

Throw: (B/F+[H]) (close)
Push B/F near an opponent and push [H] to activate this special attack.

Approach an opponent during a jump while pushing the directional buttons in the direction of your approach and push [H] to be able to body toss your enemy during a jump.

*Note that during a Dash or Backstep your character CANNOT use a Throw move.

Gatling Combo: Push buttons at the right time in a specified order.
A method of linking normal moves together as combo attacks. The moment you hit an opponent with a normal attack, enter the commands for another normal attack to create combos. The number of moves that can be used in combos vary with each character.

Negative Penalties:
In a given time interval, if your character continues passive actions like failing to make an attack or retreating to either side of the screen, the Tension Gauge ill drop to "0."

Overdrive Attack:
These are very powerful special moves that require at least 50% of the tension gauge to be full. Each character on average has 2-3 of these. They are generally more devastating than normal special moves.

The Tension Gauge:
The gauge at the bottom of the screen on your side. You gain tension with offensive actions like attacking and using special moves, and you lose tension with defensive techniques like retreating or blocking too often. It is red in color when usable, and orange when its full.

Instant Kill: Push ([P]+[K]+[S]+[H]), then enter special character commands.
As the name implies, this is the ultimate deadly attack that can do away with opponents with a single blast. As these moves are awesomely powerful, they take a long time to unleash.

Command Input Process

1.) First push down ([P]+[K]+[S]+[H]).

2.) The Tension Gauge changes from its normal condition to the INSTANT KILL GAUGE to prepare for the INSTANT KILL. The energy level of the INSTANT KILL GAUGE is the same as the Tension Gauge level was before activation. The INSTANT KILL GAUGE decreases with time, and when the gauge is emptied, character strength starts to be consumed. If you push ([P]+[K]+[S]+[H]) again in this state, you can return to the normal Tension Gauge state.

3.) To unleash the Instant Kill attack, entire the special commands in this state.

Unleashing an Instant Kill attack completely removes the Tension Gauge. That is, if this move misses your opponent, during the rest of the round you won't be able to use various actions that require the Tension Gauge.

Faultless Defense:
Push ([P]+[K]) simultaneously while pushing the directional buttons for a guard position to enter a special guard condition that creates a barrier around you. This prevents your opponent from shaving away your strength with deadly attacks and the knock back is greater than when you use normal guards, giving you more time to ready an attack against your opponent. You can also guard against attacks that cannot be guarded against during jumps. One drawback: while performing this Faultless Defense, your Tension Gauge decreases in real time. When the Tension Gauge power is depleted, this guard can no longer be used.

Jump Cancel:
There are certain normal moves where you can forcibly stop hitting an opponent with an attack or stop guarding against an attack and link it to a jump. by using these attacks, you can combine these with attacks to widen your repertoire or combo attacks.

Roman Cancel:
While hitting your opponent with an attack, push any 3 of the attack buttons except dust Button to forcefully stop attack actions and return your character to a normal standing pose. With the application of this move, you can create your own original combo attacks. In order to perform a Roman Cancel, your Tension Gauge must be at least 50% full.

Counter Hit:
While your opponent is trying to use a move you can counter attack by hitting him with one of your attacks. Because your opponent's time off balance is increased, this move allows you to use combos attacks that you normally couldn't use.

Recovery Direction:
When you use a Recovery move by pushing a directional button, you can recover from a knock down in the direction your press. Once your realize you're going to be knocked down, a Recovery can provide your with a chance to counterattack is used correctly.

Slip (Staggering):
Specific Normal Moves, Special Moves and Overdrive Attacks have the special ability to put your opponent into a "slip" condition. When you hit an enemy with these moves they render enemies defenseless for a set time, placing them in the "slip" condition.

If your character is placed into a "slip" condition, you can speed up your character's recovery by quickly pressing the left and right directional buttons repeatedly.

