X-MEN vs. Street Fighter (1996)
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MagnetoJuggernautDhalsimM. Bison
GambitRogueCammyCharlie Nash
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[LP] = Light Punch
[MP] = Medium Punch
[HP] = Heavy Punch
[LK] = Light Kick
[MK] = Medium Kick
[HK] = Heavy Kick

Taunt = Taunt
[LP] = [□]
[MP] = [Δ]
[HP] = [L1]
[LK] = [X]
[MK] = [○]
[HK] = [R1]

Taunt =

[Px3] = [L2]
[Kx3] = [R2]
Sega Saturn:
[LP] = [X]
[MP] = [Y]
[HP] = [Z]
[LK] = [A]
[MK] = [B]
[HK] = [C]

Taunt = D D ([L]+[R])

[Px3] = [R]
[Kx3] = [L]

[P] = Any Punch
[K] = Any Kick
[Px2] = Any 2 Punch Buttons Simultaneously
[Kx2] = Any 2 Kick Buttons Simultaneously
[Px3] = ([LP]+[MP]+[HP])
[Kx3] = ([LK]+[MK]+[HK])
Hyper Combo Gauge:
When you perform certain moves your Hyper Combo Gauge will fill up little by little. When the Gauge gets full, you can perform advanced moves like Hyper Special Moves, Variable counters, Variable Hyper Combo Specials, etc... The maximum number of full Hyper Combo Gauges you can store is 3 for normal or turbo mode and 2 for auto mode.

Hyper Special Combo:
This can be performed when your Hyper Combo Gauge is full. This can cause tremendous damage to your opponent is you combine a very strong move or Special Move with the Hyper Special Combo.

Variable Hero Battle:
There are 2 methods to bring in your 2nd "support" character into battle with you.

Variable Counter: While blocking, B DB D [P]/[K]
While blocking, your support character can help you get out of a tight squeeze.
While blocking an attack, your support character attacks the opponent and knocks the opponent back.

Variable Combination: D DF F ([LP]+[LK]/[MP]+[MK]/[HP]+[HK])
This is when both your team members appear on the screen at the same time and attack using their Hyper Special Combos. This is a very powerful move is performed at the right time.
*You must have at least 2 full meters on your Hyper Combo Gauge.

Aerial Raves:
Normal moved that fling your opponent up in the air will start an Aerial Rave.
*Aerial Rave starting move varies per character.
Once you initiate the Aerial Rave you can do the super jump by pressing U. If you time it right, you will follow your opponent in the air and be able to continue attacking him.
*In auto mode you can initiate an Aerial Rave by pressing the ([LP]+[LK]).

Hyper Cancel/Recovery Gauge System:

Hyper Cancel:
When your attack hits your opponent and you execute the Hyper Special Combo quickly, you can make it one continuous combo called a Hyper Cancel. in addition if you are quick enough with your Hyper Cancels you can connect different Hyper Special Combos to create monstrous, continuous combos.

Recovery Gauge System:
If you receive damage from your opponent and then avoid your opponent's next attacks for awhile, you can slowly recover the red portion of your physical energy gauge. More recovery time is required for damage received from continuous attacks than damage received from 1 hit attacks.

General Moves:

Dash: F F/B B/(F+[Px3])/(B+[Px3])
Move faster than a standard walk.

Super Jump: D U/[Kx3] (B/F to move)
Jump much higher than a standard jump. During a Super Jump you can move right or left and perform moves many times.

Block/Air Block: B
Hold away from opponent.

Throwing/Grappling: (B/F+[MP]/[HP]) (close)
Depending on your character, you will either throw your opponent away from your or grab them and attack.

When the opponent is being thrown or while he is down, your can still attack.

Recovery Roll:
When you get knocked down, press B DB D [P]/[K] will allow you to roll and get up quickly so you can avoid chasing attacks. This should be performed before you hit the ground.

Advancing Guard:
You can push away opponent's attacks by blocking an attack and pressing [Px3].

Chain Combo: [LP] [MP] [HP]/[LK] [MK] [HK]
Press the attack buttons in order quickly to rapid-hit opponent.

