Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side (1995)
Move List/Bios - Sega CD (Universal)
Shadow YamatoLarcen TylerR.A.X. CoswellSlashTridentMitchell Midelton KnightXavier Pendragon
Jonathan BladeJetta MaxxRiptideRamses IIIRaven GindarDawson Mcshane
Chin WoBlastThanatosSenator
Crispy the ChickenHooter the OwlSlither the SnakeYappy the DogZuni the Monkey
The Eternal ChampionThe Dark Champion
Fighting Styles/ Stages, Overkills & Sudden Deaths
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back (High Block)
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back (Low Block)
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
[LK] = Light Kick
[MK] = Medium Kick
[HK] = Heavy Kick
[LP] = Light Punch
[MP] = Medium Punch
[HP] = Heavy Punch
3 Button:

[LK]/[LP] = [A]
[MK]/[MP] = [B]
[HK]/[HP] = [C]

Punch/Kick Toggle = [Start]

Pause = ([Start]+[LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Resume = [Start]
6 Button:

[LK] = [A]
[MK] = [B]
[HK] = [C]
[LP] = [X]
[MP] = [Y]
[HP] = [Z]

Pause/Resume = [Start]
Throw: (F/B+[MP]/[HP]) (close)
Insult: ([LP]+[HP])
Selectable Characters:

Jonathan Blade Blade
Full Name: Jonathan Blade
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Time Zone: 2030 A.D.
Fighting Style: Kenpo
Stage Location: Syrian Desert Refinery
Blade was one of the best cops that ever lived in the future. Born in Syria, raised in Africa, Blade was dedicated to the extreme, working some of the meanest parts of New Chicago.  He had, however, one small problem: his temper. After almost being killed several times by a suspect during a case, Blade caught up to him. The suspect again tried to kill Blade, who was able to sidestep the laser shot and grab the suspect. Being only human, Blade was out of patience. He proceeded to beat the suspect to near death. The suspect survived, and sued the police.
The police fired Blade to hush the scandal, and he ended up moving back to Syria to become a Bounty Hunter, which allowed him better use of his quick temper. His final case dealt with a rogue scientist who had escaped a government bio-weapons lab. The scientist was threatening to smash open a vial containing a virus that would kill 95% of all human life if the government didn't stop all bio-research.
The Syrian government hired Blade to safely retrieve the vial. Blade agreed on one condition: they wouldn't interfere. They agreed. He cornered the scientist in an alley and radioed that the scientist agreed to peacefully give up the vial.
The government had followed Blade, and took this moment to make their move. When shots from laser rifles filled the alley the last image that Blade saw before he died was the smashed and open vial of the virus.
Special Moves:
Stun Beam: Hold-B, (F+[HP]) (freezes opponents for a few seconds)
Straight Blade: Hold-B, (F+[MP]+[HP])
Wild Fury Attack: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Backfire: ([LK]+[HK]) (disables opponent's ability to fire projectiles)
Personal Shield: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (absorbs 50% of damage, can be overloaded with too many attacks and implode)
Tracking Blade: Hold-B, (F+[LP]+[MP])
Projectile Containment Field: ([LK]+[MK]) (causes any projectiles fired at Blade to travel at half speed)
Skill Moves:
Slice & Dice: D DF F [HK]
Lightning Strike: D DF F ([MK]+[HK])
Brick Wall: B F [MK]
Excessive Force: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Vendetta: D D F F [LP] (close)
Ending: +/-

Dawson Mcshane Dawson
Full Name: Dawson McShane
Occupation: Gambler
Time Zone: 1849 A.D.
Fighting Style: Shotowando
Stage Location: Hangtown Mine
Dawson has been a loner most of his life; he had never known his mother, and his father was shot by a highwayman when Dawson was fifteen. He left his native Scotland soon after the funeral and eventually became a professional gambler traveling from town to town and city to city.
By the time Dawson was twenty-five years old, he was infamous throughout Europe's casinos and gambling houses as a gambler who could break the house's bank and devastate its bar in a brawl, all in one evening.
Dawson had a aversion to firearms and relied on his fists to settle the disputes that often arose from his frequent winning streaks. His fighting style was a unique blend of martial arts and bar-room brawling techniques.
Tall tales of the Wild West had always intrigued Dawson and news of high stakes gambling being created by the recent gold rush drew Dawson to the untamed West.
He wound up in a mining boom town and was unwittingly sucked into confrontation between the townsfolk and a powerful but ruthless landowner named Homer Jenkins.
Just as Dawson arrived in town, he saw a man setting fire to the sheriff's office. The arsonist ran when he knew that he had been spotted and Dawson was about to give chase for help coming from within the burning building. Dawson pulled the semi-conscious sheriff from the inferno but it was too late, the sheriff was dying.
The sheriff's last request was that Dawson become a deputy long enough to catch the arsonist, Homer Jenkins' son, Bill Jenkins, and bring him to trial. Bill Jenkins has burned the sheriff's office in order to escape being arrested for a slew of recent crimes and the dying man knew that the townsfolk would be too afraid to form a posse in order to capture the outlaw son since the elder Jenkins controlled so much of the town.
Dawson agreed and the sheriff pinned a star onto the Scotsman's vest just before he died. Dawson captured Bill Jenkins and was ambushed on his way to the makeshift courthouse and strung up by Homer Jenkins before the circuit judge could hear the case. Homer and his son escaped prosecution because no one in town would testify against them.
Special Moves:
Round-Up: D DF F [MK]
Rattle Snake Belt Grab: B F [MP]
Roll the Dice: D DF F [HP] (in air)
Tumble Weed: B F [LK]/[MK]/[HK]
Dual Knife Throw: B F [LP]
Spit Attack: B F ([MP]+[HP]) (sickens and slows opponent)
Pony Tail Strike: B F ([LP]+[MP])
Hat Strike: B F [HP]
Skill Moves:
Gold Strike: B F ([MK]+[HK])
Gentleman's Quarter: D U [MK]
Spinning Axe Pick: D DF F [HK]
Step Out: D DB B [HK] (at the edge of the screen)
Vendetta: B D F B B [HP] (anywhere)
Ending: +/-