There are various moves for each character to set enemies "slip", so try various commands to find these on your own.
Selectable Characters:

A.B.A. A.B.A.
Master Two Different Modes:
A.B.A uses two different modes in fighting. She is in “Normal Mode” at the beginning of a match, and later she transforms herself to “Double-Edged Mode” using her blood transfusion packet. During the Double-Edged Mode, her speed and attack power increase, but A.B.A herself takes damage in return each time she hits an opponent. However, A.B.A can use “Cohesion” or “Detachment” to switch back to Normal Mode, regaining the life that was lost due to the Double-Edged Mode. (She doesn’t regain any life if she automatically returns to Normal Mode due to its time limit.)
Special Moves:
Deletion: D DF F [S]
   Destruction: B F [S] (during Deletion)
     Punishment: F DF D DB B [S] (during Destruction)
Cohesion: F DF D DB B [H] (also in air)
Normal Mode Only:
Towing: D DF F [P]
Extinguishment: D DF F [K]
*Calcination: F DF D DB B [P]
Double-Edged Mode Only:
Condemnation: F D DF [H]
*Detachment: F DF D DB B [P]
Sin: B DB D DF F [K]
Extermination: B DB D DF F [S] (in air)

Force Break:
Towing: D DF F [D] (normal mode)
Condemnation: F D DF [D] (double-edged mode)
Overdrive Attacks:
Concealing Evidence: F DF D DB B, F [H], D DF F [H]
   *Detachment: D DF F [H] (normal mode only)
Destroying Evidence [Outward]: F DF D DB B, F [P] (in air)
   Destroying Evidence [Homeward]:D DB B [K] (during Destroying Evidence [Outward], Double-Edge Mode Only)
*Alteration: F DF D DB B, F DF D DB B [S] (Double-Edge Mode Only)
Instant Kill:
Unknown Darkness: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Attacks with * consume blood transfusion packets.
Using “Cohesion” (on hit only), “Detachment,” and “Calcination” switches the fighting modes.
Using “Cohesion” or “Detachment,” A.B.A regains this life that was lost caused by Double-Edged Mode.
Anji Mito Anji Mito
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: January 1st
Origin: Pre-destruction Japan
Hobbies: Vigorous sports, traveling
Likes: Faith, freedom
Dislikes: Obstinance, deception
A decade ago, an unknown force destroyed Japan. This force was lead and created by "The Man". Anji has continued his journey to find "The Man". But, that journey is not born out of hatred and the desire for revenge. He simply had a goal to chase "The Man". Hiding his own race, Anji travels on today. In front of him lies only the unknown, shrouded in darkness.
Special Moves:
Shitsu: D DF F [P]
Fuujin: D DF F [S]/[H]
   Nagiha: [S] (during Fuujin)
   Hitoashi Tobi: [K] (during Fuujin)
   Shin Ichisiki: [P] (during Fuujin)
   Rin: [H] (during Fuujin)
Kou: [P] (during Guard Point)
On: F D DF [H]
Force Break:
Shitsu: D DF F [D]
Rin: [D] (during Fuujin)
Overdrive Attacks:
Tenjinkyaku: Hold-D, (U+[K])
Issei Ougi "Sai": F DF D DB B, F [H]
Kachoufuugetsu: F DF D DB B [S] (during Guard Point)
Instant Kill:
Zetsu: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Axl Low Axl Low
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: December 25th
Origin: England
Hobbies: Billiards
Likes: His girlfriend from his own time (Megumi)
Dislikes: Preachy types
Even at the conclusion of the last tournament, Axl couldn't return to his own time period, and was lost in a different age. And then one year later, Axl found himself experiencing the same events again (although from his point of view, this was three years later.) However, he did gain something from his travels. Hearing about a man with the same time traveling ability as him... "The Man", Axl wondered if he could learn how to return to his own time period from him. Recognizing the scent of "The Man" on the previous tournaments, Axl sets forth again.
Special Moves:
Benten Gari: F D DF [S]/[H]
   Axl Bomber: F D DF [H] (during [H] Benten Gari version)
Rensen Geki: Hold-B (F+[S])
   Kyokusa Geki: Hold-UF/Hold-U (during Rensen Geki)
   Sensa Geki: Hold-DF/Hold-D (during Rensen Geki)
Hachisubako: F D DF [P]
Rai'ei Sageki: F DF D DB B [S]/[H]
Axl Bomber: F D DF [H] (in air)
Koku Geki: F DF D DB B [S] (in air)
Force Break:
Shiranami no Homura: B D DB [D]
Axl Bomber: F D DF [D] (in air)
Overdrive Attack:
Hyakue Renshou: D DF F, DF D DB B [H]
Instant Kill:
Midare Gami: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Baiken Baiken
