Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011)
Move List/Bios - XBOX 360
Jill ValentineAlbert WeskerChris RedfieldDoctor DoomDormammuShuma-Gorath
AkumaTron BonneZeroSuper-SkrullM.O.D.O.K.Taskmaster
Crimson ViperChun-LiRyuCaptain AmericaThorIron Man
AmaterasuNathan SpencerViewtiful JoeWolverineDeadpoolMagneto
ArthurMike HaggarHulkShe-Hulk
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Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back/Block
F = Forward
DB = Down/Back/Low Block
DF = Down/Forward
UB = Up/Back
UF = Up/Forward
B D F U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = White arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
Tap = Repeatedly tap a button for brief period of time
Hold = Hold a button for a brief period of time
Release = Release a button after holding for a certain amount of time
[L] = Light Attack
[M] = Medium Attack
[H] = Heavy Attack
[S] = Special Attack (Air Combo)

[P1] = Partner 1
[P2] = Partner 2
[TAUNT] = Taunt
XBOX 360:
[L] = [X]
[M] = [Y]
[H] = [B]
[S] = [A]

[P1] = [LB]
[P2] = [RB]
[TAUNT] = [Back]

([P1]+[P2]) = [LT]
([L]+[M]+[H]) = [RT]

[2A] = 2 Attack Buttons Pressed Simultaneously

Super Jump: D U (Also in Air)
Forward Dash: F F (Also in Air)
Back Dash: B B
Basic Moves: [X]/[Y]/[B]
Press the button to execute a basic move. During battle, characters will be standing, crouching or airborne. The executed move varies depending on the characterís position and the button that you press.

Chain Combo: [X], [Y], [B]
Input commands from weakest to strongest (Light > Medium > Heavy) to execute a combo. The order and type of move that results varies depending on the character.

Air Combo: [A], U
Send your opponent in the air and jump after them to execute an air combo.

Special Move:
Each character has powerful moves that are unique to that character. These moves can inflict greater damage than normal attacks. In addition, Special Moves can still inflict a little damage even if they are guarded by the opponent.

Hyper Combo:
Each character can execute Hyper Combos which can inflict major damage on the opponent. Execute a Hyper Combo by using one Hyper Combo Gauge bar (or three bars for level 3 Hyper Combos).

Hyper Combo Gauge:
Gradually increases when you attack or receive/guard an attack. Up to 5 gauge bars can be accumulated. Once the gauge is full you can use it to execute various attacks, such as Hyper Combos.
Simultaneously press (B/F+[B]) while near the opponent. The opponent will be thrown in the direction (left or right) that the Directional Pad was pressed.

Throw Escape: (B/F+[B])
Avoid being thrown by inputting a Throw command immediately before the opponent throws you.

Snap Back: D DF F [LB]/ [RB] - Uses 1 Hyper Combo Gauge Bar.
Replace the current opponent with one of the other characters on your opponentís team. Press [LB] to switch with Partner 1 of the opposing team. Press [RB] to switch with Partner 2 of the opposing team.

Guard: B/DB/B (in air)
Hold down the Directional Pad in the opposite direction as the opponent to guard yourself from an attack. There are three types of guards; standing, crouching and air. You must be able to use all three, as some attacks can only be guarded by one of the three types.

Advancing Guard: (B/DB/B (in air) +[2A])
Input the command while guarding to push back the opponent and create space. This move is useful for avoiding potentially deadly combos.

Taunt: [Back]
Your character will taunt the opposing character. Taunts do not have any special effects.
Partner Moves:

Crossover Assist: [LB]/ [RB]
Summon an off-screen partner for an assist attack. Your partner will rush on screen to attack the opponent before leaving the screen again. Crossover Assists differ according to the assist type.

Crossover Attack: (Hold [LB]/ [RB])
Summon an off-screen partner to rush on screen with an attack and switch places with the character you are controlling. Crossover Attacks can be used when a partner is available to assist you.