Jetta Maxx Jetta
Full Name: Jetta Maxx
Occupation: Circus Acrobat
Time Zone: 1899 A.D.
Fighting Style: Savate/Pencak Silat
Stage Location: Blue Dragon Circus
Jetta was always a rebel: as a youth she changed her given Russian name to Jetta Maxx to sound more like a performer.  Born in Russia, cousin to Czar Nicholas II, Jetta traveled the world as a performer in a famous international circus. During her many travels, which included visits to France and Indonesia, she learned gymnastics and martial arts.
In 1899, her circus troop visited China. At the time, China was being ripped apart by the Boxer rebellion, the Chinese attempt to rid their homeland of foreigners. Unfortunately, many innocent Chinese were also dying. Spurred by her compassion, Jetta decided to help infiltrate the "Yihe Quang", or "Righteous Harmony Fists" and get them to turn their ways to pacifism before the major foreign powers brought all their military forces to bear. In addition Jetta foresaw that Russia's involvement in the fighting of the East would further weaken her own government's stability. Before Jetta was able to bring a peaceful end to the fighting and change the history of Russia and China, she fell victim to an act of sabotage by a radical from the Yihe Quang. Jetta's safety net and tension wire were cut, Jetta plummeted to her death during the grand performance for the crown emperor of China.
Special Moves:
Whirlwind Kick: B F [HK]
Phase: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (speed burst)
   Resonate: ([LK]+[HK]) (while Phased, if touched, causes opponent to shake and respond poorly to d-pad)
Moving Corkscrew: ([LK]+[MK]) (spin left)/([MK]+[HK]) (spin right)
Bladerang: Hold-B, (F+[LP]) (1 hit)/[MP] (2 hits)
Flying Choke Hold: Hold-B, (F+[HP])
Ceiling Climb: Hold-D, (U+[MP])
   Death Dive: [HK] (after Ceiling Grab)
Skill Moves:
Corkscrew Uppercut: B F ([MP]+[HP])
Gymkata: B F ([MK]+[HK])
Power Burst: D DF F [HK]
Ricochet Left: Hold-D, (U+[LK])
Ricochet Right: Hold-D, (U+[HK])
Vendetta: D D B D [LK] (anywhere)
Ending: +/-

Larcen Tyler Larcen
Full Name: Larcen Tyler
Occupation: Ex-Cat Burglar
Time Zone: 1920 A.D.
Fighting Style: Praying Mantis Kung-Fu
Stage Location: Chicago Theater
Born in an era of crime bosses and racketeering, Larcen grew respecting and idolizing the many powerful crime bosses who ruled the streets. As a youth, he went to work for Mr. Taglalini, one of the most powerful crime bosses. Under his wing, Larcen grew up to be one of the world's best cat burglars. He did many illegal jobs for Mr. Taglalini, including the planting of illegal evidence in other crime boss hideouts. There was one thing that Larcen wouldn't do, and that was kill. Instead, he used martial arts to stop and drop his attackers.
One day, Mr. Taglalini asked Larcen to plant a package on a supposed crime boss who was recovering in the hospital. When he entered the room that supposedly contained the boss, he instead found the now recovering chief of police, who had been hurt in a prior assassination attempt. It seemed that the mob wanted the chief dead because he was incorruptible, and was about to declare war on the mob. Larcen suddenly realized that he had been set up. The package he carried probably contained a bomb. At this moment, Larcen decided that he had chosen the wrong side. He wouldn't kill. Larcen attempted to throw the bomb out of the window, but it was too late. The bomb explosion not only killed both Larcen and the chief, but also most of the hospital, including several youngsters in the children's wing.
Special Moves:
Slash & Turn: Hold-B, (F+[MP]+[HP])
Sai Throw: Hold-B, (F+[MP])
Swinging Hammer Fist: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Ceiling Climb: Hold-D, (U+[HK])
   Ceiling Dive: (D+[HP])
Power Sweep: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Air Sweep: ([LK]+[HK])
Long Distance Sweep: Hold-B, (F+[HP])
Skill Moves:
Reflect: (B+[LP]) (reflects back most projectiles at twice their speed)
Machine Gun Blitz: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Backflip Kick: D DB B [HK]
Mantis Strike: D DF F [LK]
Vendetta: F F F D [HP] (close)
Ending: +/-

Mitchell Midleton Knight Midknight
Real Name: Mitchell Middleton Knight
Occupation: Bio-Chemical Scientist
Time Zone: 1967 A.D.
Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
Stage Location: Belgrave Square Labs
Mitchell worked for the CIA on loan from Interpol. Born in London, Mitchell was one of the best bio-chemical scientists working in the intelligence community. The CIA needed Mitchell to work on a bio-chemical weapon to end the Vietnam War. Mitchell created a virus that would weaken its victims until they hung near death, waiting for the antidote. The virus was to be introduced into the water supply of Vietnam, but Mitchell wouldn't stand for that much human destruction. He stole back his formula and fled back to London to hide.
Unfortunately, Mitchell was cornered at the airport by both interpol and CIA agents. During the escape, Mitchell fell from a nine-story building into a chemical storage used by the airport. The force of the impact broke the seal of the virus container and released the virus into the chemical vat. This mixture created an unexpected result. Mitchell was transformed by the mixture into a living vampire. Using his newfound cunning and strength, Mitchell escaped and fled to London where he spent the next 133 years vainly searching for a cure for his disease. No longer identifying with his past, Mitchell came to be known as Midknight.
The cure had become more important since the government used the virus during the Vietnam War by using the contents of the airport chemical vat. Many of the third-world countries were now over-run with living vampires. Midknight was also running out of time because his body, with the exception of his neck and face, was rotting away. This rotting was due to the fact that Midknight wouldn't kill another person to renew his life energy. Midknight was about to solve the last hitch in the antidote when a government agent killed him by firing a firing a magnesium stake through his heart.
Special Moves:
Bedazzle: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (lures opponents in closer)
Doom Dog: D DF F ([LK]+[MK])
Ceiling Ram: D DF F [HK] (close)
Life Drain: Hold-B, (F+[LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (close)
Flying Wall Smash: Hold-B, (F+[HP])
Mist Attack: ([LK]+[HK])
Manifest: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK]) (reduces damage from enemies)
Skill Moves:
Demon Fang Kick: B F [HK] (in air)
Rapid Fire: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Shoulder Roll/Slide Kick: D DF F [HP] (close)
Overhead Stomach Punch: (F+[LK]+[MK]+[HK]) (close)
Vendetta: D F F D [MK] (close)
Ending: +/-