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 99 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Peach
Birthday: March 5th
Origin: Pre-destruction Japan
Hobbies: Drinking
Likes: Tokkuri (Sake bottles)
Dislikes: Tanuki statues
When Japan was under attack, Baiken witnessed her own parents and friends being burned to death in the flames. Their death was a result of Gears, but amidst the strongest flames there was a man. This man - encircled by flames and Gears - was studied by Baiken. At that moment, she felt a definite premonition. "This man is one to be defeated." Even now these memories drive Baiken forward, and she searches for "The Man" with murderous intent. Her travels continue.
Special Moves:
Tatami Gaeshi: D DF F [K] (also in air)
Youshijin: B DB D [P] (during guard)
Mawarikomi: B DB D [K] (during guard)
Sakura: B DB D [S] (during guard)
Ou Ren: B DB D [H] (during guard)
Yozansen: F D DF [S] (in air)
Kabari: B DB D DF F [H]
   Tetsuzansen: [S] (during Kabari)
Force Break:
Baku: B DB D [D] (during guard)
   Baku Sakura: [P] (during Baku)
   Baku Tsuki: [K] (during Baku)
   Baku Tsuru: [S] (during Baku)
Overdrive Attack:
Kasane Sanzu Watashi: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Instant Kill:
Garyou Tensei: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Bridget Bridget
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lb
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Birthday: October 26th
Origin: England
Hobbies: Yo-Yo, working surreptitiously to be more manly, napping
As rumor has it, Bridget is actually the son of a wealthy aristocrat raised as a girl. Skilled at attacking opponents with his trusty yo-yo from up close or far away, distance is no barrier to him. Bridget fights to show his parents that he's no mama's boy and can make it on his own.
Special Moves:
Yo-Yo Extend: [H] (also in air)
   Yo-Yo Recall: [H] (during Yo-Yo Extend or while hitting with Roger Hug)
   Roger Rush: D DF F [H] (during Yo-Yo Extend or while hitting with Roger Hug)
   Roger Get: B D DB [H] (during Yo-Yo Extend or while hitting with Roger Hug, also in air)
Roger Hug: F D DF [H]
Kickstart My Heart: D DF F [K]
   Stop: [P] (during Kickstart My Heart)
   Discharge: [K] (during Kickstart My Heart)
Starship: F D DF [P] (also in air)
Force Break:
Roger Rush: D DF F [D] (during Yo-Yo Extend or while hitting with Roger Hug)
Jagged Roger: D DB B [D] (during Yo-Yo Extend or while hitting with Roger Hug, also in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Loop-the-Loop: F DF D DB B, F [S]
Me and My Killing Machine: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Shoot the Moon: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Chip Zanuff Chipp Zanuff
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 148 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Red
Birthday: February 9th
Origin: Insists on Japan (actually, it's America)
Hobbies: Dreaming
Likes: Sleeping pills
Dislikes: Nightmares, the Mafia, gangs, the Yakuza
Unable to win the last tournament, Chipp became aware again of his own weaknesses, and set out to train once again. Witnessing the death of Justice, he realized that despite his murderous actions, he was searching for someone to save him. Chipp searches for that "saving hand". Now, hearing about a Gear that does not hurt others, Chipp set forth to find her.
Special Moves:
Alpha Blade: D DF F [P] (also in air)
   Alpha Plus: [H] (ground only)
Beta Blade: F D DF [S] (also in air)
Gamma Blade: B DB D DF F [H]
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Teni: D D [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[D]
Genrou Zan: B DB D DF F [K]
Resshou: D DF F [S]
   Rokusai: D DF F [S]
   Senshu: D DF F [K] (during Resshou or Rokusai)
Force Break:
Genrou Zan Yo: [D] (during Genrou Zan)
Overdrive Attack:
Banki Messai: D DF F, D DF F [K]
Instant Kill:
Delta End: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Dizzy Dizzy
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 123 lb
Blood Type: Analysis Failed
Eye Color: Reddish Brown
Birthday: December 25th (unconfirmed)
Origin: Unknown
Hobbies: Grooming her wings
Likes: Foster parents, forest animals
Dislikes: Poachers
