Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (1995)
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DemitriJon TalbainVictorHsien-KoLord RaptorMorriganAnakaris
FeliciaBishamonRikuoDonovan BaineSasquatchHuitzilPyron
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away (Block)
UF = Up/Forward
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
DB = Down/Back (Low Block)
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
[LP] = Light Punch
[MP] = Medium Punch
[HP] = Heavy Punch
[LK] = Light Kick
[MK] = Medium Kick
[HK] = Heavy Kick
Sega Saturn:
[LP] = [X]
[MP] = [Y]
[HP] = [Z]
[LK] = [A]
[MK] = [B]
[HK] = [C]
XBOX 360:
[LP] = [X]
[MP] = [Y]
[HP] = [RB]
[LK] = [A]
[MK] = [B]
[HK] = [RT]

Px3 = [LB]
Kx3 = [LT]

[P] = Any Punch Button
[K] = Any Kick Button
[Px2] = Any 2 Punch Buttons Simultaneously
[Kx2] = Any 2 Kick Buttons Simultaneously
Px3 = ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
Kx3 = ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Block/Air Block:
Press B. You can even block in mid-air.

Press B B to Dash Backward.  Press F F to Dash Forward. (Victor can only dash backward).

Press (F+[MP]/[HP]/[MK]/[HK]) (not available for Anakaris).

You can recover from dizziness more quickly by pressing B/F and by pressing [P]/[K] rapidly. You can escape grab moves in this manner as well.

When your opponent falls, you can pursue and attack by pressing (U+[K]).

Standing Up:
When you fall, you can distance yourself from your opponent before you get up. Press B/F to perform this move.
Special Moves:
As you perform attack and special moves (whether or not they cause damage) or block your opponents' attacks the SPECIAL move gauge below your character's Vitality Gauge will begin to fill up. Once the gauge fills completely, the "SPECIAL" sign will light up and be replaced with a number. This number indicates the level or number of SPECIAL moves you can perform. For example, if your gauge becomes full, and the number changes from "2" to "3", you can now perform 3 SPECIAL moves before having to re-charge. SPECIAL moves are powerful moves that can be unleashed and do intense damage to your opponent.

If you don't consume a level, you can continue to charge your SPECIAL move gauge and build up even more moves (limited stock available). Stocked moves can be used in a following round if you like, but do not carry over to a new match.

ES Moves:
There are 2 types of SPECIAL moves. The first are called ES moves. (Enhanced Special), which are enhanced versions of some of the special moves. When you have remaining stock in the SPECIAL gauge, enter the Directional Button command for the move, followed by 2 or more buttons simultaneously. For example, if the special move requires you to press a Punch button at the end of the move, you can execute the ES move by pressing 2 or more Punch button simultaneously instead of one. ES moves damage your opponent more than the original special move would and knock down your opponent. Not all special moves have ES moves. Look for the ES symbol listed next to the move.

EX Moves:
EX move (Extra Special) are extremely powerful moves that can be performed when you have stock built up in your SPECIAL move gauge. Each character has more than one of these EX moves. Experiment with different Directional Button motions and attack buttons to perform these EX moves.
Selectable Characters:

Anakaris Anakaris
Birthplace: Egypt
Birth Date: 2664 BC
Height: 8'9"
Weight: 18 oz to 1212 lb (variable)
Anakaris was once the greatest warrior Pharaoh, and now, nearly 5,000 years later, he intends to prove that he is still the greatest warrior in existence.
Special Moves:
Spirit Inhale: D DB B [K] (also in air, captures an opponent's projectile)
Spirit Exhale: D DF F [K] (also in air, can exhale as many times as you want after first inhale)
Coffin Dance: ([LP]+[LK])/([MP]+[MK])/([HP]+[HK]) (press two sets of matching strength buttons to ES this attack,  pressing B/F determines distance)
Pharaoh's Curse: D DF F [P] (in air, curses opponents on hit, cursed opponents cannot attack or block)
Cobra Blow: B F [P] (a long reaching attack)
Mummy Drop: D DF F [P] (grab, non ES versions can be crouched, mash for additional damage)
Super Moves:
1SB Pharaoh Magic: [MK] [LP] D [LK] [MP] (a slow projectile attack)
1SB Pharaoh Split: [LP] [LP] D [MK] [HK] (allows Anakaris to fight with his body split in half)
1SB Hell Hole: B DB D DF F [Kx2] (unblockable attack)
Bishamon Bishamon
Birthplace: Japan
Birth Date: 1673
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 132 lb
Bishamon was charged with protecting his land and his people. To do so, he donned a forbidden suit of armor and a cursed sword. Due to the effects of these forbidden items, he has never rested from his duty. He has a noble heart, however, and still defends his honor.
Special Moves:
Mitama Nuki: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Upper Slash: F D DF [P] (guard cancel, only usable as a reversal or guard cancel, or after Kaeshi Ha)
Spirit Hold: U UF F [P] (in air, a projectile attack)
Soul Stun: B DB D DF F [P] (a projectile attack with follow ups)
   Storm Slash: D DF F [P] (after Hane Ha connects, slashes your opponent)
   Soul Summon: (B+[P]) (after Hane Ha connects, pulls your opponent to you)
Multiple Upper Slash: U B D F U (360), [P] (close, grab)
Quick Slash (High): Hold-B, (F+[P]) (a long range slashing attack)
Quick Slash (Low): Hold-B, (F+[K]) (a long range slashing attack)
Super Moves:
1SB Soul Choke: F DF D DB B [Px2] (command grab only from a specific range, mash for more hits and damage)
1SB Ghost Soldiers: B DB D DF F [Kx2] (a multi-hitting attack)
Demitri Demitri Maximoff
Birthplace: Romania
Birth Date: 1483
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 223 lb
Demitri has called together the Darkstalkers to prove he is still lord of the night. Even after 500 years, his fighting skills have not dulled, and he is up to any new challenge.
Special Moves:
Demon Fly: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Chaos Flare: D DF F [P] (also in air, a projectile attack)
Demon Cradle: F D DF [P] (can be done from B B / F F guard cancel, a rising uppercut style attack)
Bat Spin: D DB B [K] (also in air, Demitri teleports before performing a diving drill attack)
Negative Stolen: U B D F U (360), [MP]/[HP] (close, command grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Midnight Pleasure: D F DF [Px2] (close, grab)
1SB Demon Billion: D F DF [Kx2] (a multiple projectile attack)
Donovan Baine Donovan Baine
Birthplace: ???
Birth Date: ???
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 216 lb
An enigmatic man with a mysterious background (one that he never talks about), Donovan travels the world searching for and battling against the forces of darkness. Some have speculated that his family was destroyed by one or more of the Darkstalkers, while others believe that he may be descended from one of them. Whatever the reason, he is a cold, efficient fighting machine.
Although he normally travels alone, he has become the protector of a young girl who has been living in a state of near shock since the destruction of her family at the hands of the Darkstalkers. He feels that this emotionless child may hold the key to his destiny. She has the power to detect the Darkstalkers, and now leads the Dark Hunter to them, wherever they are.
Special Moves:
Killshred Plant: ([LP]+[LK])/([MP]+[MK]/[HP]+[HK]) (unequips Killshred)
Killshred Summon: ([LP]+[LK])/([MP]+[MK]/[HP]+[HK]) (after Killshred Plant, also in air, calls Killshred back, strength determines distance thrown before coming back)
Flame Sword: F D DF [P] (guard cancel, a rising flame attack)
Blizzard Sword: B DB D DF F [P] (a projectile attack, no follow-up allowed on frozen opponent)
Lightning Sword: B D DB [P] (a local projectile attack, mash for more damage and hits)
Sword Grapple: F DF D DB B [P] (close, grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Spirit Crusher: B DB D DF F [K] (button determines location, hits overhead)
1SB Change Immortal: [MP] [LP] B [LK] [MK] (direct with U and D)
Felicia Felicia
Birthplace: Las Vegas, California, USA
Birth Date: 1967
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lb
Felicia is an exotic battle dancer. The youngest of the Darkstalkers, she intends to prove her strength to all.
Special Moves:
Flip Cat: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Sand Splash: D DF F [K] (guard cancel, a projectile attack)
Rolling Buckler: D DF F [P] (a forward-moving attack with follow ups)
   Rising Claw: [P] (after Rolling Buckler, a rising uppercut style attack)
Rolling Scratch: D DB B [P] (a forward-moving attack with follow ups)
   Scratch Attack: [P] (a follow up attack from Rolling Scratch)
Delta Kick: B D DB [K] (a forward moving attack)
Hellcat: F DF D DB B [MK]/[HK] (close, grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Rolling Fury: F D DF [Px2] (a forward-moving attack that initiate an automatic combo)
1SB Please Help Me!: B DB D DF F [Kx2] (a projectile attack that calls Felicia's friends)
Hsien-Ko Hsien-Ko
Birthplace: China
Birth Date: 1730
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 95 lb
Lei-Lei and her sister were born in the 1700s, during one of China's more turbulent periods. While they were still young girls, their mother was killed by one of the Darkstalkers (probably Demitri). Not knowing of the evil that had taken their mother, the girls set off to find out what had happened only to fall themselves to the forces of darkness. As they breathed their last breath, they each made a vow; one to free (or avenge) the spirit of their mother; the other to avenge themselves against the powers of the night by destroying the Darkstalkers.
Their spirits joined into one body after their death and they became the ghost Hsien-Ko. Although they have yet to realize it, they are rapidly becoming what they swore to destroy! They now race against time to complete their tasks before their humanity drains away completely.
