The Combatribes (1990/1992)
Move List - Super Nintendo
H. SquadL. FishFatsG. TerrorK. KlownSalamander
S. FreaksW. RiotTrashWindwalkerEnforcerM. Blaster
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Walk Up
D = Walk Down
B = Walk Left
F = Walk Right
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
Punch: [Y]/[X]
Side Kick: [B]/[A]
Run: B B/F F
Charge Move: [B]/[A] (while running)
Double Head Bash: Stand between two gang members and press [Y]/[X].
Asphalt Kisser: Walk over to an enemy that is on the ground. Press (D+Tap [B]/[A]).
The Big Spin: Walk over to an enemy's feet that is on the ground. Press (D+Tap [Y]/[X]).
Back Cracker: Press D-Pad in direction of gang member that is on the ground. Press [B]/[A].
Selectable Characters:

Berzerker Berzerker
Berzerker is the best all around fighter. He is fast on his feet and is quick to the punch. Berzerker also has the street smarts that will help you outwit Martha's thugs.
Weapon: None
Punch: [Y]
Side Kick: [B]/[A]
Running Knee: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A] (while running)
Energy Ball: (Hold [X]+[A]), (Release when fully charged)
Block: ([L]+[R])
Bullova Bullova
Bullova is slow on his feet, but he packs a mean punch. He has the strength and endurance it takes to battle the hard-core street thugs.
Weapon: None
Punch: [Y]
Side Kick: [B]/[A]
Running Punch: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A] (while running)
Energy Ball: (Hold [X]+[A]), (Release when fully charged)
Block: ([L]+[R])
Blitz Blitz
Blitz is quick on his feet but lacks strength and endurance. His speed is an important weapon to use when you go up against the street slaves.
Weapon: None
Punch: [Y]
Side Kick: [B]/[A]
Flying Kick: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A] (while running)
Energy Ball: (Hold [X]+[A]), (Release when fully charged)
Block: ([L]+[R])
H. Squad H. Squad
Weapon: None
Uppercut: [Y]
Overhead Bash: [B]/[A]
Running Uppercut: [Y]/[X] (while running)
Running Overhead Bash: [B] (while running)
Flying Headbutt: [A] (while running)
Rapid Overhead Bash: ([X]+[A])
Block: ([L]+[R])
L. Fish L. Fish
Weapon: Broken Bottle
Bottle Smash: [Y]
Bottle Jab: [B]/[A]
Running Bottle Smash: [Y]/[X] (while running)
Running Bottle Jab: [B]/[A] (while running)
Rapid Bottle Jab: ([X]+[A])
Block: ([L]+[R])
Fats Fats
Weapon: Wooden Board
Overhead Lumber Bash: [Y]
Lumber Bash: [B]/[A]
Lumber Ram: [Y]/[B]/[A] (while running)
Wild Lumber Bash: ([X]+[A])

Notes: Fats can't block. He loses his Lumber when his health reaches 50%.
Fats [Without the board]
Weapon: None
Hook: [Y]
Jab: [B]/[A]
Running Hook: [Y]/[X] (while running)
Running Jab: [B]/[A] (while running)
Rapid Jab: ([X]+[A])