Having hidden away in the "Devil's Living Place", she was finally discovered by the humans, and was pursued. Being forced to defend herself, she nevertheless did not injure any of her pursuers severely, although this took much effort on her part. And then finally, the man who held the power of a Gear, Sol, defeated her. After that, the one who appeared before her was the leader of the pirates, Johnny. At the end of a long solitude, Dizzy has gained many warm friends.
Special Moves:
Flaming Spiral: D DF F [S]/[K]
Arctic Impaler: D DF F [H]
Skull Crusher: B D DB [S] (increase is possible)
Hunger Strike: D DB B [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]
Leave Me Alone!: D DB B [P]/[K]/[S] (in air)
Force Break:
Leave Me Alone!: D DB B [D] (in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Imperial Ray: F DF D DB B, F [S]
Necro's Anger: F DF D DB B, F [P]
Gamma Ray: F B F, B DB D DF F [H] (consumes entire tension gauge)
Instant Kill:
Eddie Eddie
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lb
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Originally blue
Birthday: January 28th
Origin: Village of the Assassins (Spain)
Hobbies: Attempting to understand the language of the flowers
Likes: Pride
Dislikes: Women
Eddie's use had been perfectly mastered by Zato, but with the weakening of Zato's body and mind, Eddie took over. However, Zato's body would soon be destroyed. In order to continue its life, the Eddie would need a new host. In order to continue its existence, Eddie sets forth again for the solitary battlefield. The time left is short...
Special Moves:
Invite Hell: D D [S]/[H]
Break the Law: D DB B (Hold [K])
   Extra Shadow Gallery: B DB D DF F [S] (during Break the Law)
Summon/Return Eddie: D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]
   Tiny Attack: [P]
   Moving Attack: [K]
   Anti-Aerial Attack: [S]
   Shadow Hole: [H]
   Middle Attack: [D]
Drunkard Shade: D DB B [S]
Damned Fang: F D DF [S] (close)
Fly: Two-Level Jump Command
Shadow Gallery: B DB D DF F [S] (in air)
Force Break:
Drill Special: D D [D]
Exhaustion: D DF F [D]
Overdrive Attacks:
Executor: D DF F, D DF F [S] (in air)
Amorphous: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Black In Mind: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Faust Faust
Height: 9'3"
Weight: 121 lb
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Fluorescent
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Hobbies: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
After regaining his memory, he felt the weight of his sins, and decided to end his own life. However, for him "death" is not pain, but rather an "escape", as he continued his travels. Then one day, he learns that the death of the girl was not a result of his own mistake but a murder from some third party. Putting aside his own guilt, he resolved to save as many lives as he can.
Special Moves:
Rerere no Tsuki-Pull: B DB D DF F [K]
   Pull Back: B (after Rerere no Tsuki-Pull)
     Hello!: D DF F [P] (after Pull Back)
        Speak Up!: D DF F [P] (after Hello!
           Hello Again!: D DF F [P] (after Speak Up!)
What's Next?: D DF F [P]
Love: D DF F [P] (in air)
Souten Enshin Ranbu: D DF F [S]
   Forward Ranbu: F F (during Souten Enshin Ranbu)
   Backward Ranbu: B B (during Souten Enshin Ranbu)
   Neck Periscope: [P] (during Souten Enshin Ranbu)
   Growing Flower: [K] (during Souten Enshin Ranbu)
   See? I'm A Flower!: [S] (during Souten Enshin Ranbu)
   Going My Way: [H] (during Souten Enshin Ranbu)
   What's Next: [D] (during Souten Enshin Ranbu)
In Your Face!: D DB B [P]
Watch Your Back!: D DB B [K]
Going My Way: D DF F [H] (in air)
Personal Move:
(D+[K]) (in air)
Force Break:
Sudden Hello!: D DB B [D]
Rerere no Super Tsuki: D DF F [D] (in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Gamble Attack: D DF F, D DF F [S], (Hold [P]/[K]/[S]/[H])
Super What's Next?: D DF F, D DF F [P]
Instant Kill:
This Week's Climax!: D DF F, D DF F [H]
I-No I-No (Boss)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 101 lb
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: Multicolored
Birthday: November 25th
Origin: Unknown
Hobbies: Anything fun, coded word games, making people peeved
Likes: Anything fun, Shiritori in jargon, being eager
Dislikes: People who don't have fun, milk
A woman whose origins and motives are enigmas wrapped in mysteries. In command of a variety of aerial moves, I-No's air-to-surface rush attacks and aerial combat abilities overwhelm her opponents. Further, she's got an arsenal of "musical" moves, battling fearsome foes with her trusty "ax" in hand.
