Guilty Gear X (2000)
Move List/Bios - Arcade/PlayStation 2
Anji MitoAxl LowBaikenChip ZanuffFaustJam KuradoberiJohnnyKy Kiske
MayMillia RagePotemkinSol BadguyVenomZato-1TestamentDizzy
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward
B = Back/Block

F F = Dash
B B = Retreat
D U = High Jump
DB = Low Block
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
[P] = Punch
[K] = Kick
[S] = Slash
[H] = Heavy Slash
[D] = Dust
[T] = Taunt/Respect
PlayStation 2:
[P] = [□]
[K] = [X]
[S] = [Δ]
[H] = [○]
[D] = [R1]
[T] = [R2]

Press [R2] to Taunt, Press (F+[R2]) to respect the opponent.
Universal Moves:

Psych Burst: ([D]+[P]/[K]/[S]/[H])
This system was created to turn matches around in various situations and further permit the use of a wide range of strategies.
Not only can you knock back enemies but also increase the Tension Gauge to "MAX" by meeting certain conditions.
The Psych Burst can only be used when the Burst Gauge reaches "MAX" and it renders your character invulnerable for a set time when activated. But it cannot be activated while your character is hit by an Overdrive Attack or when being thrown. (An "X" mark appears on the Burst Gauge when it cannot be activated.)
In Situations others than when your character activates a Psych Burst during a damage motion, the Tension Gauge increases to "MAX" only when you hit an enemy.

The Burst Gauge:
An expended Burst Gauge gradually recovers as time elapses and with each hit your character takes. Further, the amount of gauge power expended varies with the condition at the time of us as follows:
Condition at use: Amount of Burst Gauge Expended:
Normal Conditions: 2/3
*While Being Hit: All (However, hitting an opponent restores the gauge by 1/3.)

*"While being hit" refers to when your character is leaning backward, slip, being thrown, being knocked down, or guarding against attacks.

Two-Level Jumps: Up/Back/U/Up/Forward during jumps
Lets you jump again while in the air (Allows Chip Zannuff to jump three levels). (Cannot use after High Jump)

Forward Thrust Attack: (F+[P]/[K]/[S]/[H])
With a Punch or Heavy Slash common to all characters, keep F pressed down while attacking to transform attacks.

*Certain characters can use this with kicks, too.
*For Bridget only, use (F+[S]) in place of (F+[H])

Dead Angle Attack: During Guard, F+ Any 2 Attack Buttons, Except Dust Button, pushed simultaneously
At the instant you've guarded against an opponent's attack, push any 2 attack buttons simultaneously while pushing the right directional button to counterattack from the guard position.

*The Tension Gauge must be 50% or above for this move.

Dust Attack: [D] (while standing)
By pushing [D] you can use attacks that spin around and knock down your opponents. This causes them to becomes temporarily defenseless. At this time, push up on the direction button to pounce on your opponent. It's a perfect chance to strike back with a combo attack.

*Push [D] during a jump to activate an "Aerial Dust Attack" and be able to use the unique moves of each character.

Sweep: [D] (while crouching)
Push [D] while in crouch to use the sweep move. If this attack hits your opponent ,he cannot bounce back from the attack with a Recovery move.

Recovery: Push any 2 attack buttons when knocked down.
When knocked down after being attacked, push any 2 attack buttons simultaneously while in the air to regain your balance. This move enables you to quickly ready yourself against the next attack.

Throw: (B/F+[H]) (close)
Push B/F near an opponent and push [H] to activate this special attack.

Approach an opponent during a jump while pushing the directional buttons in the direction of your approach and push [H] to be able to body toss your enemy during a jump.

*Note that during a Dash or Backstep your character CANNOT use a Throw move.

Gatling Combo: Push buttons at the right time in a specified order.
A method of linking normal moves together as combo attacks. The moment you hit an opponent with a normal attack, enter the commands for another normal attack to create combos. The number of moves that can be used in combos vary with each character.

Negative Penalties:
In a given time interval, if your character continues passive actions like failing to make an attack or retreating to either side of the screen, the Tension Gauge ill drop to "0."

