Guilty Gear (1998)
Move List/Bios - Arcade/PlayStation
PotemkinChipp ZanuffSol BadguyAxl LowMillia Rage
MayKliff UndersonKy KiskeZato-1Dr. Baldhead
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

Up = Up/Jump (in air) - 2x
Continue this with F F / B B to Fly
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward
B = Back/Block

F F = Dash
B B = Retreat
D Up = High Jump
DB = Low Block
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
[P] = Punch
[K] = Kick
[S] = Slash
[H] = Heavy Slash
[T] = Taunt
[R] = Respect
[P] = [□]
[K] = [X]
[S] = [Δ]
[H] = [○]
[T] = [L1]
[R] = [R1]

(B/F+[H]) = Throw
([S]+[H]) = Launcher/ Juggle Starting
(Hold [R]) during a block = Faultless Defense
([P]+[K]) = Instant Kill Move Move Starting
   Continue this with D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R] to Destroy
D DB B [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R] = Instant Kill Evade
(F+[P]) = Overhead
Selectable Characters:

Axl Low Axl Low
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 172 lb
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: England
Birthday: December 25th
Eye Color: Blue
Hobbies: Billiards
Favorite Thing: His girlfriend, Megumi (back in his original time era)
Dislikes: Preachy people
Axl was born in 20th century England, in one of the worst parts of London’s Eat End. He grew up desensitized to violence, seeing it every day as warring gang factions fought for control of the town. However, he abhorred it deeply and was determined to end the assault on his neighborhood peacefully.
Ever since childhood Axl had unusual martial arts prowess, and with his favorite weapon, the dual kusari-gama, even bullets weren’t a threat to him. Within half a year, he had successfully cleaned up his neighborhood without a single casualty – friend or foe. However, at the very moment he was sure the peace would last, he was caught in a “time slip” – a random disturbance in the space-time continuum – and hurled 200 years into the future.
Two years have passed since Axl’s arrival in this new world… and he still searches for a way back home. Yet just as he begins to give up hope, he hears a rumor of a fighting tournament in which the champion gets whatever they can wish for…
Special Moves:
Rensen Geki: Hold-B, (F+[S])
   R. Kyokusa Geki: (Up+[H]) (during Rensen Geki)
Benten Gari: F D DF [S]
Tenhou Seki: D DB B [P] (reverses opponent's attacks)
Raiei Sageki: B DB D DF F [K]
Dototsu: D DB B [K]
Charge Move:
Chaos Move:
Yousou Renjin: F DF D DB B [K]
Hyakue Renshou: D DF F, DF D [H]
Instant Kill:
Rengoku Renzan: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Chipp Zanuff Chipp Zanuff
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 148 lb
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: He insists Japan (actually America)
Birthday: February 9th
Eye Color: Red
Hobbies: Dreaming
Favorite Thing: Sleeping pills
Dislikes: Nightmares, the Mafia, gangs, yakuza
Chipp was addicted to drugs at a very young age. In order to secure a regular supply of them, he became a dealer for the Mafia. Yet after years of punishing his body with all manner of narcotics, he finally broke down and was to be “disposed” of by the organization. However, his life was saved by a mysterious Ninja. Realizing his huge debt to this master, Chipp became a student at the Ninja’s dojo and was trained body and soul in the ways of the Shinobi.
And yet one day, Chipp returned to the find his master near death, having been attacked by the Mafia.
“Master Tsuyoshi! Damn! Who did this to you?! The Mafia?! I will not forgive them!!”
“Chipp… your opponent is an entire organization… You can’t do anything to them. Promise me, Chipp… you will walk away… and live your… own… life…”
The Ninja master Tsuyoshi passed away with a smile.
“Master… I cannot honor such a promise. I’ll enter that tournament we heard of… form my own group, my own organization… and take the Mafia down!”