Special Moves:
Stroke the Big Tree: B DB D DF F [S]/[H]
Antidepressant Scale: D DB B [P]/[H] (also in air)
Sultry Performance: D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H] (in air, Hold to build power)
Chemical Love: F DF D DB B, F [K]
Chemical Love Height: F DF D DB B, (F+[S])
Force Break:
Sultry Performance: D DF F [D] (in air, Hold to build power)
   Cancel Addition: [P]/[K]/[S]/[H] (during Sultry Performance)
Overdrive Attacks:
Longing Desperation: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Ultimate Fortissimo: D DF F DF D DB B [S] (in air)
Instant Kill:
Last Will and Testament: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Jam Kuradoberi Jam Kuradoberi (You stopped here in the manual!)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 8th
Origin: China
Hobbies: Cooking, observing, researching
Likes: The kitchen, adolescence, well-built guys
Dislikes: Indecisive men, ignorant fools
"Kiyuumaro" and "Hanagata". Every cook aspired to be able to work for these two restaurants, but neither interested Jam. To her, each of their policies were nonsense. The most important thing was to create good-tasting food for everybody, and "process" taught by these restaurants was inadequate. She resolved to create her own restaurant and aimed for the bounty. After Dizzy's departure, she reports that she took care of it and received the money for herself. Thus, she was able to get her dream fulfilled.
Special Moves:
Hochifu: D D [K]/[S]/[H]
Ryujin: D DF F [K] (also in air)
Gekirin: D DB B [K] (also in air)
Kenroukaku: F D DF [K] (also in air)
Bakushu: D DF F [S]
   Mawarikomi: [P] (during Bakushu)
   Ashibarai: [K] (during Bakushu)
   Hyappo Shinshou: [S] (during Bakushu)
   Senri Shinshou: [H] (during Bakushu)
   Choujin: D DF F [P] (during Bakushu)
Choujin: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Force Break:
Hyappo Shinshou: [D]
Hochifu, Goku: D D [D], [K]/[S]/[H]
Overdrive Attack:
Chokyaku Houoshou: F DF D DB B, (F+[S])
Instant Kill:
Gasenkotsu: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Johnny Johnny
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 159 lb
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: October 24th
Origin: America
Hobbies: Chasing beautiful women
Likes: His cherished guitar collection
Dislikes: Guys who don't "get" jokes
For Johnny, saving those in solitude, whether human or animal, is his duty. Even if that person is a Gear. And then, hearing about the Gear that did not want to hurt humans, Johnny set forth to offer his help once more. Upon arriving at the "Devil's Living Place", he found Dizzy, who had been defeated by Sol. Finding her solitude extreme, Johnny extends a helping hand, and invited her into his pirate force.
Special Moves:
Mist Finer (High): D DF F [P] (Hold [P] to pose, F/B to move, [H] to cancel, release button to draw sword)
Mist Finer (Middle): D DF F [K] (Hold [K] to pose, F/B to move, [H] to cancel, release button to draw sword)
Mist Finer (Low): D DF F [S] (Hold [S] to pose, F/B to move, [H] to cancel, release button to draw sword)
Glitter is Gold: D DF F [H]
Bacchus Sigh: D DB B [P]
Divine Blade: F D DF [S], [S]
Aerial Killer Joker: D DB B [S] (in air)
Killer Joker: B D DB [S], [S]
Force Break:
Jack Hound: D DB B [D] (available during pose)
   Jack Hound Return: D DF F [D] (during Jack Hound)
Overdrive Attacks:
Johnny Special: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Joker Trick: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Ky Kiske Ky Kiske
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lb
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Birthday: November 20th
Origin: France
Hobbies: Collecting teacups
Likes: Everyone's smiling faces
Dislikes: Sol
From the message of Justice at the last tournament, he learned that his own definition of justice was limited to humans. With his philosophy of "Gears are Evil", he could neither throw it away nor keep completely, and began looking for the truth. Then, he heard about a Gear that had no intention of hurting humans. Now, in order to search for his own "justice", he takes the Fuuraiken in hand once again.
Special Moves:
Stun Edge: D DF F [S]/[H] (also in air)
Stun Edge Charge: D DF F [D] (also in air)
