Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory (1995)
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Geese HowardHon-FuJoe HigashiBlue MaryTerry BogardSokaku MochizukiMai ShiranuiAndy BogardBob WilsonFranco Bash
Ryuji YamazakiJin ChonshuJin Chonrei
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[LP] = Light Punch
[LK] = Light Kick
[HP] = Heavy Punch
[HK] = Heavy Kick
Neo Geo:
[LP] = [A]
[LK] = [B]
[HP] = [C]
[HK] = [D]
Sega Saturn:
[LP] = [X]
[LK] = [A]
[HP] = [Y]
[HK] = [B]

[P] = Any Punch
[K] = Any Kick
Air Defense: B (in air)
Short Jump: UB/U/UF
Dash: F F
Backdash: B B
Dash Jump: F F UF
Quicksway: DF N
Defensive Attack: (F+[LP]) (while guarding)
Quicksway Attack: DF N [HP]
Taunt: N [HP] (far)
Oversway to Foreline: ([LP]+[LK])
Oversway to Backline: ([LK]+[HP])
Attack to Foreline: ([LP]+[LK]) (while on Mainline)
Attack to Backline: ([LK]+[HP]) (while on Mainline)
Attack to Mainline: [LP]/[LK]/[HP]/[HK]
Fake Moves:
(The start animation of a Deadly Attack) are shown in each character's move section with their normal moves, perform the motions of the moves using the buttons indicated to feint. Certain moves use alternate motions, they are marked as so.
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Can be performed when strength drops low.
Hidden Power Attack:
Require activation. At the "GO!" graphic, press (for home system) your name should turn green. Once it has been activated, it will remain on until your game ends. They are usable once per round when your strength is low and your name flashes (green/white). Conditions for the flash vary for each character (see character's note)
Selectable Characters:

Terry Bogard Terry Bogard
Hey, guys! I'm currently training in the United States. I feel in really good condition and have mastered a few new moves to surprise my opponents, and the chicks dig 'em, too. I've come back for the opening of Pao Pao Cafe West, but Southtown just isn't the same. I got a real bad feeling about this!
Buster Throw: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Other Moves:
Rising Upper: (DB+[HP])
Backspin Kick: (F+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Burning Knuckle: D DB B [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Power Wave: D DF F [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Power Dunk: F D DF [K]
Crack Shot: D DB B [K] [([LP]+[HP]) to fake]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Power Geyser: D DB B DB F ([HP]+[HK]) [([LK]+[HP]) to fake]
Hidden Power Attack:
Triple Geyser: (DB+[HP]) (F+[HP]) D DB B F ([HP]+[HK])
*Uppercut, cancel in straight punch, name will blink here, cancel in Geyser
Andy Bogard Andy Bogard
After getting back here, all I've heard about is Secret Sacred Scrolls, Qin and Geese. I just wanted to come back here with Mai, visit Richard's new Pao Pao Cafe and catch up on some late night TV. It looks like once again I'll be putting my skills of the Shiranui to the test in one of the most important battles of my life! Melodramatic, isn't it?
Holding Throw: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Other Moves:
AbiseKeri: (F+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Shadow Slice: DB F [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Dragon Blast: F D DF [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Hi Sho Ken: D DB B [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Shiranui Spider Squeeze: Hold-D, (U+[HK])
Shiranui Spirit Crunch: D DF F [P] (in air)
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Super Sonic Swirl: Hold-D, DF F ([LK]+[HK]) [([LP]+[HP]) to fake, no charge necessary]
Hidden Power Attack:
Bokosuka Reppa Dan: [HK] (D+[HP]) D DB B (F+[HP]+[HK])
*Kick, cancel into rising palm, name will blink here, cancel into Reppa Dan
Joe Higashi Joe Higashi
I've been hanging out with Cheng Sinzan in Hong Kong for a while, polishing my kick boxing technique. Anyway, Cheng told me about this grisly massacre in an abandoned warehouse involving some ancient scrolls. Rumor has it that these scrolls belonged to the dreaded Qin and hold a mysterious power, that's why I'm back here to get those scrolls and a few free drinks at the Pao Pao opening.
Joe Special: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Knee Inferno: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
Other Moves:
Vertical Upper: (B+[HP])
Joe Sobat: (B+[HK])
Slide Kick: (DF+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Hurricane Upper: B DB D DF F [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Slash Kick: Hold-DB, (F+[K]) [([LP]+[HP]) to fake]
Ougon no Kakato: D DB B [K]
Tiger Kick: D DF F (UF+[K]) [F D DF ([LP]+[HP]) to fake]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Screw Upper: F, B DB D DF ([LK]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Slide Screw: B, F DF D DB B ([HP]+[HK])
*Name will blink at far distance
Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui
Andy, that jerk. He told me we'd be able to take it easy here in Southtown and spend some time together, but he's off searching for some silly scrools. What's a scrool, anyway? And who are the kings? Is this what life is going to be like with that guy? Well, I don't have time to talk right now. I have to go see Andy for a little advice about his dumb, stupid little brother.