Overdrive Attack:
These are very powerful special moves that require at least 50% of the tension gauge to be full. Each character on average has 2-3 of these. They are generally more devastating than normal special moves.

The Tension Gauge:
The gauge at the bottom of the screen on your side. You gain tension with offensive actions like attacking and using special moves, and you lose tension with defensive techniques like retreating or blocking too often. It is red in color when usable, and orange when its full.

Instant Kill: Push ([P]+[K]+[S]+[H]), then enter special character commands.
As the name implies, this is the ultimate deadly attack that can do away with opponents with a single blast. As these moves are awesomely powerful, they take a long time to unleash.

Command Input Process

1.) First push down ([P]+[K]+[S]+[H]).

2.) The Tension Gauge changes from its normal condition to the INSTANT KILL GAUGE to prepare for the INSTANT KILL. The energy level of the INSTANT KILL GAUGE is the same as the Tension Gauge level was before activation. The INSTANT KILL GAUGE decreases with time, and when the gauge is emptied, character strength starts to be consumed. If you push ([P]+[K]+[S]+[H]) again in this state, you can return to the normal Tension Gauge state.

3.) To unleash the Instant Kill attack, entire the special commands in this state.

Unleashing an Instant Kill attack completely removes the Tension Gauge. That is, if this move misses your opponent, during the rest of the round you won't be able to use various actions that require the Tension Gauge.

Faultless Defense:
Push ([P]+[K]) simultaneously while pushing the directional buttons for a guard position to enter a special guard condition that creates a barrier around you. This prevents your opponent from shaving away your strength with deadly attacks and the knock back is greater than when you use normal guards, giving you more time to ready an attack against your opponent. You can also guard against attacks that cannot be guarded against during jumps. One drawback: while performing this Faultless Defense, your Tension Gauge decreases in real time. When the Tension Gauge power is depleted, this guard can no longer be used.

Jump Cancel:
There are certain normal moves where you can forcibly stop hitting an opponent with an attack or stop guarding against an attack and link it to a jump. by using these attacks, you can combine these with attacks to widen your repertoire or combo attacks.

Roman Cancel:
While hitting your opponent with an attack, push any 3 of the attack buttons except dust Button to forcefully stop attack actions and return your character to a normal standing pose. With the application of this move, you can create your own original combo attacks. In order to perform a Roman Cancel, your Tension Gauge must be at least 50% full.

Counter Hit:
While your opponent is trying to use a move you can counter attack by hitting him with one of your attacks. Because your opponent's time off balance is increased, this move allows you to use combos attacks that you normally couldn't use.

Recovery Direction:
When you use a Recovery move by pushing a directional button, you can recover from a knock down in the direction your press. Once your realize you're going to be knocked down, a Recovery can provide your with a chance to counterattack is used correctly.

Slip (Staggering):
Specific Normal Moves, Special Moves and Overdrive Attacks have the special ability to put your opponent into a "slip" condition. When you hit an enemy with these moves they render enemies defenseless for a set time, placing them in the "slip" condition.

If your character is placed into a "slip" condition, you can speed up your character's recovery by quickly pressing the left and right directional buttons repeatedly.

There are various moves for each character to set enemies "slip", so try various commands to find these on your own.
Selectable Characters:

Anji Mito Anji Mito
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: January 1st
Origin: Japan before the destruction
Hobbies: Vigorous sports and traveling
Anji is a descendent of pure Japanese ancestry. Because there are only a handful of Japanese in this time period, they are viewed as international treasures, and do not received the same treatment as regular citizens. Anji has decided to conceal his own racial origins in order to search for “The Man” who developed the Gears and who is responsible for the destruction of the Japanese people.
Special Moves:
Shitsu: D DF F [P]
Fujin: D DF F [S]/[H]
   Nagiha: [S] (during Fujin)
   Shin Ichishiki: [P] (during Fujin)
   Shin Nishiki: [K] (during Fujin)
Kou: [P] (during Guard Motion)
On: F D DF [H]
Kai: D DB B [P]/[K]
Shin Nishiki: D DB B [P] (in air)
Issei Ogi "Sai": F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Zetsu: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Axl Low Axl Low
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: December 25th
Origin: England
Hobby: Shooting Billiards
Axl is actually a man of the 20th century. Due to a cruel twist of fate, he got sucked into a time slip that has been bouncing him around irregularly through time and space. Unable to find a way back home, he continued to roam through time in search of an answer. During his journey, he learned of another time traveler just like him, known only as “The Man.” Sensing the presence of “The Man” behind the incident with the Gear, he decided to enter the Tournament…
Special Moves:
Benten Gari: F D DF [S]/[H]
   Continue to Axl Bomber: F D DF [H] (during Benten Gari)
Rensen Geki: Hold-B (F+[S])
   Kyokusa Geki: Hold-U (during Rensen Geki)
   Sensa Geki: Hold-D (during Rensen Geki)
Rasho Sen: Hold-B (F+[H])
Tenhou Seki: D DB B [P]
Raiei Sageki: F DF D DB B [S]/[H]
Axl Bomber: F D DF [H] (in air)
Hyakue Renshou: D DF F, F DF D DB B [H]
Instant Kill:
Midare Gami: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Baiken Baiken
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 99 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Peach
Birthday: March 5th
Origin: Japan before the Destruction
Hobby: Drinking
When the Japanese institution she lived in was raided, Baiken witnessed the horrible deaths of her parents and friends. This massacre was the work of the Gears, but what had been etched into her memory is the image of a man surrounded by dancing flames and his creations. She became acutely aware, even in the absence of evidence, that he was an enemy. Her memory of this event has not faded, and she continues on to search for the true identity of “The Man,” to exact her revenge.
Special Moves:
Tatami Gaeshi: D DF F [K] (also in air)
Zakuro: D DB B [P] (during Guard)
Mawarikomi: D DB B [K] (during Guard)
Sakura: D DB B [S] (during Guard)
Suzuran: F DF D DB B [K]
Yozansen: F D DF [S] (in air)
Sanzu Watashi: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Baku KI: B, F DF D DB B [P] (during Guard)
Baku RIN: B, F DF D DB B [K] (during Guard)
Baku RYU: B, F DF D DB B [S] (during Guard)
Baku HOU: B, F DF D DB B [H] (during Guard)
Instant Kill:
Garyotensei: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Chip Zanuff Chipp Zanuff
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 148 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Red
Birthday: February 9th
Origin: USA
Hobby: Dreaming
A former drug trafficker and addict, Chipp entered the previous Tournament to take revenge against the Mafia for killing his master, who saved his life and taught him the ways and beliefs of the Ninja. But during his battles, Chipp realized he lacked the devotion to complete the task at hand, and decided to go back into training. Now, he is once again ready to go out in search of that which might truly save him, and so, he focuses his interest on the story of the Gear.
Special Moves:
Alpha Blade: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Beta Blade: F D DF [S] (also in air)
Gamma Blade: B DB D DF F [H]
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Teni: D D [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Meisai: D DB B [K]
Genro Zan: B DB D DF F [K]
Ressho: D DF F [S]
   Rokusai: D DF F [S] (during Ressho)
   Senshu: D DF F [K] (during Ressho or Rokusai)
Zansei Roga: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Banki Messai: D DF F, D DF F [K]
Instant Kill:
Delta End: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Faust Faust
Height: 9'3"
Weight: 120 lb
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Fluorescent
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Hobby: Unknown
Once a highly-regarded surgeon, Faust committed a medical mishap that cased him to snap and go on a murderous rampage. After the last Tournament, he managed to regain his humanity, and decided to take his own life to atone for his sins. But just as he was about to end it all, he learned that it was someone else who caused the mishap. It was then that he decided to seek the truth behind his past misfortunes. Now, he has resolved to save lives. And this resolve isn’t just limited to human lives…
Special Moves:
Thrust: B DB D DF F [K]
   Pull: B (during Thrust)
   Hello!: D DF F [P] (during Thrust)