Ramses III Ramses III
Occupation: Pharaoh
Time Zone: 151 B.C.
Fighting Style: Hung-Gar Kung Fu
Stage Location: Abu Simbel Temple
Ramses III was the last strong pharaoh of Egypt. Eighty years after his death, Egypt started a long decline into overwhelming bureaucracy where pharaohs were little more than figureheads and Alexander the Great would be considered the "Son of Amon" and assume the throne in the third century B.C., or it would have declined if Ramses III wasn't assassinated before his time.
The lone assassin had spent many months working his way into a position of trust within the royal court and the pharaoh felt no fear turning his back on the man who would end his life. The killer was cruel enough to choose a method of execution that was particularly terrifying to the pharaoh. Though Ramses was a brave fighter and fearless leader, he had never learned to swim, and the thought of drowning haunted his dreams often.
Ramses was overseeing the construction of a new temple situated on the banks of the Nile, and had climbed a tall hill of freshly excavated earth for a better view of the site. The killer knew the time was right and pushed Ramses off the hill and into the Nile below.
Ramses III drowned before he could father the son that would become his successor and before he could rally his armies into beating back the warriors of the ancient who were threatening to take over the rich Nile delta.
After his assassination, Egypt was taken over by the invaders, and over the centuries, the new pharaohs raised armies strong enough to stop Alexander the Great and his Roman legions from taking over Persia and Egypt.
The changes these events created in the time stream were significant, the Egyptian Empire grew powerful and lasted beyond the twenty-first century. Many countries that would have been controlled by the Roman Empire were either run by the Egyptian Empire or were driven out of their homelands into what would have become Russia.
The end result was a future devoid of many different cultures, which drained the human spirit of its originality and spirit, damning it just as much as the loss of humanity in the other champions' failed timelines.
Special Moves:
Sun Reflection: Hold-B, (F+[HP])
Anubis Block: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Wrap Attack: Hold-B, (F+[MP])
Teleport: Hold-D, (U+[LP]) (left)/[HP] (right)
Snake Attack: Hold-D, (U+[HK])
Torch Attack: Hold-D, (U+[MP])
Hack & Smack: B F ([LP]+[MP])
Skill Moves:
Thunder Lizard: D DF F [HK]
Jackal's Bite: D DF F [MP]
Phoenix Dive: D DF F [HP] (in air)
King Combo: B F ([MK]+[HK])
Vendetta: D D D F F [MK] (close)
Ending: +/-

Raven Gindar Raven
Full Name: Raven Gindhar
Occupation: Voodoo Preistess/Healer
Time Zone: 1802 A.D.
Fighting Style: Hsing-i Kung Fu / Tao-Kwon-Do
Stage Location: Shengo Village, Trinidad
Raven was from a line of Arawak healers and was herself a great healer in her tribe. She possessed a magical hourglass that had been handed down from generation to generation which allowed her to completely control very small segments of time. The healers used the hourglass sparingly because it sapped the life-force of its user every time it was activated.
Raven and many of the Arawak women were abducted by a Carib raiding party and brought back to the village of Shengo on the island of Trinidad. Once in the Carib village, the women were integrated into the new society. Over the years, Raven became highly respected for her white magic abilities and the villagers revered her as a powerful voodoo priestess.
The admiration that the villagers felt toward the young healer didn't sit well with the aging Carib high priest, Raknook, who was feared by the villagers because of his use of black magic against his rivals.
Late one night, Raknook feigned illness and sent for Raven. As soon as she was alone with the priest, Raven sensed she was in danger. Before she could react, Raknook cast a dark spell that turned her hourglass against her and transferred all of her life energy into his withered body, killing her and rejuvenating him in the process.
Special Moves:
Time smash: (Hold [LP]+[MP]), (Release [LP]+[MP])
Voodoo attack: (Hold [LK]+[HK]), (Release [LK]+[HK])
Time Add: D DF F ([LK]+[MK]) (adds 10 seconds to the current round)
Time Subtract: D DF F ([MK]+[HK]) (subtracts 10 seconds from the current round)
Double Fang Kick: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Create Void: D DF F [HP]
Time Split: B F ([MP]+[HP]) ([LK]+[MK]+[HK] to reappear)
Destabilize Time: (Hold [LP]+[MP]+[HP]), (Release [LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Skill Moves:
Time Fold: B F [LP] (projectile reflection)
Serpent Rainbow: B F [LK]
Raven's Fury: D DF F [MK] (in air)
Mambo Combo: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Vendetta: D F B F [MP] (anywhere)
Ending: +/-

R.A.X. Coswell R.A.X.
Full Name: R.A.X. Coswell
Occupation: Cyber-Fighter
Time Zone: 2345 A.D.
Fighting Style: Muay Thai Kickboxing
Stage Location: The Cyber-Dome
R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial eXoskeleton) is a cyborg. Once, Coswell was one of the best human kickboxers in the year 2345. Coswell's only problem was that the sport was no longer about human competition, but a battle between cyborgs, robotically enhanced human beings. Since the cyborgs could take and deliver more damage, the crowds began to stop attending the human fights for the excitement provided by these new robotic combatants. Given these changes, R.A.X. had no choice but to get cybernetic implants and join the crooked game which was run by a deceitful fight promoter. R.A.X. didn't trust this promoter, but needed his financial support to afford the cybernetic implant operation.
After the operation, R.A.X. rose through the ranks and won the right to take on the champion. He was killed as a result of the corrupt fight promoter trading R.A.X.'s life for a sure bet on the championship fight. The promoter used an advanced electronic virus planted in R.A.X.'s cybernetic brain during the implant operation to shut down all of his vital systems. This shutdown was seconds before he was about to deliver the fatal blow to the reigning champion.
Special Moves:
Lock & Load: (Hold [LK]+[MK]), (Release [LK]+[MK])
Cyber Punch: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Jet Knee Smash: Hold-B, (F+[HK])
Overload: ([LK]+[HK])
Air Jets: Hold-D, (U+[MK])
Cyber Kick: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Shockwave: B F ([MP]+[HP])
Skill Moves:
Atomic Knee: D DF F [MK]
Thrash 'n' Bash: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Jet uppercut: Hold-D, (U+[HP])
Turbine: Hold-B, (F+[LK]) (escape)
Vendetta: F B F B [MK] (close)
Ending: +/-