Special Moves:
Alpha Blade: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Beta Blade: F D DF [P] (also in air)
   Lev 1 - Standard Uppercut
   Lev 2 - Bigger Uppercut
   Lev 3 - Double Uppercut
Gamma Blade: B DB D DF F [H]
Sebone Ori: F DF D DB B, F [K] (close)
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Ten'i: D DF F [S] (warp behind opponent)
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Meisai: D DB B [K]
Stomp Kick: (D+[K]) (in air)
Charge Move:
Beta Blade: F D DF [R]
Chaos Move:
Banki Messai: D DF F, D DF F [K]
Instant Kill:
Peerless Heaven and Earth Ogre Blade: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Dr. Baldhead Dr. Baldhead
Height: 9’4”
Weight: 121 lb
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: China
Birthday: August 21st
Eye Color: Black
Hobbies: Performing elaborate operations
Favorite Thing: His gigantic, six-foot “scalpel”
Dislikes: Cancerous cells
He was regarded as the finest physician in more than a hundred years. With a gentle personality and deft surgical skill, the doctor was respected throughout the world. One day, however, a girl under his care died mysteriously during surgery. Some said the girl’s death was orchestrated by jealous colleagues, but the shock drove the doctor mad, he embarked on a violent serial-killing spree and murdered an untold number of people before finally being captured…
“Mr. Guard! Is it mealtime yet? IS the food ready? Mr. Guard, I’m hungry, I’m hungry!!”
“There are numerous patients awaiting your surgical genius and expertise, Doctor Baldhead.”
“…? You’re not Mr. Guard, are you? What does it matter, anyway? I can’t perform any operations without my medical instruments…”
The tall, thin stranger who stood on the other side of the cell bars threw Dr. Baldhead a gigantic blade.
“Ooh! My… my scalpel! You’re a good man… don’t worry, I’ll perform plenty of operations for you!!”
Special Moves:
Metta Giri: F D DF [S]
   Lev 1 - Standard combo
   Lev 2 - Higher combo
   Lev 3 - More damaging combo
   Step: B/F
Souten Enshin Rambu: D DF F [P]
   Continue with F F/B B to move and attack
   Continue with [P]/[K] to attack
   Continue with D to cancel
Going My Way: D DB B [S] (also in air)
Rerere no Tsuki: B DB D DF F [H]
   Yobi Modoshi: B B (during Rerere no Tsuki)
Charge Move:
Metta Giri: F D DF [R]
Chaos Move:
Mad Operation: D DF F, F DF D DB B [H] (close)
Instant Kill:
Peaceful Death from the Sky: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Kliff Underson Kliff Underson
Height: 4’10”/5’10”
Weight: 121 lb
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Switzerland
Birthday: September 9th
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Sailing
Favorite Thing: His priceless Japanese teacups
Dislikes: Fashionable, voguish words
Kliff as known as a hero: He had bravely led the heroic Sacred Order of Holy Knights for the decades during the Crusades. Nevertheless, he was now thought of a something of a historic relic. In his prime, however, he was regarded with awe… and, truth be told, a bit of fear as well. As a retirement gift, Kliff was given his sword of choice – the priceless treasure Dragonslayer, a gigantic blade that was said to have the power to kill dragons with a single stroke.
Five years later, Kliff lives his quiet life of retirement in seer boredom. His only diversion now is the study of various cultures’ fighting techniques, the most interesting of which stemmed for the lost, legendary nation of Japan. However, one day while walking through the streets, he notices a placard announcing a tournament for a proposed Second Sacred Order. Sending a disturbance in the natural flow of energies, Kliff suddenly suspects something so terrible that he dare not speak it aloud: Is Justice being resurrected? Kliff immediately decided to return to the battlefield… and enter the tournament.
Special Moves:
Houkou Gaeshi: D DF F [P]
   Lev 1 - Standard small projectile
   Lev 2 - Longer range
   Lev 3 - Covers half the stage
Zugaisai: D DB B [S]
Kubimatagi: D DB B [K]
Urokohagashi: (Tap [S])
Damaging Taunt: [T]
Dodge: B B, [P] (chance of failure)
Charge Move:
Houkou Gaeshi: D DF F [R]
Chaos Move:
Soul Survivor: B F, B DB D DF F [H]
Instant Kill:
Haryuubakusai: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Ky Kiske Ky Kiske
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 128 lb
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: France
Birthday: November 20th
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hobbies: Collecting teacups
Favorite Thing: Everybody’s laughing, happy faces
Dislikes: Sol
After the retirement of Kliff Undersn, master swordsman Ky Kiske was given leadership of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights at the unbelievable young age of 16. As a symbol of his new status, he was granted one of the Order’s most holy treasures… the blade called Thunderseal. The appointment was not a mistake; Ky and his band of heroic Knights ended the 100-year-long Crusades by sealing the dead Gear, Justice, away for all eternity… or so it was thought.