   Speak Up!: D DF F [P] (during Thrust)
   Hello Again!: D DF F [P] (during Thrust)
What's Next?: D DF F [P]
Souten Enshin Rambu: D DF F [S]
   Going My Way: [H] (during Souten Enshin Rambu)
   Foward Move: F F (during Souten Enshin Rambu)
   Backward Move: B B (during Souten Enshin Rambu)
   Neck Periscope: [P] (during Souten Enshin Rambu)
   Growing Flower: [K] (during Souten Enshin Rambu)
Shower Hack: D DB B [H] (close)
In Your Face!: D DB B [P]
Watch Your Back!: D DB B [K]
From On High: D DB B [S]
Super What's Next?: D DF F, D DF F [P]
Gamble Attack: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Instant Kill:
This Week's Climax: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Jam Kuradoberi Jam Kuradoberi
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 8th
Origin: China
Hobbies: Cooking, observation, research
Jam is an aspiring master chef who works day and night to become famous in the culinary world of China. Her goal is to create dishes that anyone would find delicious. To achieve this goal, she decided it would be necessary to pen her own restaurant. She seeks to eliminate the dangerous Gear in order to earn seed money for her culinary enterprise.
Special Moves:
Hochifu: D DB B [S]
Breath of Asanagi: D D [K]/[S]/[H]
Ryujin: D DF F [K] (also in air)
Gekirin: D DB B [K] (also in air)
Kenrokaku: F D DF [K] (also in air)
Bakushu: D DF F [S]
   Mawarikomi: [P] (during Bakushu)
   Ashibarai: [K] (during Bakushu)
   Hyapoo Shinsho: [S] (during Bakushu)
   Senri Shinsho: [H] (during Bakushu)
Houeikyaku: (D+[K]) (in air)
Chokyaku Houosho: F DF D DB B, F [S]
Renhoukyaku: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Gasenkotsu: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Johnny Johnny
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 159 lb
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: October 24th
Origin: USA
Hobby: Looking for female companionship
When he was young, Johnny’s father was slain by a Gear. Because of this horrifying experience, Johnny came to truly understand the plight of orphans and endeavored to become a man of compassion like his father. He now leads a band of chivalrous bandits, who aim to help those in need. But just what is it that motivates Johnny not to forget his pledge to save the lonely?
Special Moves:
Glistering Gold: D DF F [H]
Bacchus Sigh: D DB B [P]
Mist Finer (High): D DF F [P] (Hold [P] to pose, F/B to move, [H] to cancel, release button to draw sword)
Mist Finer (Middle): D DF F [K] (Hold [K] to pose, F/B to move, [H] to cancel, release button to draw sword)
Mist Finer (Low): D DF F [S] (Hold [S] to pose, F/B to move, [H] to cancel, release button to draw sword)
Divine Blade: F D DF [S], [S]
Aerial Divine Blade: D DF F [S] (in air)
Johnny Special: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Joker Trick: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Ky Kiske Ky Kiske
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lb
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: Blue Green
Birthday: November 20th
Origin: France
Hobby: Collecting tea cups
A charismatic and talented swordsman, Ky was appointed leader of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights when he was only 16. Worshipping justice and order, he treasures peace above all. But after the previous Tournament, he began to question his sense of justice and his belief that all Gears are evil. Upon receiving word of a Gear who may have no intention of hurting humans, he decides to embark on a new journey.
Special Moves:
Stun Edge: D DF F [S]
Stun Edge Charge Attack: D DF F [H]
Aerial Stun Edge: D DF F [S]/[H] (during Jump)
Vapor Thrust: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
Stun Dipper: D DF F [K]
Crescent Slash: D DB B [K]
Ride The Lightning: F DF D DB B, (F+[H])
Instant Kill:
Rising Force: D DF F, D DF F [H]
May May
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 104 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: May 5th (Day she was found)
Origin: Unknown
Hobby: Daydreaming about Johnny
Having lost her parents at a young age, May was picked up by the pirate Johnny and raised as a chivalrous bandit. As time passed, she came to be charmed by her new guardian’s kindness and fairness. After the previous Tournament, she had hoped to give Johnny a birthday present, but she didn’t have money. Then, she learned of the huge bounty put on the Gear and decided to head for the Tournament.
Special Moves:
Mr. Dolphin! (Horizontal): B F [S]/[H]
Mr. Dolphin! (Vertical): D U [S]/[H]
Restive Rolling: F D DF [S] (also in air)
   Change Direction: Any directional button [S] (during Restive Rolling)
Applause for the Victim: B DB D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]
Overhead Kiss: F DF D DB B [K] (close)
Ultimate Whiner: F DF D DB B [H]
Great Yamada Attack: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Instant Kill:
May and The Jolly Crew: B DB D DF F, B DB D DF F [H] (close)
Millia Rage Millia Rage
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 106 lb
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown because she was orphaned
Origin: Village of the Assassins, Russia
Hobby: Chasing cats