Riptide Riptide
Real Name: Sophia De Medici
Occupation: Pirate
Time Zone: 1566 A.D.
Fighting Style: Kajukenbo
Stage Location: Off The Barbary Coast (North Africa)
Riptide was once named Sophia De Medici, a member of the infamous Italian family. Her name and identity were all wiped out when she left Italy to pursue her fortune off the Barbary Coast, North Africa.
She left because she grew up in a household where all was given to her but nothing could be earned. Her family insisted on an arranged marriage to an Italian crime lord that promised to join power with her family. Given this, she had no choice but to leave her destined fortune and begin a new life in a place she would never be discovered.
At this point in time, the Barbary Coast was the center-point of the pirate era. Corsairs, or pirates as they were more commonly known, were at the height of their dominance. There wasn't a spot in the ocean where pirates couldn't strike.
Sophia used what little family money she had at the time to purchase a ship that would allow he rto compete with these other pirates. She also worked on a martial art system very similar to a system from the future called Kajukenbo, which gave her renowned hand to hand fighting skills.
It was during this time that she became known as Riptide, the most feared of the female pirates. There were three other female pirates, but what made Riptide special was that she didn't take from the weak, but instead she took from the tyranny directly, the pirates themselves. Her time was filled with many amazing and dangerous battles against the greatest pirates of that time.
It was a single man that caused her doom. His name was Hannibal and he was not only a powerful pirate, but also controlled many powerful criminal organizations around the world. When somebody went against Hannibal, he didn't just exact revenge on them, but also everyone connected to them.
During a nighttime raid, Riptide was taking some buried treasure that Hannibal buried on his island. Unfortunately, she underestimated Hannibal and was killed by a shovel blow to the head while trying to steal his ill-gotten treasure.
Hannibal, realizing that she was more that just a pirate, used her attack as an excuse to attack and destroy the entire De Medici family by using his various crime organizations. Their destruction had a massive negative effect on the timeline, including the loss of several works of Leonardo DaVinci that the family was hiding until the world could handle their meanings.
These works had tremendous religious and scientific implications which would be realized in the 21st century. Without the works of Leonardo and the influence of this massive family line, a future renaissance was never realized. If Riptide could return, she would destroy Hannibal and others like him to help end the pirate era and to allow her family's destiny to be fulfilled.
Special Moves:
Thunder Clap: B F ([MP]+[HP])
Eagle Talon: D DF F [HP]
Sea Legs: D DF F [MP] (remaps opponent's d-pad)
Ground Kriss Blade: B F [LP] (forward)/[HP] (up diagonal)
Whirlwind Teleport: Hold-D, (U+[HK])
Fog Trap: D DB B [MP]
Air Kriss Blade (Straight): Hold-UB, (F+[HK])
Air Kriss Blade (Down): Hold-UB, (F+[MP])
Skill Moves:
Flashing Daggers: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Crow's Nest: Hold-D, (U+[HP])
Whirlpool Reflect: B F [LK] (projectile reflect)
Tidal Punch: D DF F [LP]
Dizzy: D DF F [HK] (close)
Vendetta: F D B B [MK] (close)
Ending: +/-

Shadow Yamato Shadow
Full Name: Shadow Yamoto
Occupation: Ninja Assassin
Time Zone: 1993 A.D.
Fighting Style: Taijutsu, Ninjitsu
Stage Location: Black Orchid Rooftop
Shadow was the best corporate assassin in the Black Orchid Corporation. She performed many tasks ranging from individual elimination jobs to ending large corporate takeovers.
A true star at the Black Orchid headquarters, Shadow never thought much about the morality of her career until she learned that if a job wasn't completed to corporate satisfaction, a person like herself would in turn eliminate her.
When she realized the peril of her own morality, Shadow found she couldn't bring herself to kill others. The corporation didn't allow resignations, so they arranged her fall from the 101st floor of the Black Orchid building. This stopped her from telling the world about Black Orchid and corporations like it, with all their dark secrets of hired killers. This knowledge would have had a huge impact on international business going into the 21st century.
Special Moves:
Shadow Punch: Hold-B, (F+[MP]+[HP])
High Jump Angle Kick: Hold-D, (U+[MK])
Twirling Fan Attack - 1 Spin: Hold-B, (F+[LK]) (1 spin)/[MK] (2 spins)/[HK] (3 spins)
Smoke Screen (warp to opponent): ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Smoke Screen (warp to left floor): ([LK]+[MK]+[HK]), ([LK]+[MK])
Smoke Screen (warp to right floor): ([LK]+[MK]+[HK]), ([MK]+[HK])
Smoke Screen (warp to left ceiling): ([LK]+[MK]+[HK]), ([LP]+[MP])
Smoke Screen (warp to right ceiling): ([LK]+[MK]+[HK]), ([MP]+[HP])
Shadow Mode: (Hold [LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (5 second invulnerability)
Flying Mine Uzume-Bi: D DF F [HP]
Ninja Shuriken: Hold-B, (F+[LP]) (slow)/[MP] (fast)
Ninja Knife: Hold-B, (UF+[LP]) (slow)/[MP] (fast)
Ninja Smoke Bomb: Hold-B, (DF+[LP]) (slow)/[MP] (fast)
Skill Moves:
Fan Block: B F ([LP]+[MP])
Roll & Rock: D DF F [HK]
Banzai Blitz: B F ([MK]+[HK])
Flying Step Tobi Ashi: B F ([LK]+[MK])
Air Throw: (F+[LP]) (while close in the air)
Vendetta: D D B D [HK] (close)
Ending: +/-

Slash Slash
Occupation: Pre-Man Hunter
Time Zone: 50,000 B.C.
Fighting Style: Pain
Stage Location: Great Rift Valley
Slash was always advanced for a pre-man creature. He was the greatest hunter and the greatest fighter of his generation. These skills didn't just come from his great strength, but also from the emergence of an early intelligence. Slash used this intelligence in his fighting, which meant he could out-think most of his opponents.
His intelligence also got him into a lot of trouble. The cave elders resented Slash for his intelligence, and rejected his every idea, including an agricultural plan which would have freed the clan from its enslavement to a life of drudgery as hunter-gatherers. The elders turned down this idea at once, as they saw no value in having free time and enjoyed the violence of the hunt.
One day, when Slash publicly spoke against the the elders in a clan meeting, he was stoned to death by the clan when the elders proclaimed him to be an evil force.
Special Moves:
Bone Breaker: (F+[HP]) (in air, close)
De-Claw: Hold-B, (F+[HP])
Running Head Butt: Hold-B, (F+[HK])
Power Thud Club Swing: ([MP]+[HP]) (in air)
Fire Club: D DF F [LP]
Ice Club: D DF F [MP]
Spinal Crush: (F+[MP]) (close)
Skill Moves:
Bat Back Projectile: Hold-B, (F+[LP]+[MP]) (projectile reflect)
Caveman Beating: B F ([MK]+[HK])
Double Foot Kick: D DB B [HK]
Club Dive: D DB B [MK]
Vendetta: D F D F [HK] (close)
Ending: +/-