Tech Hit:
A Tech Hit is an escape from a throw.
Once you are grabbed or at the moment you are thrown you must press (U/D/B/F+[MP]/[HP]) A Tech Hit will limit the amount of damage that is inflicted by a normal throw or grab.

If you are attacked continuously and lose a lot of damage in a short amount of time, you can become dizzy.
To lessen the amount of time you are dizzy and unable to move press B/F as fast as you can will pressing [P]/[K].
*This technique will also work as a Tech Hit in some cases.

Cyclops Cyclops
Scott Summers, better known as Cyclops discovered his mutant ability to direct and control his powerful Optic Blast, a powerful energy beam emitting from his eyes, during his difficult childhood. Having lost his parents at an early age and raised in an orphanage, he was eventually found by Charles Xavier and became the first member of the original X-Men.
Unique Attacks:
Double Jump: U (in air)
Optic Bullet: (D+[HP])
Double Fist: [LP] [LP]
Double Leg: [LK] [LK]
Double Kick: [HK] [HK]
Special Moves:
Optic Blast: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Rising Uppercut: F D DF [P] (Tap [P])
Cyclone Kick: D DB B [K]
Optic Sweep: F DF D [P]
Rapid Punch: F F ([LP]+[LK]) (Tap [P]/[K])
Neck Breaker Drop: F F ([HP]+[HK])

Hyper Combos:
Mega Optic Blast: D DF F [Px2]
Super Optic Blast: F DF D [Px2] (also in air, direct beam with joystick)
Gambit Gambit
Born and raised in the sultry atmosphere of New Orleans, Remy Lebeau, better known as Gambit soon learned the tricks of his trade. A member of the Thieves Guild of New Orleans, his natural athletic abilities and his mutant power to charge any object with kinetic energy and throw it like a projectile with devastating effect made him one of the best thieves around.
Unique Attacks:
Special Moves:
Kinetic Card: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Trick Card: D DB B [P]
Cajun Slash: F D DF [P]
Cajun Escape: Hold-D, (UB/U/UF+[P])
   Downward Slash: (B/F+[P]) (after Cajun Escape)
Cajun Strike: Hold-D, (UB/U/UF+[K]) (leap with B/F)

Hyper Combos:
Royal Flush: D DF F [Px2]
Juggernaut Juggernaut
When Cain Marko entered into the secret temple of Cyttorak, he had no idea he would emerge as an unstoppable force of evil! Grabbing the ruby of Cyttorak, Marko was transformed into Juggernaut, villainous arch-foe of the X-Men.
Unique Attacks:
Double Punch: [LP] [LP]
Forward Punch: (F+[HP])
Special Moves:
Earthquake Punch: F DF D [P]
Juggernaut Punch: B DB D DF F [P]
Juggernaut Body Press: B DB D DF F [K] (also in air)
Nail Slam: D DB B [K]
Cyttorak Power-Up: F D DF [Px2]

Hyper Combos:
Juggernaut Head Crush: D DF F [Px2]
Magneto Magneto
The master of magnetism, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr will stop at nothing to see his dream of mutant domination over the world realized! At one time a close friend of Professor X, Lehnsherr now hides his features behind the fearsome helmet of Magneto. the Master of Magnetism is the enemy of the X-Men and is one of the most feared villains in the Marvel Univrse.
Unique Attacks:
Air Dash: (U/D/B/F+[Px3]) (in air)
Angled Kick: (D+[LK]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Electromagnetic Disruptor: B DB D DF F [P] (also in air)
Hyper Gravitation: F DF D DB B [K]
Magnetic Force Field: B DB D DF F [K]
Magnetic Blast: U UF F [P] (in air)
Flight: D DB B [K] (also in air, do again to land)

Hyper Combos:
Magnetic Shockwave: D DF F [Px2]
Magnetic Tempest: D DF F [Kx2]
Rogue Rogue
Rogue has a past that is shrouded in mystery. Her mutant ability to absorb other people's powers and villainous memories first manifested itself when she was a teenager. After leaving the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, she would eventually join forces wit the X-Men, seeking help in dealing with her mutant powers. Since then, she has become one of the X-Men's strongest members.
Unique Attacks:
Air Dash: F F/[Px3] (in air)
Diving Kick: (D+[HK])
Special Moves:
Repeating Punch: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Rising Repeating Punch: F D DF  [P] (Tap [P])
Power Drain: D DB B [K]
   Release Power: D DF F [K] (after Power Drain)