Aerial Stun Edge: D DF F [S]/[H] (in air)
Vapor Thrust: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
Stun Dipper: D DF F [K]
Greed Sever: D DB B [K]
Force Break:
Lightning Sphere: D DB B [D] (during Stun Edge Charge on ground)
   Charge Drive: B F [D] (during Lightning Sphere)
Stun Rays: D DB B [D] (in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Ride the Lightning: F DF D DB B, F [H] (also in air)
Sacred Edge: D DF F, D DF F [P]
Instant Kill:
Rising Force: D DF F, D DF F [H]
May May
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 104 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: May 5th (the day Johnny found her)
Origin: Unknown
Hobbies: Thinking about Johnny
Likes: Johnny
Dislikes: Baldness
After her reunion with Johnny at the last tournament, she lived in happiness. As his birthday drew near, the crew decided to get together and give him a present. However, to May, she wanted to give him a present not as "a member of the crew" but as "a single woman". Needing the money, she heard of the "bounty". But then, the target Dizzy had somehow been invited to join the crew by Johnny, and now May had a new friend, but...
Special Moves:
Mr. Dolphin (Horizontal): Hold-B, (F+[S]/[H])
Mr. Dolphin (Vertical): Hold-D, (U+[S]/[H])
Restive Rolling: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
   Direction Change: U/D/B/F+[S]/[H] (during Restive Rolling)
Overhead Kiss: F DF D DB B [K] (close)
Personal Move:
(D+[H]) (in air)
Force Break:
"Jack Hound": D DB B [D]
Go, Mr. Dolphin (Horizontal): Neutral, (F+[S]/[H]) (during Mr. Dolphin Horizontal)
Go, Mr. Dolphin (Vertical): Neutral, (U+[S]/[H]) (during Mr. Dolphin Vertical)
Overdrive Attacks:
Great Yamada Attack: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Super Screaming Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind: F DF D DB B [S]
   Deluxe Tile Bomber: [P] (during S.S.U.S.W.)
Instant Kill:
May and The Jolly Crew: B DB D DF F, B DB D DF F [H] (close)
Millia Rage Millia Rage
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 106 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown (Millia is an orphan)
Origin: Village of the assassins (Russia)
Hobbies: Playing with cats
Likes: Virtue
Dislikes: Zato, losing hair
Finally, Millia gained peace and freedom. She lived her new life both as a person and as a woman. However, there was still some fear left in her heart. That was her thoughts of Zato. The "master" she had followed in the Organization was now a curse... and she lived with the fear that Zato may once again appear before her. These emotions created a complicated feeling within Millia. Finally, she resolved to defeat Zato, and set forth. Then, she learned that he had fallen to the shadows he himself summoned.
Special Moves:
Lust Shaker: (Tap [S]) / D DB B [S]
   Iron Savior: D DB B [P] (during Lust Shaker)
Tandem Top: D DF F [S]/[H]
Bad Moon: D DF F [P] (in air)
Silent Force: D DB B [S]/[H] (in air)
Silent Force Recovery: D (near knife on ground)
Secret Garden: D DB B [H], (U/D/B/F+[H])
Force Break:
Pretty Maze: D DF F [D] (also in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Winger: D DB B, B DB D DF F [H]
Emerald Rain: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Instant Kill:
Iron Maiden: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Order-Sol Order-Sol
Special Moves:
Block Head Buster: D DF F [P]
Gun Blaze: D DB B [S]
Storm Viper: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
Bandit Revolver Prototype: D DF F [K]
Rock It: D DF F [S]
Charge: D DB B [D]
Action Charge: [D] (after a special move during jump)
Charge Burst: [D] (during Charge)
Force Break:
Fefnir: B DB D DF F [D]
Overdrive Attacks:
Tyrant Rave ver. omega: F DF D DB B, (F+[H])
Savage Fang: F DF D DB B, F [P]
Dragon Install: Sakkai: F DF D DB B, (F+[S]), [P] [K] [S] [H] [D] [K] [S], F DF D DB B, (F+[H])
Instant Kill:
Potemkin Potemkin
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 1,446 lb
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: White
Birthday: October 18th
Origin: The floating continent, Zepp
Hobbies: Drawing pictures
Likes: Indestructible imperial pencil cases
Dislikes: Pencils that can't endure four tons of weight