Windmill Waster: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
Dream Cherry Blossoms: (D+[HP]) (in air, close)
Other Moves:
Ryu no Mai: (B+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Dragon Flame Fandango: D DB B [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Butterfly Fan: D DF F [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Deadly Ninja Bees: B DB D DF F [HP]
Sun Flash Flamenco: D D ([LP]+[LK]+[HP])
Squirrel Dance: (D+[LK]+[HP]/[HP]+[HK]) (in air) [([LP]+[LK]) to fake]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Super Deadly Ninja Bees: F DB F ([HP]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Shiranui Hiohgi Hissatsu Shinobibachi: [HP] (far) F DB F ([LK]+[HK])
The [HP] is to tease. Holding [HP] will cause your name to blink.
Geese Howard Geese Howard
Heh, heh, heh. I know all of you are happy to hear from me again. I'm okay, in the pink and ready to kick some good-guy can. It looks like a few rats have crawled out of the cracks during my absence, but I'll do away with them in no time. Then, those Bogards and that underwear-clad kick boxer are mine. Well, I have to take a little trip to see my Hong Kong connection. Later, scum.
ShinkuuNage: (DF+[HP])
KosatsuNage: (B+[HP])
   Zetsumei HitonakaUchi: [HP] (after KosatsuNage)
UraKumoKakushii: (UF+[HP])
   Zetsumei HitchuShime: [HP] (after UraKumoKakushii)
KosatsuSho: (F+[HK])
Other Moves:
Raiko MawashiGeri: (B+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Reppuu Ken/Double Reppuu Ken: D DF F [P] [[LK]+[HK] to fake]
Shippuu Ken: D DB B [P] (in air)
JaEi Ken: Hold-B, (F+[K]) [D DB B, F [LK]+[HK] to fake]
High/Mid AtemiNage: B DB D DF F [K]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Raging Storm: DB F DF D DB B DF ([HP]+[HK]) [[LP]+[HP] to fake]
Hidden Power Attack:
Thunder Break: (D+[HP]) [HP] D DB B F ([HP]+[HK])
*Rising palm, cancel into forward palm, name will flash now, cancel into Raging Storm.
Sokaku Mochizuki Sokaku Mochizuki
The Mochizuki, since time immemorial, have been committed to conflict throughout the world. Developers of the most powerful method of fighting the Mochizuki school, we seek to exterminate the Qin and seize their sacred scrolls. Only then can we conquer the world and seek our revenge on those goody-two-shoes Shiranui twerps. I believe one of them even resides in Southtown...
Flip Throw: (B+[HP])
Staff Lift Throw: (B+[HK])
   Hell's Gate: [HK] (after Staff Lift Throw)
Air Ride: (DB/D/DF+[HP]) (in air, close)
Demon Piledriver: U UF F DF D DB B UB U [HP] (close)
Other Moves:
Skyward Staff Strike: (DB+[HP])
Deadly Attacks:
Caltrop Masher: D DF F [LP]
Demon Staff: B DB D DF F [HP]
Flames of Destruction: D B DB [LK]
Shadow Copy: (Tap [HK])
Demon Punches: F B F [HK]
Wild Monkey Hunt: D DB B [HK]
Lightning Strikes: F D DF [HK]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Demon Thunderstorm: F DF D DF F ([HP]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Demon Thunder Breath: F DF D DB B ([HP]+[HK])
*This is a retaliation move, Sokaku must be hit by a hard strike ([HP]/[HK] button hit)
for his name to flash.
Bob Wilson Bob Wilson
Yeah, I run Pao Pao Cafe West. I'm really busy opening up the place, but I'll tell you a bit about myself. I was discovered by Andy's friend, Richard, in Brazil while I was training. Capoella is very important to me, and I'm not afraid to seriously hurt anyone who thinks otherwise. Oh, here's a coupon for a free drink. Later, man.
Falcon: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
   Hornet Attack: UF UF [HK] (after Falcon)
   Ringsu Fang: DF DF [HK] (after Falcon)
Other Moves:
Sliding Headbutt: (F+[HK])
Jump Under Kick: (DF+[HK]) (in air)
Bob Somersault: (U+[HP])
Deadly Attacks:
Rolling Turtle: ([LP]+[HP])/([LK]+[HK])
Wild Wolf: Hold-B, (F+[K])
Bison Horn: Hold-D, (U+[K])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Dangerous Wolf: D D D ([LK]+[HP]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Dangerous Bob: F F DB UF ([HP]+[HK])
Hon-Fu Hon-Fu
I'm after a mysterious figure from Hong Kong who slaughtered a whole warehouse of stevedores. Nobody gets away with that on my beat! I've tracked the perp here to Southtown on a tip from Commander Cheng the old guy who fought the Bogards before. I'm tired, I've got jet lag, my head is killing me. I hope I catch this guy fast. May be I'll get lucky and find those scrolls too!