Five years after the dissolution of the Order, Ky continued his life of public service by entering the police force. One day while on duty, Ky received an announcement: A tournament was to be held soon, the winners of which would be candidates for a Second Sacred Order: A tournament was to be held soon, the winners of which would be candidates for a Second Sacred Order. Thing did not seem right: Permission to shed blood during the matches, an absurdly large grand prize, and most shocking of all… talk of Justice’s resurrection, much too soon.
Sending the cold machination of conspiracy at work, Ky dons the old uniform of the Order for the first time in five years and decides to enter.
Special Moves:
Stun Edge: D DF F [S]/[H]
   Lev 1 - Standard projectile
   Lev 2 - Bigger projectile
   Lev 3 - The biggest and chained projectile
Aerial Stun Edge: D DF F [S] (in air)
Vapor Thrust: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
Stun Dipper: D DF F [K]
Needle Spike: F DF D DB B [K]
Charge Move:
Stun Edge: D DF F [R]
Chaos Move:
Ride the Lightning: B DB D DF F, (B+[H])
Instant Kill:
Zwei Voltage: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
May May
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 93 lb
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: May 5th (“It’s not my real birthday, but it’s the day Johnny found me!”)
Eye Color: Black
Hobbies: Thinking of Johnny
Favorite Thing: Johnny
Dislikes: “Baldies! Ick!”
All the girl can remember of his infancy is the image of a suave and daring pirate captain whisking her away from a savage field of battle. The pirate, Johnny, named the orphan May, after the month of endless rain.
Throughout the long years of wild living aboard the pirates’ airship, May developed a fierce love for Johnny: He was part father figure, part brother, and perhaps even part boyfriend to her.
However, one day, Johnny was caught in the act. Though he primarily stole from the well-off to aid those in need, crime is crime, and he was incarcerated. The term was not a short one. Johnny’s crew immediately began planning an elaborate breakout. And so, the day before the plan was to commence –
“May! Hold on! Is it too late to change the plan?!”
“What’s up, Chief Adviser April? A tournament…? And the prize is anything?! They’ll grant any wish?!”
“Yeah! We could wish for Johnny to be released!”
“Good thinking! Just wait, Johnny! I’m coming!”
Special Moves:
Aqua Rolling: D DF F [S] (also in air)
   Lev 1 - Standard Roll
   Lev 2 - Lesser range with larger damage
   Lev 3 - Short range with tons of damage
High-Arc Aqua Rolling: B DB D DF F [S]
   Lev 1 - Standard Roll
   Lev 2 - Lesser range with larger damage
   Lev 3 - Short range with tons of damage
Restive Rolling: F D DF [S] (also in air, change direction with d-buttons and [S])
   Continue with [S] to drop
Mr. Dolphin!: B DB D DF F [H]
Mist Finer: D DB B [S], (Tap [S] to extend)
Overhead Kiss: B DB D DF F [K] (close)
Charge Move:
Aqua Rolling/High-Arc Aqua Rolling: D DF F [R]
Chaos Move:
May Dynamic: B, F DF D DB B [H]
Instant Kill:
May Catapult: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Millia Rage Millia Rage
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 106 lb
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Russia
Birthday: Unknown (Millia is an orphan)
Eye Color: Blue
Hobbies: Playing with cats
Favorite Thing: Her honor
Dislikes: Zato, losing hair in the midst of battle
Millia was an orphan, both parents lost to the Crusades. The vicious Assassins found her in the ruins of a village, little more than a wailing infant, and took her in. Thus, she was trained from childhood to use her hair as a lethal weapon. Millia wanted no part of such a loathsome life; she tried to commit suicide several time, each attempt ending in failure.