Trident Trident
Occupation: Gladiator
Time Zone: 110 B.C.
Fighting Style: Capoeira
Stage Location: Shores of Atlantis
Trident is so named because of the trident which replaced the hand he lost in a duel with a shark.
The people of Atlantis during this time lived above the water. They were competing with the Romans to see who would control the Earth's surface, with the loser being plunged into the watery depths.
The Atlanteans spent their time in the pursuit of science. They realized early on that a major part of the land was going to sink into the ocean. To handle this, they built great environments that were enclosed in bubbles so that they could survive the ocean's depths.
They then offered a fair settlement to the Romans. Half of each each culture would stay on land, and the other half would go to sea. The Romans would not agree, and would only settle the issue through battle. So the Atlanteans had no choice but to create a warrior that could stand up against the warlike Romans. Trident was their champion.
The Romans rigged the fight and crushed Trident under a large stone pillar. With their loss, the Atlanteans were forced unnecessarily undersea, and their culture was lost forever.
Special Moves:
Wavemaster Left: Hold-D, (U+[LK]) (teleport)
Wavemaster Right: Hold-D, (U+[HK]) (teleport)
Spinning Trident: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Plasma Bolt: Hold-B, (F+[HP])
Bio-Stun Field: ([LK]+[MK]) (freeze)
Repulser Field: ([MK]+[HK]) (repulsion)
Bio-Drain Field: ([MP]+[HP]) (halves opponent's attack damage)
Depth Charge Field: ([LP]+[MP]) (slows opponent)
Liquid Mode: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK]) (escape)
Skill Moves:
Whirlpool Kick: B F ([LK]+[MK])
Neptune's Fury: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Tidal Wave: D DF F [HP]
Slash Spin Away: D DF F [LK]
Slash Spin Forward: D DF F [HK]
Vendetta: F F D F [LK] (close)
Ending: +/-

Xavier Pendragon Xavier
Full Name: Xavier Pendragon
Occupation: Warlock/Alchemist
Time Zone: 1692 A.D.
Fighting Style: Hapkido Cane Fighting
Stage Location: Salem
Xavier always made bad career choices, so it was no surprise that his last job ended in failure. After nailing still-smoking horseshoes onto the mayor's prized workhorse, Xavier found himself with a shack full of smithy tools and no job.
Stirred by a love for science, Xavier decided to try his hand at the age-old quest for the formula which would turn lead into gold. Instead, he found a way to create an unlimited source of cheap, clean-burning energy that would put Salem on the map forever in addition, Xavier found his alchemy had changed him, giving him strange new powers.
Before he could begin to use this power and document it for the good of future generations, Xavier found himself bound and gagged as the people of Salem carted him off to the town square. There they burned him at the stake for the false charge of being a warlock.
While some of Xavier's powers could be mistaken for witch-craft, they are all based on real science.
Special Moves:
Phantom Strike: ([MP]+[HP])
Dragon Trap: Hold-B, (F+[HP])
Attract & Smack: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Midas Touch: Hold-B, (F+[MP]) (freeze)
Swap Spell: ([LP]+[MP]) (switch places with opponent)
Possession: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (characters switch bodies for a short time, but still damage each others "soul" when hiding their own bodies.)
Confusion Spell: ([LK]+[HK]) (remaps d-pad)
Skill Moves:
Mystic Shield: Hold-B, (F+[MP]+[HP]) (attack reflect)
Wizards Wrath: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Snap Back: Hold-B, (F+[LP])
Dragons Bite: D DF F [HK]
Vendetta: D D B B [HK] (anywhere)
Ending: +/-

Hidden Characters:

Blast Blast
Real Name: Thomas Chavez
Occupation: Green Beret
Time Zone: 1955 A.D.
Fighting Style: Green Beret Technique
Stage Location: Song Hong Delta (Vietnam)
Blast was one of the first special forces agents to perform gun and weapon running to Vietnam. At this time, the U.S. was only involved in supporting the French effort to hold their influence over Vietnam. Blast, a chopper pilot, was tasked with the duty of making clandestine drops of weapons over the enemy lines.
Blast made many of his runs with a man named Redux. During his final run before scheduled for service back into the States, he ran into trouble. His final drop went fine and he was about to take off for base when Redux surprised him. It seems that Redux was a double agent for Vietnam. Redux pulled the pin on a grenade and ran from the helicopter that was about to lift-off. Because Blast was strapped for take-off, he was unable to remove his harness in time and was blown up in the resulting explosion.
If Blast was given a second chance, he would take out Redux before he could be double-crossed.
Special Moves:
Bungee Knife: D DF F [HP]
Self-Destruct: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Ground Swell: D U ([LP]+[MP])
Drop 'n Pop: B F ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Bungee Climb: D U [HP] ([HK] to release)
Grenade Toss: B F [LK]/[MK]/[HK]
Nitro Knuckles: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (close)
Skill Moves:
Hammerhead: D DF F [LP]
Salvo Attack: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Blast Shield: B F [LP]
Power Slide: D DB B [HK]
Vendetta: B B D D [MK] (anywhere)
Unlocking Blast:
In Contest Mode, play 200 matches to unlock Blast.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Ending: +/-

Chin Wo Chin Wo
Occupation: Acupuncturist
Time Zone: 1815 A.D.
Fighting Style: Monkey Kung-Fu
Stage Location: Stone Monkey Temple
Chin Wo was one of the best fighters in China but spent most of his time healing. One day, a cousin of the ruling class challenged Chin to a fight. Chin refused, knowing that if he won, it would surely mean his death. Chin, a proud man, wouldn't lose either. This left him only one choice which was not to fight. The cousin made life very hard on Chin but he wouldn't budge from his decision. Finally, in a last attempt to get Chin to fight, the cousin killed an innocent street beggar and framed Chin. He told Chin that he could get the charges dropped if Chin would consent to a public fight. Chin at this point saw death in either choice and chose to accept the murder charges rather than give the cousin what he most desired. This choice led to his head being separated from his neck in a public execution.
If Chin was to win a second chance, he would stop the death of the beggar and settle the fighting issue on his own terms.
Special Moves:
Heal: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Wood Elemental: ([MP]+[HP])
Water Elemental: B F ([LK]+[MK])
Metal Elemental: ([MK]+[HK])
Air Elemental: D DF F [LK]
Fire Elemental: D DF F [MP]
Needle Shot: B F [HP]
Skill Moves:
Ape Spit: B F ([MK]+[HK])
Iron Monkey Block: B F [LP]
Climb & Kick: B F [HK]
Drunken Monkey: D DB B [HK]
Vendetta: D D B D [MP]/D F D F [MP] (anywhere)
Unlocking Chin Wo:
In Contest Mode, play 300 matches to unlock Chin Wo.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Ending: +/-