Note: Fats can't block.
G. Terror G. Terror
Weapon: Cane
Cane Stab: [Y]
Jumping Knee Kick: [B]/[A]
Running Cane: [Y]/[X] (while running)
Running Jumping Knee Kick: [B]/[A] (while running)
Rapid Side Kick: ([X]+[A])
Block: ([L]+[R])
K. Klown K. Clown
Weapon: Two Juggling pins
Horizontal Hit: [Y]
Jump: [B]
Summersault Kick: [A]
Running Horizontal Hit: [Y] (while running)
Roll Attack: [B] (while running)
Running Summersault Kick: [A] (while running)
Hurricane Kick: ([X]+[A])
Float: ([L]+[R])
During Jump:
Double pin swing: [Y]/[X]
Summersault Kick: [B]/[A]
During Float:
Falling Hurricane Kick: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A]
Note: K.Clown can't block.
Salamander Salamander
Weapon: Torch
Fire Breath: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A]
Disappear: ([L]+[R])
Note: Salamander loses his torch when his health reaches 50%.
He can still be hit while invisible. He cannot block.
Salamander [Without the torch]
Weapon: None
Horizontal Chop: [Y]
Mongolian Chop: [B]/[A]
Running Horizontal Chop: [Y] (while running)
Running Mongolian Chop: [B]/[A] (while running)
Jumping Spin Kick: ([X]+[A])
Disappear: ([L]+[R])
Note: Salamander can still be hit while invisible. He cannot block.
S. Freaks S. Freaks
Weapon: Hockey Stick
Horizontal Slash: [Y]/[X]
Knee Bash: [B]
Overhead Bash: [A]
Speed Up: ([L]+[R])
Note: S. Freaks can't block.
He also can't stay still; he will always go in the direction he faces.
When he reaches the wall, he'll turn back automatically.
Trash Trash
Weapon: Sledge Hammer
Hammer Swing: [Y]
Kick: [B]/[A]
Running Hammer Swing: [Y] (while running)
Running Kick: [B]/[A] (while running)
Wild Hammer Swing: ([X]+[A])
Block: ([L]+[R])
Note: Trash has a second hammer swing when you fight against him in Story mode.
He doesn't have it here.
W. Riot W. Riot
Weapon: Knife
Knife Jab: [Y]
Jumping High Kick: [B]
High Kick: [A]
Running Knife Slice: [Y] (while running)
Running Knife Stab: [X] (while running)
Running Jumping High Kick: [B] (while running)
Running Knife Dive: [A] (while running)
Rapid Knife Jab: ([X]+[A])
Block: ([L]+[R])
Note: W. Riot is the most powerful normal enemy in the game.
His knife deals a lot of damage.
Windwalker Wind-Walker
Weapon: Tomahawk
Lunging Axe Swing: [Y]
Axe Swing: [B]/[A]
Running Axe Slice: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A] (while running)
Rapid Axe Swing: ([X]+[A])
Note: Wind-Walker can't block while he's holding the Tomahawk.
when his health reaches 50%, he lets go of it.
Wind Walker [without the Tomahawk]
Weapon: None
Punch: [Y]
Side Kick: [B]/[A]
Running Punch: [Y] (while running)
Running Side Kick: [B]/[A] (while running)
Shoulder Tackle: ([X]+[A])
Block: ([L]+[R])
Enforcer Enforcer
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Overhead Rifle Bash: [Y]
Standing Shot: [B]
Kneeling Shot: [A]
Running Rifle Bash: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A] (while running)
Rapid Rifle Bash: (Hold [X]+[A])
Block: ([L]+[R])
M. Blaster M. Blaster
Weapon: Cybernetic palms, Chest rifle, spike knees, rocket pack.
Cyborg Arm Jab: [Y]
Jump: [X]
Rounding Kick: [B]
Special Shot: [A]
Running Gut Slice: [Y]/[X] (while running)
Running Kick: [B]/[A] (while running)
Turbo Jet: ([L]+[R])
While Jumping:
Jumping Kick: [Y]/[B]/[A]
Spinning Kick: [Y]/[B]/[A] (at highest point)
Note: His attacks do a lot of damage, but they're very slow to come out.
He is left open a lot of the time, and if they are blocked, he will get hurt.
Martha Martha Splatterhead
Weapon: Her body, high heeled shoes
Punch: [Y]
Jump: [X]
Front Kick: [B]
Elbow Jab: [A]
Running Punch: [Y] (while running)
Running Jump: [X] (while running)
Running Front Kick: [B] (while running)
Running Elbow Jab: [A] (while running)
Reverse High Kick: ([L]+[R])
While Jumping:
Jumping Kick: [Y]/[X]/[B]/[A]
Diving Heel Kick: [A] (at highest point)
Notes: She's extremely fast, and very powerful. Has decent range as well.
But most hits will send her flying backwards because her body isn't as heavy as say, Fats or M. Blaster.
Versus Mode Passwords:
0917 - Unlocks H. Squad, L. Fish and Fats
1180 - Unlocks G. Terror, K. Clown and Salamander
5093 - Unlocks S. Freaks and Trash
4949 - Unlocks W. Riot and Wind Walker
9207 - Unlocks Enforcer, M. Blaster and Martha Splatterhead

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