Finally, her first mission was at hand. The operation was a major one – it was to be lead by the Assassin leader, Zato-ONE, himself. During the mission Millia was to act alone; she took the opportunity to flee. Her escape threw the Assassins into chaos, allowing them to be caught red-handed.
Millia now lives as a fugitive, only killing her pursuers when backed into a corner. Hearing from one of these unlucky Assassins that Zato-ONE has escaped from jail and was entering a fighting tournament, Millia decides to enter, as well.
“If I fight Zato in a tournament, one-on-one, I may have a chance to win… and my victory will bring an end to the Assassin organization forever!”
Special Moves:
Living Lancer: D DF F [S] / D DB B [S]
   Lev 1 - Standard spike
   Lev 2 - Bigger spike
   Lev 3 - Double sized spike
   Drop: (Up/D/B/F+[S])
Zenten: D DB B [K]
Condemned Top: F D DF [S]
Lust Shaker: (Tap [S])
Charge Move:
Living Lancer: D DF F [R] / D DB B [R]
Chaos Move:
Iron Maiden: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Instant Kill:
Bug Bite: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Potemkin Potemkin
Height: 8’0”
Weight: 1446 lb
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Zepp
Birthday: October 18th
Eye Color: White
Hobbies: Sketching
Favorite Thing: Indestructible pencil cases
Dislikes: Pencils that snap under four tons of weight
Zepp, the “Armed Air Empire,” was a military state established toward the end of the Crusades, the entirety of which the end of the Crusades, the entirety of which was enclosed aboard a gigantic airship. The military force of Zepp, composed wholly of slave soldiers wearing anti-desertion bomb collars around their necks, was unsurpassed… the fear of the collars exploding at any given moment was motivation enough to fight. Potemkin was one of these men.
“Code 4595605381, Potemkin. We’ve finally found a use for your and your ridiculous body…”
“I refuse. These fists of mine were not made to kill.”
“Hmph… fine. Your orders are as follows: Enter this tournament, and win. You will then wish for suitable territory for us to expand our Empire into. Do you think you can win without shedding blood..?”
“Damn you…! …Fine, I’ll do it. Gaining territory peacefully is better than an invasion that would result in countless casualties on both sides…”
“Just don’t get any stupid ideas down there… we wouldn’t want to strain that tiny brain of yours…”
Potemkin Buster: F DF D DB B, F [P] (close)
Nitro Hook: B DB D DF F [P]
Mega Fist 1: D DF F [P]
Mega Fist 2: D DB B [P]
Megaton Stamp: F D DF [P]
   Lev 1 - Standard earthquake
   Lev 2 - More damaging earthquake
   Lev 3 - Burning earthquake
Second Throw: (F+[K]) (close)
Charge Move:
Megaton Stamp: F D DF [R]
Chaos Move:
Gigantic Piston: F DF D DB B, (F+[H])
Instant Kill:
Nuclear Hammer: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Sol Badguy Sol Badguy
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 163 lb
Blood Type: “No clue.”
Birthplace: America
Birthday: “…I don’t know.”
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Listening to Queen
Favorite Thing: Queen’s album “Sheer Heart Attack”
Dislikes: Great effort, “Doing your best.”
Rumors of an immensely skilled lone-wolf bounty hunter had reached the ears of Kliff Undersn, the returning captain of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Kliff was interested; he spared no means in finding Sol, and invited him to become a member of the Order.
Sol’s knighthood, however, was not to last. The growing tension between he and young master swordsman Ky Kiske was becoming more and more bothersome, and Sol realized that the majority of the knights bore him little more than ill will. When he saw his opportunity he took it; Sol managed to desert the knights’ camp with one of the Order’s most valuable treasure… the blade known as Fireseal.