Senator Senator
Occupation: Politician/Puppet of The Lobbyist
Time Zone: 1995 A.D.
Fighting Style: Dishonesty
Stage Location: Washington D.C.
The Senator made a living by voting the ways of special interest groups and creating issues to make himself popular. Given his lifetime membership in the good-old-boys club, he was surprised when he wasn't supported by his party for re-election.
It seems that he once voted for a human rights issue and his party was angry that humanity was considered above their personal profits.
When he lost in a landslide election after spending millions of his own money, he died of a massive heart attack.
Special Moves:
Red Tape: B F [MP]
Veto: B F ([LP]+[MP])
Impeach: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Ban Violence: B F [HK]
Diplomatic Immunity: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Donate: D DF F ([MK]+[HK])
Mud Slinger: Hold-B, (F+[LP]+[HP])
Skill Moves:
Rebuttal: B F [LP]
Voter Pin Stab: D DF F [HP]
Kickback: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Out of Office: D DB B [HK]
Vendetta: D D B D [HP] (anywhere)
Unlocking Senator:
Let the time run out in the winning round against every character you defeat in Contest Mode on Neophyte level.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Ending: +/-

Thanatos Thanatos
Occupation: God of Death
Time Zone: 1692 A.D.
Fighting Style: Fate, Time and Fisticuffs
Stage Location: Salem
In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the god of death. He dwelt with his brother Hypnos (Sleep) in the underworld.
He operated at his post without interruption until the year 1692 A.D., when during a routine pick-up of a soul, he was confronted by a force that was neither evil nor good.
This force seemed to exist in an indescribable middle ground that gave it powers that Thanatos was no match for. This force turned him into a mortal named Vaspian, a mortal who was thought to be a warlock and was hence killed during the witch hunts of Salem.
This force then took the form of death and has been performing the role ever since. It seems that this force is changing the rules of death by taking lives that aren't meant to be taken so soon, and other bizarre behavior.
Special Moves:
Muskateer: D DF F [HP]
Flying Guillotine: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (in air)
Witch Fire: D DB B [LK]/[MK]/[HK]
Iron Maiden: Hold-B, (F+[LP]+[MP])
Death Form: (Hold [LP]+[MP]+[HP]), (Release [LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Rack: B F [HK]
Death's Door: D U [LP]/[HP]
Skill Moves:
Tombstone: B F [LP]
Handman's Axe: D U [MK]
Corpsifier: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Rising Dead: D DF F [HK]
Vendetta: F F B B B [LP] (close)
Unlocking Thanatos:
Kill off Xavier in Contest Mode on Champion level using a Vendetta.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Ending: +/-

Crispy the Chicken Crispy the Chicken
Occupation: Livestock
Time Zone: 1967 A.D.
Fighting Style: Egg Fu
Special Moves:
Thrust Kick: Hold-B, (F+[HK]) (also in air)
Egg Throw: Hold-B, (F+[LP]/[MP] (also in air)
Claw Attack: D DF F [MK]
Farmer: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Skill Moves: N/A
Unlocking Crispy:
In Contest Mode, play 100 matches to unlock Crispy.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Hooter the Owl Hooter the Owl
Occupation: Familiar
Time Zone: 1692 A.D.
Fighting Style: Owl-Kwon Do
Special Moves:
Horizontal: B F [HP]
Retract: D DB B [LK]
Horizontal Up: Hold-B, (F +[MP]+[HP])
Horizontal Down: Hold-B, (F+[MK]+[HK])
Skill Moves:
Head Butt: (F+[MP])
Gain Altitude: D DF F [LK]
Spin Upper: D DF F [HP]
Unlocking Hooter:
In Single Player Tournament Mode, select the Double Elimination Tournament.
(do NOT change the number of CPU players)
Lose to your first opponent, then win every match thereafter.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Slither the Snake Slither the Snake
Occupation: Bar Pet
Time Zone: 1820 A.D.
Fighting Style: Brawling
Special Moves:
Chew: B F [HP]
Cartwheel: D DF F [MK]
Spit: B F [LP]
Tailspin: D DF F [HK]
1000 bite: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Skill Moves:
Lunge Strike: B F [MP]
Unlocking Slither:
In Single Player Tournament Mode, select the Dominator Tournament.
Set Match Condition to 3 out of 5.
Set the Characters Per Player to 13.
Set the Win Condition to 9 Win Domination.
Win the Tournament.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Yappy the Dog Yappy the Dog
Occupation: Pet
Time Zone: 1950 A.D.
Fighting Style: Shi Tzu Fu
Special Moves:
Sonic Bark: B F [MP]
Dirt Kick: B F [MK]
Whirlwind: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Hotdog: Hold-B, (F+[LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Skill Moves:
Mega Fangs: (F+[MP]/[HP]) (close)
Flashing Paws: D DF F [HK]
Leaping Bite: D DF F [HP]
Unlocking Yappy:
In Single Player Tournament Mode, choose Expert Survivor.
Defeat at least 8-10 characters and score 300 points or greater each time.
(Kill everyone with a Vendetta for an easy extra 150 points per round).

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Zuni the Monkey Zuni the Monkey
Occupation: Circus Entertainer
Time Zone: 1902 A.D.
Fighting Style: Monkey Fu
Special Moves:
Banana Toss: B F [MP]
Coconut Roll: B F [HP]
Face Slash: D DF F [HP] (close)
Skill Moves:
Cross Over: D DF F [MK] (close)
Cross Over 2: D DF F [HK] (close)
Unlocking Zuni:
Once you have found Chin Wo, use Controller One to Enter Duel mode and go to the Options menu.
Once there, set the number of rounds to '1 of 1' and the background Stage to 'Player 2'.
Return to Duel mode, choose your own character, then play against Chin Wo.
Keep playing until you can defeat Chin Wo with a Sudden Death.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Boss Characters:

The Eternal Champion The Eternal Champion (Sub-Boss)
Full Name: Unknown
Occupation: Time Guardian
Time Zone: 9999 A.D.
Fighting Style: Dragon, Tiger, Hawk and Shark
Stage Location: Eternity Complex
Special Moves:
1st Tier:
Normal Form:

Plasma Explosion: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Immaterial Invincibility: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Dragon Form:
Projectile Invulnerability: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Firestorm Barrage: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Hawk Form:
Defending Wind: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Flying Talons: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Shark Form:
Water Bubble: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Crushing Wave: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Tiger Form:
Wheel of Fire: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Hyper Speed: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
2nd Tier:
Normal Form:
Plasma Explosion: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Immaterial Invincibility: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Unicorn Form:
Light Blast: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Horn Shot: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Elephant Form:
Falling Earthmover: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Iron Wall Smasher: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Millipede Form:
Death Lock: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK]) (close)
Smack Attack: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP]) (close)
Electric Eel Form:
Electric Blast: ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Electric Trek: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])

