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Slim Shady
Mission Statement:
Our goal at Fighter's Nirvana is to provide clear and accurate fighting game move-lists for every fighting game possible.  We have a deep love for the fighting game genre, however we feel that the majority of fighting game fan-sites are pandering to either Street Fighter fans, or core fighting game fans.  Our goal is to present each game in a neutral, easy to read and understand system.
Request a Guide:
Is there a guide that you're looking for that isn't available yet?  Let us know.  We'll let you know if the guide is on our to-do list, and who knows, if it's a game that I like, it may move up the list.
Feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions.
We are always looking for move-list submissions, if you're willing to donate your move-lists for a fighting game that you don't see represented at our site, then please submit it to us via e-mail, either simply in a notepad file and let us convert it into HTML for website viewing, or in your own HTML coding.
If you would prefer to send us images, or suggest alteration or additions to any information, feel free to do so.