Hyper Combos:
Goodnight Suga': D DF F [Px2]
Sabretooth Sabretooth
Victor Creed, better known as Sabretooth is without any doubt, Wolverine's most hated enemy. Their rivalry goes back to a time that even they don't remember. Sabretooth's Mutant abilities give him enhanced strength, agility, stamina and healing factor, second only to Wolverine's. His razor sharp claws and ruthlessness give him the fighting edge in almost every situation.
Unique Attacks:
Wall Jump: Jump against a wall, press in opposite direction
Special Moves:
Berserker Claw: D DF F [P]
Wild Fang: F DF D DB B [P]
Armed Birdie: F DF D DB B [K]

Hyper Combos:
Berserker Claw X: D DF F [Px2]
Weapon X Dash: F D DF [Px2]
Heavy Armed Birdie: F DF D DB B [Kx2]
Storm Storm
Storm is the co-leader of the X-Men. Her special mutant ability allows her to manipulate the awesome forces of nature. This control over the weather gives her the ability to fly. She can call upon the power of the storms and harness the fierce power of Weather. Storm possesses a strong sense of nobility, which makes her a great leader.
Unique Attacks:
Float: Hold-U (in air)
Shock: [HP]
Air Dash: (U/D/B/F+[Px3]) (in air)
Lightning Ball: (U/D+[MP]) (in air)
Lightning Attack: (U/D/B/F+[MP]+[LK]) (also in air)
Special Moves:
Whirlwind: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Double Typhoon: D DB B [P] (also in air)
Flying: D DB B [Kx2] (also in air)

Hyper Combos:
Lightning Storm: D DF F [Px2] (also in air)
Hail Storm: D DB B [Px2]
Wolverine Wolverine
The man known only as Logan had his skeleton forcibly augmented with adamantium, a nearly indestructible metal. He has a super-healing ability that makes him nearly resistant to physical harm, chemicals and poisonous gasses. Wolverine once worked as a secret agent for the Canadian government but refused to follow their protocol. He severed his ties with the Canadian government and joined Professor Charles Xavier's mutant group - the X-Men.
Unique Attacks:
Wall Jump: Jump against a wall, press in opposite direction
Dive Kick: (D+[MK]) (in air)
Knee Kick: [MK] [MK]
Double Claw: [MP] [MP]
Sliding Claw: (DF+[HP])
Special Moves:
Repeated Claw: (Tap [MP]) (also in air)
Berserker Barrage: D DF F [P] (Tap [P])
Tornado Claw: F D DF [P] (Tap [P])
Drill Claw: (U/D/B/F+[MP]+[LK]) (can be repeated off a wall, also in air)
   Wall Drill Claw: (U/D/B/F+[P]/[K]) (during Drill Claw in wall)

Hyper Combos:
Berserker Barrage X: D DF F [Px2]
Weapon X: F D DF [Px2]
Street Fighter:

Akuma Akuma (Unlockable)
Warnings from his master were not enough. Akuma believed his ancestors to be fools for stealing the most deadly move: The Raging Demon. So what if the technique could kill the person who executed it? The true warrior will do everything he can to win. By releasing the Rage Demon, Akuma sealed his evil destiny and destroyed his own master.
Unique Attacks:
Zugai Hassatsu: (F+[MP])
Senpuu Kyaku: (F+[HK])
Single Kick: (U+[HK]) (in air)
Split Kick: (U+[MK]), [MK] (in air)
Special Moves:
Gou Hadoken: D DF F [P]
Zankuu Hadoken: D DF F [P] (in air)
Gou Shoryuken: F D DF [P]
Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku: D DB B [K] (also in air)
Tenma Kuujin Kyaku: D DF F [K] (in air)
Ashura Senkuu Forward: F D DF [Px2]/[Kx2]
Ashura Senkuu Backward: B D DB [Px2]/[Kx2]
Hyper Combos:
Messatsu Gou Hadou: D DB B [Px2], (Tap [P]/[K])
Tenma Gou Zankuu: D DF F [Px2] (in air) (Tap [P]/[K])
Messatsu Gou Shouryuu: D DF F [Px2] (Tap [P]/[K])
Shun Goku Satsu: [LP] [LP] F [LK] [HP]
Play as Akuma:
To play as Akuma, highlight Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalism or M. Bison at the character selection screen and press U.