Skill Moves: (Change Forms)
1st Tier:
Normal Style: B DB D DF F [LP]
Dragon Style: B DB D DF F [MP]
Hawk Style: B DB D DF F [HP]
Shark Style: B DB D DF F [LK]
Tiger Style: B DB D DF F [MK]
Random Style: B DB D DF F [HK]
2nd Tier:
Normal Style: B DB D DF F [LP]
Unicorn Style: B DB D DF F [MP]
Elephant Style: B DB D DF F [HP]
Millipede Style: B DB D DF F [LK]
Electric Eel Style: B DB D DF F [MK]
Random Style: B DB D DF F [HK]

Unlocking The Eternal Champion:
Beat Contest Mode with every character on Neophyte and Warrior.
(Try defeating Warrior level once with Raven or Champion level twice with Blast.)
Only available in Duel Mode.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
The Dark Champion The Dark Champion (Boss)
Full Name: Unknown
Occupation: ?
Time Zone: 9999 A.D.
Fighting Style: Tornado, Earthquake, Tidal Wave and Blizzard
Stage Location: Cimmerian Complex
Special Moves:
Thunder Clap: B F [MP]
Thunder Strike: B F [HP]
Fire Rain: D U [HK]
Snowball: D DF F [HK]
Rollin Rock: D DB B [LK]
Freeze: ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Boulders: D DB B [MP]
Fireball: D DF F [LK] (also in air)
Unlocking The Dark Champion:
Beat Contest Mode on Champion level,
Finishing every opponent with a Vendetta or Cinekill in each winning round without using a continue.
Only available in Duel Mode.

Alternatively, Use a Character Unlock Code to quickly unlock Characters.
Fighting Styles:

This Brazilian fighting style was founded over three centuries ago by African slaves. It is believed to have been originated by blacks in Angola, who performed the movements as a religious dance. In the 16th century, this "dance" was adapted into a fighting art as a defenses against the brutal slave traders. Capoeira is beautiful to watch because of its graceful cartwheels, handstands, handsprings, sweeps and flips. This grace combined with strength makes thus art lethal. Practitioners of this art are adept and evading attacks and countering with hands and feet. The foot motions involve a great deal of leg sweeps, leg blocks and kicks while in a handstand.
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Hapkido is a Korean martial art founded by Yong Shul Choi. Its style is a selective combination of several martial arts systems: power from Karate, leverage from Judo and Ki (spirit) from Akido. Hapkido is distinguished by three essential techniques: passitivity when opposing force, circular movements for countering and attacking, and absolute penetration of the opponents defenses. For instance, if the force is strong, it must be met with a soft reception; if the force is weak, it must be met with a strong reception. This union of techniques establishes a fluid and perpetual rhythm as well as constant mobility. Almost all hits and defensive actions are performed with the cane, which is used in place of arms and legs.
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Hsing-i Kung Fu:
Hsing-i is a Chinese boxing style of Taoist origin and development. It is devoted to the importance of uniting the body and mind as one. Hsing-i is considered one of the three classical internal arts. These arts are based on the cultivation of chi, which is the raw power of inner-strength. Hsing-i combines this metaphysical practice with physical movements derived from the five Chinese elements and the characteristics and movements of animals.
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Hung-Gar Kung Fu:
A style of Kung fu coming from the shaolin tradition of defensive arts. The system uses various movements, which imitate animals such as the tiger, leopard, heron, monkey and dragon. Techniques of the staff and nunchaku are in this style. This style is a balanced mixture of internal and external fighting principles.
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Jeet Kune Do:
This fighting style was conceived by the late martial artist Bruce Lee in 1967. It's name literally means "The Way of the intercepting fist". Jeet Kune Do, unlike other martial arts, does not use a specific set of rules or techniques to establish a distinct method. Instead it utilizes all ways and means to serve its end, therefore making it "free". As a martial arts form it possesses everything, while in itself it possesses nothing.
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This fighting style was developed in Hawaii, and is considered the only U.S. developed martial art.  The name contains the abbreviations for four fighting styles: Karate, Jujitsu, Kenpo and Bojitsu. Five masters worked to develop this art, each from a different style. The final result is a fighting style that can attack with a wide variety of strategies, speed and strengths.
Whether the fight is in the air, face to face or on the ground, Kajukenbo has a move and a strategy to match it.
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Kenpo teaches its disciples how to maneuver so that opponents unwittingly place themselves in vulnerable positions. It combines linear and circular moves, using intermittent power as needed. Like water, it flows through major and minor moves with fluid continuity. It is flexible in though as well as action.
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Muay Thai Kickboxing:
Muay Thai kickboxing is a mixture of powerful kicks and devastating body blows. The fighter uses fists, feet, knees and elbows to cause damage to the opponent. Kicks deliver massive blows to the opponent's legs, knees and thighs, making Muay Thai one of the bloodiest fighting styles in use today. It ranks as the most popular spectator sport in Thailand.
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Ninjitsu is the feudal Japanese discipline embracing bushido, espionage, commando warfare, occult powers and numerous martial arts practices. Due to many territorial and religious wars, Japanese mountain mystics were forced to develop the art to protect their families. The ninja, the practitioner of Ninjitsu is the cultural opposite of the samurai. The ninja not only masters traditional weapons, bit its also adept at using daggers, dirks, darts, brass knuckles, smoke bombs and a variety of poisons.
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This fighting style uses any move or attack that will cause pain or inflict damage. This includes eye-poking, neck throttling, nostril pulling and hair yanking. The most common weapon is a large wooden club, which early hunters could wield very effectively. One technique involves the spinal crush, in which the attacker jumps onto a foe and smashes the victim's head, compressing the spinal column. Another technique uses the "push off" lever for a high two-footed attack.
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Pencak Silat:
Pencak Silat, the national fighting art of Indonesia, dates back to the 6th century A.D. By the 14th century, the form was the polished property of the nobility, and commoners were barred from learning its tactics. Baru Silat, the Sumaturan form, employs hand actions to block, parry and cover.
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Praying Mantis Kung-Fu:
This southern style of Kung-Fu was founded in the 17th century by Wang Lang. The system relies heavily on fierce grasping movements, clawing attacks, kicks and punches for both offense and defense. Legend has it that Wang Lang once captured a praying mantis. took it home and studied it. He then combined the movements of the mantis with monkey style Kung-Fu to form his new system.
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Originating in France, Savate, with its foot and fist fighting style, emphasizes front side and round kicks to the knee, shin and instep. The hands are kept open and low to defend against groin kicks. Palm and heel strikes are used to attack the face, nose and eyes. Street fighters who practiced the art introduced both mid-level and high-level kicks.
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Shotowando was designed and practiced by only one man, Dawson McShane. It combines Shotokan, Kickboxing, Tai Chi and barroom brawling. In his life, Dawson fought many good fights. When truly beat, he would often convince his opponent to reveal his fighting style and tactics. This unusual combination of martial arts, dirty tricks and old-fashioned fist pounding made Dawson one of the most creative, cunning fighters of his day.
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Taijutsu is a system of unarmed combat similar to jujutsu and is a forerunner of modern judo.
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"Tao" foot; "kwon" fist; do "a way". A Korean form of karate, created in 1955 from the old training system of martial arts, tae-kyon, "unarmed combat". Based on an original Korean martial art of hwa-rang, it was combined with karate and kenpo during the Japanese occupation. The outcome is a combined art that concentrates on defense first and shuns the idea of leading the attack.
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Stages, Overkills & Sudden Deaths:

Stage: Black Orchid Rooftop
Time: 1993 AD
Background Used By: Shadow Yamoto

The opponent must be standing at either the left edge of the first neon symbol or the right edge of the third symbol. Connect with a Heavy attack that will force them towards the second symbol and you should get it.