With the change of his country's government and his own freedom, both Potemkin and his government enjoyed a sense of peace. Then, one day President Gabriel, his former mentor, sent him a secret order. His command was to take the Gear back to Zepp, away from the bounty hunters. However, before he made contact, the Gear had already found her own place. Potemkin imitated Gabriel's stoicism on the matter.
Special Moves:
Mega Fist 1: D DF F [P]
Mega Fist 2: D DB B [P]
Sliding Head: D DF F [S]
Hammer Fall: Hold-B, (F+[H])
   Hammer Fall Break: [P]
F.D.B.: F DF D DB B [S]
Potemkin Buster: F DF D DB B, (F+[P]) (close)
Heat Knuckle: F D DF [H]
   Heat Extend: F DF D DB B [H]
Force Break:
Judge Gauntlet: F DF D DB B [D]
Aerial Potemkin Buster: F DF D DB B, F [D] (in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Giganter: F DF D DB B, F [H]
   Gigantic Bullet: B DB D DF F, B DB D DF F [P] (during Giganter)
Heavenly Potemkin Buster: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Instant Kill:
Magnum Opera: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Robo-Ky Robo-Ky
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 327 lb
Blood Type: Analysis Failed
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Hobbies: Unknown
This mechanical maniac is shrouded in mystery. He was built for one sole purpose: destroy Ky Kiske. Though he also doesn't seem to keen on anyone else either.
Special Moves:
*Want Some Ky?: D DF F [S]
*The Ky Effect: D DB B [S]
*Ky Home Run: F D DF [H]
*Bargain Basement Ky: D DF F [S]
Personal Move:
Conversation Ky: (D+[D])
Force Break:
Ky Dismissed Today: D DF F [D] (in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
The Weak Do Nothing: D DF F, D DF F [S], D DF F [S]
Gen Ky Lovers: D DF F, D DF F [P]
Ky Reserver Breaker: If the Electric Gauge is charged over 50%, hitting an opponent with Ky Home Run: F D DF [H] automatically creates this attack if Robo-Ky is nearby and on the ground.
Instant Kill:
Ky-shot No. 13: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Moves with * consume the Electric Gauge, which moves between three different power levels.
When Robo-Ky uses certain moves, he gradually becomes red, raising a thermometer next to the Electric Gauge.
Press (F+[H]) to cool him down and prevent damage from overheating, which occurs if the pointer goes past the indicator.
Slayer Slayer
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 154 lb
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: October 31st
Origin: Transylvania
Hobbies: Writing Haikus, combat, stalking prey
Slayer's the former chieftain of an organization of assassins and a descendant of Nosferatu. With his unyielding attacks and special vampire abilities, he makes mincemeat of his opponents in minutes. During dashes he becomes invulnerable to attacks. His old organization now in chaos as a result of Zato-1's absence, Slayer emerges from retirement to "tidy" things up.
Special Moves:
Feint: (F+[K]) (Hold [K])
Dandy Step: D DB B [P]/[K]/[S]
   Pile Bunker: [P] (during Dandy Step)
   Crosswise Heel: [K] (during Dandy Step)
   Under Pressure: [S]/[H] (during Dandy Step)
   It's Late: [S]/[H] (during Dandy Step/Under Pressure)
Mach Punch: D DF F [P]/[K]
Mach Feint: D DF F (Hold [P]/[K])
Force Break:
Big Bang Upper: D DF F [D]
Pile Bunker: [D] (during Dandy Step)
Overdrive Attack:
Dead On Time: F DF D DB B, F [S]
Instant Kill:
All Dead: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Sol Badguy Sol Badguy
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 lb
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Ochre
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: America
Hobbies: Listening to Queen
Likes: The Queen album, "Sheer Heart Attack"
Dislikes: Great effort, "Doing your best."
After the death of Justice, the other Gears of the world lost their own free will and stopped their own movements. But rumors of a Gear that had a will of its own came to Sol. For this unknown Gear, was there despair, or...? Finally, at the Devil's Living Place, he met a girl that had been born with the power of a Gear. Despite his victory over her, for some reason he did not kill her, and left the forest.
Special Moves:
Gun Flame: D DF F [P]
Gun Flame (Feint): D DB B [P]
Volcanic Viper: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
   Knockdown: D DB B [K] (during Volcanic Viper)
Grand Viper: D DB B [S]
Bandit Revolver: D DF F [K] (also in air)
   Bandit Bringer: (Hold [K]) (during Bandit Revolver)