Back Flip: (B+[HP])
KeirakuRanda: (B+[HK])
Other Moves:
FumiKomiSokukeri: (F+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Seikuu Rekka Kon: F D DF [P] [[LK]+[HK] to fake]
KyuRyu no Yomi: guard attack, (F+[K])
DenkouSekka no Ten: Hold-DB, (F+[K])
DenkouSekka no Chi: D DB B (UB+[K])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Gadenza no Arashi: D DB B DB (F+[LK]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Gadenza no Taifuu: B B, F DF D DB B, F DF D DB B ([HP]+[HK])
*During backdash name will flash, perform remaining motion at any time on an odd-numbered clock tick.
Blue Mary Blue Mary
Just call me Blue. I'm a free lance agent working for a company in Hong Kong, and my father was Japanese. His father taught that greasy Geese martial arts. I'm not too proud of that. Anyway, that guy is lunch meat compared to me. I've been trained in all martial arts and I'll be the one to retrieve the Qin scrolls from Southtown. These pansy boys don't scare me!
Back Drop: U UF F DF D DB B UB U [HP] (close)
   Face Rock: [HP] (after Back Drop)
Head Throw: (DF+[HK]) (close)
   Axle Hold: [HK] (after Head Throw)
Other Moves:
Step Rolling: (F+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Spin Fall: D DF F UF [LP]
M. Spider: D DF F UF [HP]
Vertical Arrow: F D DF [LK] [[LK]+[HK] to fake]
M. Snatcher: F D DF [HK] [[LK]+[HK] to fake]
Straight Slice: Hold-B, (F+[LK])
M. Crab Clutch: Hold-B, (F+[HK])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
M. Typhoon: Hold-DB, D DF F UF ([LK]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
M. Cyclone: B, F DF D DB B [HP]
*After being knocked down, while getting up your name will blink.
Franco Bash Franco Bash
Even thought I'm Italian, I call myself the Conquistador of Kick because, well, darn it, it sounds cool. Anyway, some slimy underworld kingpin has kidnapped my son to get me to search for the secret Sacred Scrolls of Qin. I'll find them all right, rescue my son, then shove those 2,000 year old scrolls down that hoodlum's throat. Of course I won't do this in front of my son. I'm a family man after all!
Side Buster: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Other Moves:
Back Tornado: (F+[HK])
Deadly Attacks:
Double Kong: D DB B [P] [([LK]+[HK]) to fake]
Reaping Blow: B DB D DF F [P]
Power Bicycle: D DF F [K] [([LP]+[HP]) to fake)]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Armageddon Buster: F DF D DB B ([HP]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Genocide Buster: [HK] (D+[HP]) F DF D DB B ([HP]+[HK])
*Two hit kick, cancel into uppercut, name will blink here, cancel into Buster.
Console Versions Only:

Ryuji Yamazaki Ryuji Yamazaki
The Reaper: (B+[HP]), [HP] (close)
Bopper: (F+[HK]) (close)
Other Moves:
Bussashi: (F+[HP])
Deadly Attacks:
Sadomazo: B DB D DF F [HK]
Snake Handler Stance: D DB B [HP]
   Forward Snake Handler: (F+[HP]) (during stance)
   Aerial Snake Handler: (UF+[HP]) (during stance)
Double Return: D DF F [HP]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Guillotine: Hold-D, DF F ([LK]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Potential Guillotine: B B, F DF D DB B ([HP]+[HK])
Jin Chonshu Jin Chonshu
Energy Burst: (F+[HP])
Other Moves:
Deadly Attacks:
Emperor Kick: Hold-DB, F [P]
Emperor Tengan Slash: D DF F [K]
Emperor Tenji Slash: F D DF [P]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Emperor Rojin Slash: D DB B (F+[HP]+[HK])
Hidden Power Attack:
Emperor Rojin Slash: D DF F (B+[HP]+[HK])
Jin Chonrei Jin Chonrei
Energy Burst: (F+[HP])
Other Moves:
Deadly Attacks:
Emperor Kick: Hold-DB, F [P]
Emperor Tengan Slash: D DF F [K]
Emperor Tenji Slash: F D DF [P]
Emperor Rojin Slash: D DB B (F+[HP]+[HK])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Emperor Doomed Slash: F, B DB D DF [K]
Hidden Power Attack:
Teio Ryu Sei Ken: F DF D DB B ([HP]+[HK]) (far)
Expert Mode:
At the How to Play screen press B F B F N F B F B the word Expert will appear at the bottom.
Speedup Mode:
At the Character Selection screen, Hold START then choose your character.
Small Characters:
This works in the versus mode only. Once you select the two fighters, Hold ([LK]+[HP]) on both controllers all the way through the
loading screen until the match starts. You must do it again for each fight you want the code to take affect.
Hidden Characters: (Home version only)
To play as the hidden characters you must:
- save after clearing Jin Chonrei
- load the data and select "NEW GAME"
- when selecting a character press [LK] button over each of following characters in this order (an audio cue will signal correct
entries): Terry, Hon Fu, Mai, Geese, Bob, Sokaku, Andy, Bash, Joe, Mary

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