Cammy Cammy White
She is a member of Bison's bodyguards and completely under the control of Bison's incredibly powerful mind control. From time to time she seems to show some form of humanity, but until she gains full self-control, she will remain a slave of Bison.
Unique Attacks:
Double Jump: U (in air)
Special Moves:
Cannon Drill: D DF F [K] (also in air)
Cannon Spike: F D DF [K]
Cannon Strike: D DB B [K] (in air)
Cannon Revenge: F DF D DB B [P]
Axle Spin Knuckle: D DF F [P]
Hooligan Combo: D DB B [K]
   Cancel: [MK]/[HK] (during Hooligan Combo)
   Cross Scissor Pressure: [MK]/[HK] (during Hooligan Combo, near head)
   Fatal Leg Twister: [MK]/[HK] (during Hooligan Combo, near waist)
   Razor Edge Slicer: (do nothing and land)

Hyper Combos:
Spin Drive Smasher: D DF F [Kx2]
Killer Bee Assault: D DB B [Kx2] (also in air)
Charlie Nash Charlie Nash
An American 1dt Lt. for the Air Force who is well known for his Flash Kick Shell. His main goal in life is to stamp out all corruption in the Air Force.
Unique Attacks:
Spinning Back Knuckle: (F+[HP])
Jump Sobat: (B/F+[MK])
Step Kick: (B/F+[HK])
Knee Kick: (D+[LK]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Sonic Boom: Hold-B, (F+[P])
Flash Kick Shell: Hold-D, (U+[K])
Moonsault Slash: U UF F [K] (in air)

Hyper Combos:
Sonic Break: D DF F [Px2] (Tap [P])
Crossfire Blitz: D DF F [Kx2]
Somersault Justice: D DB B [Kx2]
Chun-Li Chun-Li
Secretly pursuing the movements of Shadowloo, the international smuggling operation, Chun-Li fights bravely, unmindful of personal danger. The memory of her father burns brightly in her life.
Unique Attacks:
Wall Jump: Jump against a wall, press in opposite direction
Air Dash: F F/[Px2] (in air)
Triple Jump: U U (in air)
Short Kick: (U+[LK]) (in air)
Front Kick: (F+[HK]) (in air)
Yousou Kyaku: (D+[MK]) (in air)
Kaku Kyaku Raku: (DF+[HK])
Special Moves:
Kikouken: B DB D DF F [P]
Sen-En-Shu: F DF D DB B [K]
Lightning Kick: (Tap [K]) (also in air)
Spinning Air Kick: Hold-D, (U+[K])

Hyper Combos:
Kiko-Sho: D DF F [Px2]
Senretsu-Kyaku: D DF F [Kx2]
Hazan-Tensho-Kyaku: D DB B [Kx2]
Play as Alpha Chun-Li:
Highlight Chun-li. (Hold [START]) for 5 seconds then press [P]/[K] while still holding [START].
Dhalsim Dhalsim
The Indian monk Dhalsim fights for his people who suffer from famine and disease. He is a Yoga master who drifts through life and does not try to change his fate. He has sought to unify his mind, body and soul through the discipline of Yoga. As he nears his goal, Dhalsim must test himself and his skills before he can rise to a higher state of consciousness.
Unique Attacks:
Drill Zutsuki: (D+[HP]) (in air)
Drill Kick: (D+[K]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Yoga Fire: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Yoga Flame: F DF D DB B [P]
Yoga Blast: F DF D DB B [K]
Yoga Teleport: F D DF/B D DB [Px3]/[Kx3] (also in air)

Hyper Combos:
Yoga Blast: D DF F [Px2]
Yoga Inferno: D DF F [Kx2]
Ken Ken Masters
A disciple of the Shotokan school of karate, and past training partner of Ryu, Ken has an amazing fighting spirit but an even larger ego. Convinced his is the best fighter, and can defeat anyone, Ken seeks a confrontation with his long-time rival and friend Ryu.
Unique Attacks:
Lightning Flash Heel Splitter: (F+[MK])
Split Kick: (U+[MK]), [MK] (in air)
Single Kick: (U+[HK]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Hadoken: D DF F [P] (also in air)
Shoryuken: F D DF [P] (also in air)
Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku: D DB B [K]