It is now five years after the end of the Crusades, and Sol has returned to his former ways. On a particular lucrative bounty run, one of his marks begs to be spared, telling Sol about a faraway tournament being organized by the Sacred Order. Sol barely even registers the quick thrust with which he ends his bounty’s life… as his thoughts are now far away, centered on only one goal…
Special Moves:
Gun Flame: D DF F [S]/[H]
Volcanic Viper: F D DF [S]/[H] (also in air)
   Lev 1 - Standard Uppercut
   Lev 2 - Higher Uppercut
   Lev 3 - Straight Uppercut, create huge fire wall
Bandit Revolver: D DF F [K] (also in air)
Riot Stamp: D DB B [K]
Charge Move:
Volcanic Viper: F D DF [R]
Chaos Move:
Dragon Install: D DB B, D DB B [S] (raises Sol's abilities for a short time)
Tyrant Rave: F DF D DB B, (F+[H])
Instant Kill:
All Guns Blazing: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Zato-1 Zato-ONE
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lb
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Spain
Birthday: January 28th
Eye Color: Formerly blue
Hobbies: Attempting to understand the language of the flowers
Favorite Thing: His pride
Dislikes: That woman
Zato-ONE was once an underling. Disgusted with his lack of ability to rise through the Assassin ranks, he risked death by invoking the forbidden arts. He lost his eyesight, but gained the ability to control shadows, as well as enhanced senses – enough for him to perceive his surroundings better than he ever could with sight alone. With these newfound powers at his command, he was the Assassin leader within weeks.
However, Zato was betrayed by the only woman he had ever trusted, an Assassin named Millia, and was arrested. Languishing in the utter blackness of his cell, a tall, thin figure appeared before him…
“Zato-ONE… Do you want out of there? Isn’t there a woman you have a pressing appointment with…?”
“Millia! But how do you know of her? Who are you?”
“A tournament is to begin soon, the winner of which will have whatever they desire. If you win, you’ll be free. Free to find this woman… to punish her…”
“…Heh… I don’t know what you’re after, but what have I got to lose? Let me out… and count me in!”
Special Moves:
Climb Darkness: B DB D DF F [H]
   Continue with [H] [S] [P] (after Climb Darkness)
Drunkard Shade: D DB B [P]/[K] (reverses projectiles)
Rise and Fall: F D DF [P]
Break The Law: F DF D DB B [S] (move as shadow)
   Continue it with [S] to cancel
Invite Hell: D D [S]/[H] (also in air)
   Lev 1 - Standard ground drill
   Lev 2 - Triple ground drill
   Lev 3 - Ground drill covers the ground
Charge Move:
Invite Hell: D D [R]
Chaos Move:
Dark Sentinel: B DB D DF F, F DF D DB B [H]
Instant Kill:
Fear of the Dark: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Boss/Unlockable Characters:

Testament Testament (Unlockable/Sub-Boss)
Special Moves:
Exe Beast: B DB D DF F [H]
Phantom Soul: D DF F [P]
Grave Digger: D DF F [S]
Scythe Slash: D DB B [K]
Charge Move:
Chaos Move:
Poison Blow: D DF F, D DF F [H]
Instant Kill:
Soul Vise: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Unlock Testament:
Upon defeating Justice, you'll see your fighter's ending and both she and Testament will be unlocked.
Note: (Remember to Save!)
Justice Justice (Unlockable/Boss)
Special Moves:
Imperial Ray: F, B DB D DF F [S]
Valkyrie Arc: D DF F [P]
Michael Sword: B DB D DF F [S]
Charge Move:
Chaos Move:
Omega Laser: B F B, F DF D DB B [H]
Instant Kill:
X-Laser: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Unlock Justice:
Upon defeating her, you'll see your fighter's ending and both she and Testament will be unlocked.
Note: (Remember to Save!)
Baiken Baiken (Unlockable/Hidden Boss)
Special Moves:
Tatami Gaeshi: D DF F [K] (also in air)
   Lev 1 - One tatami
   Lev 2 - Two tatamies
   Lev 3 - Three tatamies
Youzansen: F D DF [S] (also in air)
Kumaitachi: B DB D DF F [H]
Charge Move:
Tatami Gaeshi: F D DF [R]
Chaos Move:
Multi Slash: D DF F, F DF D DB B [H]
Instant Kill:
Tate Shunmaku: ([P]+[K]), D DF F [P]/[K]/[S]/[H]/[R]
Unlock Baiken:
Beat the game as either Sol Badguy or Ky Kiske with no continues.
After the credits finish rolling, you'll face a secret battle with Baiken.
Defeat Her to Unlock Her.
Note: (Remember to Save!)