Riot Stamp: D DB B [K]
Wild Throw: F D DF [K] (close)
Sidewinder: D DF F [H] (in air)
Force Break:
Fefnir: B DB D DF F [D]
   Tyrant Wave ver. alpha: B F [D] (during Fefnir)
Overdrive Attacks:
Tyrant Rave ver. beta: F DF D DB B, (F+[H])
Dragon Install: D DB B, D DB B [S]
Instant Kill:
Napalm Death: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Testament Testament
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 161 lb
Blood Type: Analysis Failed
Eye Color: Red
Birthday: May 9th
Origin: Switzerland
Hobbies: Thinking
Likes: Kliff Underson, potatoes
Dislikes: Sol, Saitou-style martial arts
After regaining his own will after the death of Justice, he realized the things he had committed and despaired of living as a human. Living on without any purpose, the self-destructive Testament finally came to the "Devil's Living Place". There, he met Dizzy, who had separated herself from the world. Her story pulled at him strongly, and he became determined to protect her. Now that Dizzy has found her own place, what does Testament think?
Special Moves:
Phantom Soul: D DF F [P]/[K]
Badlands: D DB B [P] (also in air)
EXE Beast: B DB D DF F [S]/[H]
Warrant: D DB B [K]
Hitomi: D DB B [S]
Zeinest: D DB B [H] (also in air)
Force Break:
Grave Digger: D DB B [D] (also in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Nightmare Circular: F DF D DB B, (F+[H])
Master of Puppets: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Instant Kill:
Seventh Sign: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Venom Venom
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 146 lb
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown (Venom is an orphan)
Origin: Village of the assassins (England)
Hobbies: Reading, Chess
Likes: Zato, sympathy
Dislikes: Blood, those who oppose Zato
After Zato's escape from the Dimensional Prison, no one knew what became of him. No one knew if he had been imprisoned, or if he were even still alive. Rumors that he had died or that he had given up his position spread through the Organization. There, Venom, who had long been by Zato's side, did not believe anything. Learning about a possible location for Zato, he set forth. At the end of his journey, he realized Zato's death.
Special Moves:
Stinger Aim: Hold-B, (F+[S]/[H]) (increase possible)
Carcass Raid: Hold-D, (U+[S]/[H])
Ball Formation: D DB B [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[D] (also in air)
Dubious Curve: B D DB [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[D]
Double Head Morbid: F D DF [S]/[H]
Mad Struggle: D DF F [S]/[H] (in air)
Warp: F D DF [K] (with ball, move to its position)
Force Break:
Stinger Aim: Hold-B, (F+[D])
Carcass Raid: Hold-D, (U+[D])
Double Head Morbid: F D DF [D]
Mad Struggle: D DF F [D] (in air)
Overdrive Attacks:
Dark Angel: D DB B DB D DF F [S]
Red Hail: D DF F, D DF F [H] (in air)
Instant Kill:
Dim Bomber: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Zappa Zappa
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 146 lb
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: June 15th
Origin: Australia
Hobbies: Finding a mate, keeping a diary
Just a typical Joe who sadly happens to be possessed by evil spirits. Due to his origins, Zappa lacks basic combat skills, but when the spirits inside are awakened he can unleash incomprehensible destructive powers. His inner demons are legion, and when he's pushed far enough Zappa summons up the evilest and most vile spirit of all. Don't make him angry! You won't like him when he's angry! Zappa searches for Faust to relieve him of his terrible affliction.
Special Moves:
Say Hello to the 3 Centipedes: D DF F [P] (without haunted)
Ghost Mode: Go Away and Don't Come Back: D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[D]
Sword Mode: Looks Painful... And Is!: D DF F [S]
   Looks Painful... And Is! Extra: [H] (during Sword Mode: Looks Painful... And Is!)
Sword Mode: Coming Through: D DF F [H]
Dog Mode: Dog Attack: [D]/(U/D/B/F+[D])
Dog Mode: Dog Attack Extra: [D] after (B+[D]) (do after Dog Attack for Super Dog Attack)
Raou Mode: Darkness Anthem: D DF F [S]
   Darkness Anthem Extra: [P] (during darkness anthem)
Raou Mode: Last Edguy: D DB B [S]
Force Break:
Etiquette!: D DB B [D]
Overdrive Attack:
It's Alive!: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Frightening: D DF F, D DF F [H]