Sudden Death:
The opponent must be standing on the left section of the fifth neon symbol and must be attacked so that they fall to the left.
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Stage: Chicago Theater
Time: 1920 AD
Background Used By: Larcen Tyler

The opponent must be positioned inline with the bricks that are on the outside of either set of doors to the theater. Hit them towards the doors.

Sudden Death:
The opponent must be positioned underneath the cornerstone of the theater on the right. Attack them so that they fall to the left and you're all set.
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Stage: The Cyber-Dome
Time: 2345 AD
Background Used By: R.A.X. Coswell

The opponent must stand in front of the statue in the middle of the stage.

Sudden Death:
On this left of this stage you'll notice that there are two smaller spotlights on the front of the large one. Position yourself and the opponent between them and boot them to the left.
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Stage: Great Rift Valley
Time: 50,000 BC
Background Used By: Slash

Simply smack your opponent off of the left most side of the arena.

Sudden Death:
Position your opponent inline with the shimmering volcano in the background and boot them to the left. They should land in front of the left volcano.
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Stage: Shores of Atlantis
Time: 110 BC
Background Used By: Trident

The opponent must be standing inline with either of the Mermaid statues. Strike your opponent towards the center of the arena to claim their Life.

Sudden Death:
Have your opponent stand in front of the second stone on the left side of the stage. Attack them from the right and you should get it.
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Stage: Belgrave Square Labs
Time: 2100 AD
Background Used By: Midknight

Your opponent must be standing in front of the center chamber on it's left. Attack them from the left and send them flying to the right. If done right they should drop down the trapdoor.

Sudden Death:
With the opponent underneath either the flashing red 'Auto Destruct' or 'Danger' screens attack them so that they are pushed towards the center of the stage.
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Stage: Salem
Time: 1692 AD
Background Used By: Xavier, Thanatos, Hooter

Your opponent must be standing on the second doorway to either the left o the right of the bonfire and stake. Attack them so that they fly back towards the fire.

Sudden Death:
Your opponent must be standing directly in front of the tree on the left side of the stage. Attack them from the right.
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Stage: Syrian Desert Refinery
Time: 2030 AD
Background Used By: Blade

Have the opponent stand on either the left or the right edge of the giant fan, and knock them into it.

Sudden Death:
Your opponent must be inline with the Sun in the background. Attack them from the right to make then land underneath the second metal band on the ceiling.
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Stage: Blue Dragon Circus
Time: 1899 AD
Background Used By: Jetta

The opponent must be standing in the far left corner when attacked.

Sudden Death:
The opponent must be standing in front of the right side curtain of the right tent entrance. Attack them from the left and all should be well.
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Stage: Off The Barbary Coast
Time: 1566 AD
Background Used By: Riptide

The enemy must be standing in the center of the stage, inline with the mast. Attack them from the right to seal their fate.

Sudden Death:
Have the foe stand on the left most side of the arena and boot them out of the screen.
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Stage: Abu Simbel Temple
Time: 151 BC
Background Used By: Ramses III

Position the enemy in front of either of the large Pharaoh statues in the background and send them flying towards the center of the stage.

Sudden Death:
Have your opponent land in front of the torch on the left of the altar.
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Stage: Shengo Village, Trinidad
Time: 1802 AD
Background Used By: Raven

Your opponent must be standing in front of the flaming skull on a pole on the right of the central cave. Strike them towards the right to start the overkill.

Sudden Death:
Have your opponent stand in front of the skull totem on the left side of the arena. Attack then from the left to execute the Overkill.
Return to Top
Stage: Hangtown Mine
Time: 1849 AD
Background Used By: Dawson

Position your opponent in the right end of the arena and attack without mercy.

Sudden Death:
Stand your opponent over the third wheel on the right and boot them to the left. If all goes well, they should land just between two flatbeds.
Return to Top
Stage: Stone Monkey Temple
Time: 1815 AD
Background Used By: Chin Wo

The opponent must be in the center of the archway.

Sudden Death:
Opponent stands a little left of the right side of the archway. Hit towards the center.
Return to Top
Stage: Song Hong Delta
Time: 1955 AD
Background Used By: Blast

Hit opponent into the clearing. (center of the stage)

Sudden Death:
Opponent must land a 1/2 screen away from the left of the tower. Attack from the right.
Return to Top
Stage: Washington DC
Time: 1995 AD
Background Used By: Senator

Simply floor the opponent in the far right corner of the arena.

Sudden Death:
Opponent must land on the right manhole cover.
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Character Unlock Codes:

To play as any of the special characters, go to the Final Stats screen and enter these codes with Controller Two:

Blast: [HP] B [MP] U [LP] [MK] [Mode] F U
Chin Wo: [MK] [HP] U [Mode] F [HK] [MK] U [MP] U
Senator: F [HK] [HK] B [Mode] [MK] D [LP] [LK] [LP] [Mode]
Thanatos: [Mode] [HK] [MP] [LK] [MK] U [MK] [MK] [MP] [HP] [HK]
Crispy: [Mode] U [HK] U [Mode] [MP] [MP] F [Mode] [LK] B
Hooter: [LP] [HK] F [LP] [MK] F [HP] [LK] [Mode] U
Slither: [MK] [MP] U U [HK] [LP] B U [LP] [MP]
Yappy: [MP] [MP] U D [HP] [Mode] D [HP] U U [LP] [MP]
Zuni: [MP] [LP] D [MK] [Mode] U [LP] U U B [HP] U

The next three characters can only be used in a two-player fight:

Eternal Number 1: [HK] B [MP] [MK] [Mode] [LP] F [HK] [Mode] D D F
Eternal Number 2: [LP] [HP] [LK] [Mode] D B [HK] [MK] F [MP] U [Mode] [MP] [HK]
Dark Champion: U [HK] [MK] [MK] [LP] F B [HK] [LP] F [MP] B D

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