Hyper Combos:
Shoryu Reppa: D DF F [Px2]
Shinryu Ken: D DF F [Kx2] (Tap [K])
M. Bison M. Bison
M. Bison has worked hard to enhance his Psycho Power. Many, many battles ensued in his laboratory as Bison drew from the power of the fight. But his lab rats were only cowards, for hatred wields more power than fear. Bison craves to battle against true warriors. He hears of a warrior named Ryu who defeated Sagat in Thailand. Suddenly Bison's body glow into a blue flash in anticipation of confronting Ryu and using his Psycho Crusher signature move.
Unique Attacks:
Special Moves:
Psycho Shot: B DB D DF F [P]
Double Knee Press: B DB D DF F [K] (also in air)
Psycho Field: F DF D DB B [P]
Warp: F D DF [P]/[K] (also in air)
Head Press: Hold-D, (U+[K]) (also in air)
Somersault Skull Diver: Hold-D, (U+[P]) (also in air)
   Skull Driver: (B/F+[P]) (during Head Press or Somersault Skull Diver)
Flying: D DB B [Kx2] (also in air, do again to land)

Hyper Combos:
Psycho Crusher: D DF F [Px2] (Tap [P]/[K]) (also in air)
Psycho Scissor Kick: D DF F [Kx2]
Ryu Ryu
A student of the Shotokan school of karate, Ryu has devoted his entire life to perfecting the true way of the warrior through mastery of the fireball. It is this devotion that makes Ryu the eternal enemy of Sagat. Now Ryu wanders the world for stronger fighters to battle.
Unique Attacks:
Sakotsu Wari: (F+[MP])
Senpuu Kyaku: (F+[MK])
Split Kick: (U+[MK]), [MK] (in air)
Single Kick: (U+[HK]) (in air)
Special Moves:
Hadoken: D DF F [P]
Shoryuken: F D DF [P]
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [K]

Hyper Combos:
Shinku Hadoken: D DF F [Px2]
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [Kx2]
Zangief Zangief
Lately Zangief has not been the same. Any pro wrestler cowers before his piledriver, but Zangief knows it needs improvement to meet his standards. As he trains, he gets frustrated because he cannot advance the piledriver. A sudden storm strikes and he is caught in the vacuum of a tremendous cyclone. It tosses Zangief around and sends his spinning back down to Earth head-first. He drops to the ground with a great thud. A few seconds later, great laughter breaks out across the mountains an drivers. Zangief has found his inspiration.
Unique Attacks:
Body Press: (D+[HP]) (in air)
Double Knee Drop: (D+[MK]) (in air)
Headbutt: (U+[MP]), [MP] (in air)
Long Punch: (F+[HP]) (in air)
Elbow Dive: (D+[MP]) (in air)
Elbow Drop: (F+[MP])
Dash Throw: F F [MP]/[HP] (close)
Dash Bites: F F [MK]/[HK] (close)
Double Lariat: [Px3]/[Kx3] (also in air, direct with B/F)
Special Moves:
Screw Piledriver: F DF D DB B UB U UF [P] (also in air)
Aerial Russian Slam: F DF D DB B [K]
Flying Powerbomb: B DB D DF F [K]
Atomic Suplex: B DB D DF F [K] (close)
Banishing Flat: F D DF [P]

Hyper Combos:
Final Atomic Buster: F DF D DB B UB U UF [Px2]

Apocalypse Apocalypse (Boss)
Unique Attacks:
Dash: [Px3]
Back Dash: (B+[Px3])
Special Moves:
Shockwave: F DF D [P]
Hammer Crush: F D DF [P]
Shoulder Cannon: D DF F [MP]
Bit Laser: Automatic
Hyper Combos:
Drill: D DF F [HP]
Play as Apocalypse:
Beat the game on a difficulty level of at least 5.
Then go in to vs mode and highlight Akuma.
(Hold [START]) for 5 seconds than press [P] while still holding [START].