Losing both of her parents when she was still a child, Millia was trained by a group of assassins to use her hair as a weapon. However, a bout with her conscience caused her to quit the organization and eventually defeat its leader, Zato, in the last Tournament. The complex feelings she experienced as a result of this troubled her greatly, and so now she feels it’s time to settle the score with Zato once and for all.
Special Moves:
Lust Shaker: (Tap [S])
Maximum Velocity Fall: D DF F [K] (in air)
Tandem Top: D DF F [S]/[H]
Bad Moon: D DF F [P] (in air)
Foward Roll: D DB B [K]
Iron Saber: D DB B [P]
Secret Garden: D DB B [H], (U/D/B/F+[H])
Winger: D DB B, B DB D DF F [H]
Emerald Rain: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Instant Kill:
Iron Maiden: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Potemkin Potemkin
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 1446 lb
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: White
Birthday: October 18th
Origin: Zepp, the country of scientific civilization
Hobby: Drawing pictures
Potemkin hails from Zepp, a massive airborne nation that maintains a society based on science and technology. A former slave soldier who brought this once militaristic nation under peaceful rule, the now-famous Potemkin has just received direct orders from the President. His top-secret mission? Find the Gear that the bounty hunters are pursuing and bring it back safely to Zepp.
Special Moves:
Mega Fist I: D DF F [P]
Mega Fist II: D DB B [P]
Sliding Head: D DF F [S]
Hammer Fall: B F [H]
Potemkin Buster: F DF D DB B, F [P] (close)
Heat Knuckle: F D DF [H]
   Heat Knuckle Extend: F DF D DB B, F [H] (during Heat Knuckle)
Giganter: F DF D DB B, F [H]
   Gigantic Bullet: B DB D DF F, B DB D DF F [P] (during Giganter)
Heavenly Potemkin Buster: D DF F, D DF F [S]
Instant Kill:
Magnum Opera: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Sol Badguy Sol Badguy
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 lb
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Ochre
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: USA
Hobby: Listening to Queen
Sol was once a subject of biological weapon research. To conceal his past, he has spent the last 150 years living as a bounty hunter. To avert further tragedy, he continues his quest to find and eliminate all Gears and their creator from the annals of history. Hearing news of a still-functioning Gear, he sets out for the Tournament to investigate.
Special Moves:
Gun Flame: D DF F [P]
Volcanic Viper: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
   Addition: D DB B [K] (during Volcanic Viper)
Grand Viper: D DB B [S]
Bandit Revolver: D DF F [K] (also in air)
Riot Stamp: D DB B [K]
Wild Throw: F D DF [K] (close)
Dragon Install: D DB B, D DB B [S]
Tyrant Rave: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Napalm Death: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Venom Venom
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 146 lb
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Village of Assassins, England
Hobbies: Reading and chess
Orphaned at a young age, Venom was taken in by the Guild of Assassins. He pledged his allegiance to his benefactor, Zato, who saw the boy as a necessity to the guild. However, in the middle of a certain scheme, Zato was arrested and sealed away in the Prison of Dimension. Yet Zero, who was supposedly freed in the last Tournament, failed to return to the guild. Now, having received information about a possible Zato sighting. Venom departs to investigate.
Special Moves:
Stinger Aim: Hold-B, (F+[S]/[H])
Carcass Raid: Hold-D, (U+[S]/[H])
Ball Formation: F DF D DB B [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]
Double Head Morbid: F D DF [S]/[H]
Warp: F D DF [K]
Mad Struggle: D DF F [S]/[H] (in air)
Dark Angel: D DB B, B DB D DF F [S]
Red Hail: D DF F, D DF F [H] (in air)
Instant Kill:
Dim Bomber: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Zato-1 Zato-1
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lb
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Originally Blue
Birthday: January 28th
Origin: Village of Assassins, Spain
Hobby: Guess who wrote certain flowery phrases
The leader of an organization of assassins, Zato has gained the ability to manipulate shadows in exchange for his vision. But the constant battling in the previous Tournament took its toll on him, and the shadows seized control of his body. Now, his shadow possesses its own will and thought, and seeks out its brethren. With the word of a substantial amount of prize money, the shadow begins to follow the scent of the new Gear.
Special Moves:
Invite Hell: D D [S]/[H]
Break the Law: D DB B Hold [K]
Summon Eddie: D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H] (Return with same command)
   Tiny Attack: [P] (during Summon Eddie)
   Moving Attack: [K] (during Summon Eddie)
   Anti-Aerial Attack: [S] (during Summon Eddie)
   Drill Special: [H] (during Summon Eddie)
Drunkard Shade: D DB B [S]
Damned Fang: F D DF [S]
Executor: D DF F, D DF F [S] (in air)
Amorphous: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Megalith Head: F DF D DB B, F [S] (during Summon Eddie)
Instant Kill:
Black in Mind: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Boss/Unlockable Characters:

Testament Testament (Sub-Boss/Unlockable)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 161 lb
Blood type: Analysis Failed
Eye color: Red
Birthday: May 9th
Birthplace: Switzerland
Hobbies: Thinking
Likes: Kliff Underson, potatoes
Dislikes: Sol, Saitou-style martial arts
Special Moves:
Accursed Skull: D DF F [P]/[K]
Heaven Slash: D DB B [P]
Inferno Dragon I: B DB D DF F [S]
Inferno Dragon II: B DB D DF F [H]
Blunt Strike: (F+[P])
Leap Slash: (F+[H])
Scythe Sweep: F DF D [H]
Upward Slash: (D+[S])
Hell's Gate: F DF D DB B, F [H]
Instant Kill:
Succubus: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Unlock Testament:
Beat Testament and Dizzy when they appear in Survival Mode (20 and 30), or beat Arcade mode once to unlock Testament.
Dizzy Dizzy (Boss/Unlockable)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 123 lb
Blood type: Analysis Failed
Eye color: Reddish Brown
Birthday: December 25th (unconfirmed)
Birthplace: Unknown
Hobby: Grooming her wings
Special Moves:
Piranha: D DB B [P]/[K]
Moving Piranha: D DB B [S]
Icicle Column: D DF F [H]
Arc Wheel: D DF F [S]
Projecting Spear: B, D D B [S]
Wing Thrust: (F+[P])
Tail Jab: (F+[H])
Volcanic Upheaval: F DF D DB B, F [S]
Crucifixion: DF, F DF D DB B, B, F [P]
Shadow Laser: F, B, F, B DB D DF F [H]
Instant Kill:
Unlock Dizzy:
Beat Testament and Dizzy when they appear in Survival Mode (20 and 30).

Costumes: Each character has a set of their own costumes. Some of these can be unlocked in Survival Mode. The follow buttons and button combinations activates the costumes;

-[Start] (Once Gold Costume is Unlocked)
-Hold [Start] (Once Shadow Costume is unlocked)

Both the Gold and Shadow Costumes are totally badass. They both up your speed, attack, and damage, but the Shadow Costume doubles all three. To unlock the Gold Costumes, complete Survival Mode. To unlock the Shadow Costumes, complete Survival Mode in under 10 minutes. To unlock any other colored costume you don't have, face the opponent wearing them. Win or lose, once you face them, that color is unlocked.

Unlock Guilty Gear Mode: To get Guilty Gear Mode, either complete Survival Mode, or go to Arcade, set the timer to 60 seconds, set the difficulty to anything than Beginner, and having Testament and Dizzy unlocked, beat Arcade Mode without losing a single round or using a continue.