Special Moves:
Houten: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Dark Artillery: D DF F [P] (projectile attack that throws random items, heavy version hits overhead)
Phantom Reverb: D DB B [P] (also in air, guard cancel, projectile attack that reflects projectiles)
Cyclone Blade Dance: F D DF [P] (also in air, pendulum attack, press [K] to cancel swing)
Houten Geki: F DF D DB B [MP]/[HP] (close, grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Ground Ghost Blade: B DB D DF F [Kx2] (projectile attack that causes blades to ruse from the ground)
1SB Spikes From Heaven: [LK] [HK] [MP] [MP] U (overhead attack that makes projectiles fall from the sky)
Jon Talbain Jon Talbain (Gallon in Japan)
Birthplace: England
Birth Date: 1940
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 154 lb
Jon inherited the family curse of lycanthropy early in his life. At first he sought an escape from his curse but now has come to accept what he is.
Special Moves:
Canyon Flyer: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Beast Cannon (Forward): D DF F [P] (a forward-moving attack)
Beast Cannon (Rising): F D DF [P] (guard cancel, a forward-moving attack)
Beast Cannon (Diving): UF, F DF [P] (in air, a forward-moving attack)
   Cannon Direction Change: (also in air, you can change direction 5 times if you used the ES Beast Cannon)
Climb Laser: D U [K] (an anti air rising kick attack)
Million Flicker: B D DB [P] (a multi-hit nunchuck attack)
Wild Circular: F DF D DB B [MK]/[HK] (close, grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Dragon Cannon: F DF D DB B [Px2] (a large projectile attack)
1SB Mirage Body: B DB D DF F [Kx2] (causes mirror images to attack after Talbain, causing big damage and building a lot of meter)
Lord Raptor Lord Raptor (Zabei Zarock in Japan)
Birthplace: Australia
Birth Date: 1889
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 86 lb
Lord Raptor is an aristocrat who believes he should bear the title of 'Lord of the Night.' Although born during the Victorian age, he finds modern speed metal music more to his liking.
Special Moves:
Air Catastrophy: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Death Hurricane: D DB B [K] (also in air, guard cancel, a forward-moving rising attack)
Skull Sting: D U [K] (also in air, a leaping attack)
Skull Punish: F DF D DB B [P] (close, grab)
Hell's Gate: B DB D DF F [K] (teleport)
Super Moves:
1SB Evil Scream: F B [Px2] (a long range attack)
1SB Death Voltage: F DF D DB B [Kx2] (also in air, a forward-moving rising attack)
1SB Hell Dunk: F D DF [Px2] (unblockable against grounded opponents)
Morrigan Morrigan Aensland
Birthplace: Scotland
Birth Date: 1678
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128 lb
Morrigan takes her last name from an ancient queen of Scotland. She is known as a temptress, and a mistress of the night. She wishes to become 'Queen of the Night.'
Special Moves:
Sexual Embrace: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Soul Fist: D DF F [P] (a projectile attack)
Air Soul Fist: U UF F [P] (in air, a projectile attack)
Shadow Blade: F D DF [P] (guard cancel, a rising uppercut style attack)
Vector Drain: F DF D DB B [MP]/[HP] (close, grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Darkness Illusion: [LP] [LP] F [LK] [HP] (also in air, a forward-moving attack that initiates an automatic combo)
1SB Valkyrie Turn: F DF D DB B [K], [P]/[K] (also in air, strength determines height of return press [P]/[K] for follow-up)
1SB Astral Vision: [LP] [LP] F [MP] [HP] (also in air, creates a mirror image of Morrigan on that other side of her opponent, the clone can throw projectiles too)
Rikuo Rikuo (Aulbath in Japan)
Birthplace: Brazil
Birth Date: 1953
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 137 lb
Believed to be the last of his aquatic race, Rikuo searches the world for news of others of his kind.
Special Moves:
Tongue Lash 2nd: B (a follow up to Rikuo's grab)
Cataract Cry: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Trick Fish: B B [K] (a rising, forward-moving attack)
Poison Breath: D DF F [K] (causes stun state on hit)
Screw Shot: B F [P] (a forward-moving attack)
Sonic Wave: D DF F [P] (guard cancel, holds opponent on hit)
Crystal Lancer: F DF D DB B [MP]/[HP] (close, grab)
Sky Neptune: F DF D DB B [MK]/[HK] (close, grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Aqua Spread: F DF D [Px2]/[Kx2] (hold [Px2] and then release for geyser, kick version tracks)
1SB Sea Rage: B DB D DF F [Px2] (a multi-hit ground projectile)
1SB Water Jail: F D DF [Px2] (unblockable, holds opponent)
1SB Direct Scissors: D D [Px2] (only the original color palette can use this, level 1 super, hits overhead)
Sasquatch Sasquatch
Birthplace: British Columbia, Canada
Birth Date: 1903
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 397 lb
Leader of an ancient race of snow people, Sasquatch has decided to make the outside world aware of his people.
Special Moves:
Big Air: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Big Typhoon: F D DF [K] (guard cancel, a forward-moving attack)
Big Towers: D D [P] (an anti air attack)
Big Swing: U B D F U (360), [MK]/[HK] (close, grab)
Big Snow: D DF F [P] (no follow-up allowed on frozen opponent)
Big Brunch: F DF D DB B [MP]/[HP] (close, grab, allows a follow-up attack on frozen opponent)
Big Cyclone: D DB B [K] (also in air, air ES version sets up a juggle state)
Super Moves:
1SB Big Freeze: B DB D DF F [Px2] (a beam projectile attack)
1SB Big Ice Burn: B DB D DF F [Kx2] (unblockable against grounded opponents)
Victor Von Gerdenheim Victor Von Gerdenheim
Birthplace: Germany
Birth Date: 1830
Height: 8'1"
Weight: 507 lb
Victor is the creation of the mad doctor von Gerdenheim. While his creator is long gone, Victor still struggles to find his place in the world.
Special Moves:
Graviton Knuckle: D U [P] (only works after grabbing with [MP]/[HP], before the first headbutt)
Megathrow: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Gyro Crush: D DB B [P] (a lariat style attack)
Giga Burn: D DB B [K] (guard cancel, a rising, forward-moving attack)
Giga Buster: Charge B F [K] (a forward-moving attack, hits low)
Giga Hammer: Charge B F [P] (a forward-moving attack)
Mega Shock: D DF F [MK]/[HK] (close, grab)
Mega Spike: U B D F U (360), [MP]/[HP] (close, grab)
Super Moves:
1SB Thunder Break: Charge D U [Px2] (a ground projectile attack)
1SB Great Gerdenheim: B DB D DF F [Kx2] (F+[P] to follow up with a grab)
Boss Characters:

Huitzil Huitzil (Sub-Boss) (Phobos in Japan)
Birthplace: Mexico
Birth Date: 520 AD
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 2.27 t
Constructed to be the ultimate guardian, Huitzil has been programmed by the ancient Mayan people to protect Central America from great evil, and from any other outside threat.
Special Moves:
Sky Capture: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Plasma Beam: D DF F [P] (a beam projectile attack)
Might Launcher: D DF F [K] (a missile launcher projectile attack)
Circuit Scrapper: F DF D DB B [MP]/[HP] (close, grab)
Reflect Wall: F D DF [P] (also in air, guard cancel only)
Genocide Vulcan: B D DB [P] (an up-forward projectile attack)
Super Moves:
1SB Confusioner: F D DF [Kx2] (opponents ht by this can still attack, but cannot move or block)
1SB Final Guardian: F DF D DB B [Kx2] (a sweeping, short-range projectile attack)
Pyron Pyron (Boss)
Birthplace: Planet Hellstorm
Birth Date: 1991
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Pyron is the supreme overlord of his world. He is a being composed of almost pure energy that can take solid form. Being a totally unnatural creature, he feels that he should be the lord of the Darkstalkers.
Special Moves:
Galactic Throw: (B/D/F+[MP]/[HP]) (in air, close, while in the air, grab an airborne opponent)
Sol Smasher: D DF F [P] (strength determines angle)
Air Sol Smasher: U UF F [P] (in air, strength determines angle)
Zodiac Fire: F D DF [P] (guard cancel, a forward-moving attack)
Orbital Blaze: D DB B [K] (in air, a forward-moving attack)
Planet Burning: F DF D DB B [MP]/[HP] (close, grab)
Galaxy Trip: B D DB [P]/[K] (also in air, teleport)
Super Moves:
1SB Cosmo Disruption (Close): B DB D DF F [Px2]
1SB Cosmo Disruption (Far): B DB D DF F [Kx2]