Fatal Fury 2 (1992)
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Jubei YamadaCheng SinzanAndy BogardBig BearTerry BogardMai ShiranuiJoe HigashiKim Kaphwan
Billy KaneAxel HawkLaurence BloodWolfgang Krauser
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[LP] = Light Punch
[LK] = Light Kick
[HP] = Heavy Punch
[HK] = Heavy Kick
Neo Geo:
[LP] = [A]
[LK] = [B]
[HP] = [C]
[HK] = [D]
Super Nintendo:
[LP] = [Y]
[LK] = [B]
[HP] = [X]
[HK] = [A]

3D Attack = [L]
3D Move = [R]
Sega Genesis:
[LP] = [X]
[LK] = [A]
[HP] = [Y]
[HK] = [B]

3D Attack = [C]
3D Move = [Z]

[P] = Any Punch
[K] = Any Kick
Throw: [HP] (close)
Character Specific: [HK] (close)
Jump Between Levels: ([LP]+[LK])
Strong Attack: ([HP]+[HK])
Defensive Attack: (F+[LP]) (while guarding opponent's attack)
Quick Escape: B B
Taunt: N [HP] (far)
While on Different Levels (background/foreground):
Roll Between Levels: D/U
Attack Between Levels: [LP]/[LK]/[HP]/[HK]
Ultra Deadly Attacks:
Only when strength bar is Flashing Red
Selectable Characters:

Terry Bogard Terry Bogard
Date of Birth: 03/15/1971
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lb.
Southtown's favorite son, who stayed in the town as the street-fighting champion after the "Battle of Destiny". He likes nothing better than to hang out in the local video arcade, munching on a cheeseburger and creaming the local competition on the coin-op games. Now he's heading back out to the streets to take on the toughest competition of all, in the next "King of the Fighters" Tournament.
Buster Throw: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Burning Knuckle: D DB B [P]
Rising Tackle: Hold-D, (U+[P])
Crack Shot: D DB B (UB+[K])
Power Wave: D DF F [P]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Power Geyser: D DB B DB F ([LK]+[HP])
Andy Bogard Andy Bogard
Date of Birth: 08/16/1972
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 147 lb.
Terry's kid brother, who was back in Japan continuing his Koppo training when he received his invitation to the "King of the Fighters' Tournament. He's got king of a complex about his size - life ain't easy when you're big brother's not only a street-fighting champ but bigger than you to boot. Now it's time for him to prove to the world that size isn't the only thing that matters...
Holding Throw: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Quicksilver Blast: DB F [P]
Dragon Blast: D DF F [P]
Sonic Split: DB F [K]
Egg-Beater Bash: D DB B [P]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Super Sonic Swirl: Hold-D DF F ([LK]+[HK])
Joe Higashi Joe Higashi
The Japanese Muetai champ and sworn friend of the Bogard brothers. When the Muetai action slows down and he's feeling a bit peckish, Joe heads down to the swamp, grabs himself a nice tasty alligator, and rustles up some of his favorite food, "Gator Fry". He's going back into action that time with new and improved kicking techniques, and an even more devastating "Hurricane Uppercut".
Date of Birth: 03/12/1972
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 158 lb.
Thai Kick Throw: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Knee Inferno: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Slash Kick: Hold-DB, (UF+[K])
TNT Punch: (Tap [P])
Tiger Thrust: D DF F (UF+[K])
Hurricane Upper: B DB D DF F [P]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Screw Upper: F, B DB D DF ([LK]+[HP])
Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui
Date of Birth: 01/01/1974
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 106 lb.
With her finely honed fighting skills and in-ya-face attitude, this is one Ninja master who isn't about to let anyone mess with her. Trained in the secret Ninja arts of her ancestors, Mai is a tough and tricky fighter who likes to hit the heavy metal club scene in her spare time.
Windmill Waster: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Dream Cherry Blossoms: (D+[HK]) (in air, close)
Deadly Attacks:
Dragon Flame Fandango: D DB B [P]
Deadly Ninja Bees: B DB D DF F [K]
Butterfly Fan: D DF F [P]
Squirrel Dance: Hold-D, (U+[P])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Super Deadly Ninja Bees: F DB F ([LK]+[HP])
Kim Kaphwan Kim Kaphwan
Date of Birth: 12/21/1964
Height: 5'9" 1/2
Weight: 172 lb.
A fighter who strongly believes that no other martial art can withstand the power a Tai Kwan Do master. He is competing in the Tournament to uphold the pride and honor of the Korean fighting world, and his rapid attacks and skillful defense techniques will be hard to beat.
Killer Leg Throw: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Flying Slice: Hold-D, (U+[K])
Crescent Moon Slash: D DB B [K]
Flying Kick: (D+[K]) (in air)
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Chinese Phoenix Kick: D DB B DB F ([LK]+[HK])
Jubei Yamada Jubei Yamada
Date of Birth: 07/07/1922
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lb.
Poor old Jubei just doesn't seem to realize his age. It's king of silly for a guy on the wrong side of 70 to be competing in a Tournament simply because he wants to be an international superstar with his own fan club - but then again, you're only as old as your feel. Despite his advanced years, Jubei is a top-class Judo fighter and a force to be reckoned with on the streets,
Over The Shoulder Throw: (F+[HP]) (close)
Choke Hold: (UF+[HP]) (Tap [HP]) (close)
Overhead Toss: (DF+[HP]) (close)
Shin Kick Hold: (F+[HK]) (Tap [HK]) (close)
Overhead Throw: (B+[HK]) (close)
Jumping Spine Crunch: (D+[HK]) (in air, close)
Deadly Attacks:
Nihon-Seoi Dash: Hold-B, (F+[K])
Spine Crunch: Hold-D, (U+[P]) (close)
Cookie Throw: Hold-B, (F+[P])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Dynamite Spine Crunch: Hold-DB, D DF ([LK]+[HP])
Cheng Sinzan Cheng Sinzan
Date of Birth: 08/10/1952
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
He may be fat, but flabby he ain't. Get on the wrong side of Cheng and you'll be wishing you'd kept those Weight Watchers jokes to yourself. Cheng lives for one thing - money. He's planning to win "The King of the Fighter", and capitalize on his reputation as the Tournament champion by opening a dojo that'll earn him big bucks.
Double Hand Toss: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Killer Headbutt: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Thunderblast Powerball: D DF F [P]
Belly Drum Blast: Hold-D, (U+[P])
Avalanche Crunch: Hold-B, (F+[K])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Exploding Thunder Powerball: Hold-DB, D (F+[LK]+[HP])
Big Bear Big Bear
Date of Birth: 03/03/1964
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 462 lb.
The Aussie wrestler better known by his former identity as "Raiden", the masked bodyguard of the late Geese Howard. He's now discarded his dark past along with his mask, and sometimes can even be found kicking a football around with the local Southtown kids. But don't be fooled; he may look as harmless as a cuddly, oversized Koala when he's passing out touch down tips, but he's actually a fearsome fighter with extraordinary power.
Power Bomb: (F+[HP]) (close)
Back Drop: (B+[HP]) (close)
Lariot Drop: (DF+[HP]) (close)
Neck Hang: (F+[HK]) (close)
Headutt: (B+[HK]) (close)
Bear Hug: (UF+[HK]) (close)
Lift Up Throw: (DF+[HK]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Giant Bomb: Hold-DB, (F+[P])
Super Drop Kick: (Hold [HK]) for 8 seconds, other moves may be done while charging this one
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Fire Breath: F DF D DB (F+[LK]+[HP])
Console Version Only Characters:

Billy Kane Billy Kane
Date of Birth: 12/25/1967
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 169 lb.
Orphaned in childhood, Billy and his kid sister grew up on the mean streets of South Town, doing what they had to do to survive. Billy ended up in the employ of the evil Geese Howard, and after Geese's demise traveled to England to put an even more vicious edge on his cudgel technique. Now he's back, and meaner than ever...
Skewering Toss: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Hell Drop: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Midsection Club Cruncher: Hold-B, (F+[P])
Sparrow Hunt: Hold-DB, (UF+[P])
Whirlwind Cane: (Tap [LP])
Soaring Crackdown Cane: DB D DF F [K]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Ultra Fire Swirl: D DF F DF D DB B UB ([LP]+[HP])
Axel Hawk Axel Hawk
Date of Birth: 06/13/1954
Height: 6'5" 1/4
Weight: 276 lb.
Formerly the world heavyweight boxing champion, Axel retired at the peak of his career to enjoy the fruits of his success and live the good life. Then the "King of the Fighters" invitation arrived at his front door... and Axel couldn't resist the challenge to prove he was still the greatest. He's back in top form after undergoing grueling training, and ready to kick butt again.
Hell Bomber: (F+[HK]) (close)
Electric Attack: (B+[HK]) (close)
Rolling Buster: (UF+[HK]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Tornado Upper: D DF F [P]
Smash Bomber: Hold-B, (F+[P])
Axel Dance: (Tap [LP])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Axel Rush: B F DF D DB (UF+[LK]+[HP])
Laurence Blood Laurence Blood
Date of Birth: 09/04/1960
Height: 6'4" 2/3
Weight: 209 lb.
An expert bullfighter with graceful and elegant swordsmanship, who enjoys playing flamenco guitar when taking a break from fighting bulls and the rare human opponent strong enough to be a match for him. Despite his gentlemanly and somewhat flamboyant appearance, Lawrence is a cold-blooded and ruthless opponent.
Poncho Through: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Poncho Breaker: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
Flying Buster: (D+[HP]) (in air, close)
Deadly Attacks:
Bloody Saber: B DB D DF F [P]
Bloody Spin: Hold-B, (F+[K])
Bloody Cutter: Hold-D, (U+[HP])
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Bloody Flash: DF B DB D DF F DB (F+[LK]+[HK])
Boss Character:

Wolfgang Krauser Wolfgang Krauser (Boss)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 320 lb.
The mysterious ruler of the dark side, who is sponsoring the Tournament for evil reasons known only to himself, Krauser appreciates the finer things in life - good food, good wine, the best classical music... and knowing the possibly no-one alive is more power and vicious than he is.
Lift Up Blow: (DF+[HP]) (close)
Knee Smasher: (B/F+[HP]) (close)
Neck Hang Blow: (B/F+[HK]) (close)
Deadly Attacks:
Upper Blitz Ball: D DB B [P]
Lower Blitz Ball: D DB B [K]
Leg Tomahawk: D DF F [K]
Knockdown Blow: B DB D DF F [P]
Ultra Deadly Attack:
Kaiser Wave: Hold-B, (UF+[P])