Crossover Counter: (F+[LB]/ [RB]) (while guarding)
While guarding an opponentís attack, summon an off-screen partner to rush on screen with an assist attack and switch places with the character you are controlling. The characterís body will light up if you successfully execute a Crossover Counter.

Team Hyper Combo: - Uses 2-5 Hyper Combo Gauge Bars
While you are executing a Hyper Combo, summon an off-screen partner by inputting the command for another Hyper Combo. Your partner will rush on screen with a Hyper Combo and switch  places with the character you are controlling. You can execute Hyper Combos for up to three characters in a row.

Crossover Combination: ([LB]+ [RB]) - Uses 2-3 Hyper Combo Gauge Bars
Simultaneously execute a Hyper Combo with an off-screen partner. The amount of damage inflicted on the opponent varies considerably depending on the combination of the Hyper Combos.
New Moves:

Team Aerial Combo: (U/B/F/D+[A]) (during Air Combo hit)
Summon off-screen partners to execute three consecutive Air Combos. Team Aerial Combos are effective in instances where you want to inflict major damage to the opponent when you have no bars in your Hyper Combo Gauge. *You cannot use this move if you only have one character.

Direction of Attack:
When executing Team Aerial Combos, you can choose the direction (upward, sideways or downward) in which the second and third partners will attack. The resulting attack varies depending the direction that is chosen.

Upward: (U+[A])
Send the opponent in the air. Inflicts the most damage out of the three.
Sideways: (F+[A])
Smash the opponent against the edge of the screen. Inflicts mediocre damage.
Downward: (D+[A])
Slam the opponent against the ground. You will accumulate one Hyper Combo Gauge if you successfully land the attack.

Team Aerial Counter: (U/B/F/D+[A]) (while receiving Air Combo)
Prevent the opponent from executing a Team Aerial Combo. Input the same command as the opponent when they are switching to the second/third character. If you are successful, the opposing character will go flying.

X-Factor: ([X]+[Y]+[B]+[A])
Temporarily boost strength and mobility to inflict major damage to the opponent. X-Factor can only be used once per match.
*Effects vary depending on the character.
Use this move to make a preemptive strike, defeat difficult characters or turn the tables when you are losing a match. The effect of X-Factor varies depending on the state of your team.
The fewer fighters left on your team, the greater the effect.
When using X-Factor, a red aura envelops the character and a red border appears around the Vitality Gauge. The red border stands for the amount of time the effect will last.
MARVEL Characters:

Captain America Captain America
A scrawny fine arts student who grew up during the Great Depression, Steve Rogers was injected with the Super Solider Serum, giving him superhuman strength and agility.
Support Moves:
Shield Slash (Alpha)
Stars & Stripes (Beta)
Charging Star (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Shield Slash: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Stars & Stripes: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Charging Star: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Backflip: ([A]+[X]/[Y]/[B])
Hyper Combos:
Hyper Stars & Stripes: F D DF [2A]
Hyper Charging Star: D DB B [2A]
Final Justice: D DF F [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Deadpool Deadpool
The Merc with a Mouth... While he is incredibly silly, Deadpool is one of the most effective mercenaries out there.
Support Moves:
Quick Work (Alpha)
Katana-Rama! (Beta)
Trigger Happy (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Trigger Happy: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
   Ninja Gift: [X]/[Y]/[B] (During Trigger Happy)
Quick Work: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Katana-Rama!: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Chimichangas!!: [B] (During Katana-Rama!)
Teleport: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hyper Combos:
Happy-Happy Trigger: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Cuttin' Time: D DB B [2A]
4th-Wall Crisis: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Doctor Doom Doctor Doom
The masked genius scientist who plots for world domination. While his physical strength is only average at best, the technologically advanced weapons he develops, as well as his sinister plans have given his super hero foes plenty to worry about.
Support Moves:
Plasma Beam (Alpha)
Hidden Missiles (Beta)
Molecular Shield (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Plasma Beam: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Photon Shot: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Molecular Shield: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Photon Array: D DB B [2A] (Also in Air)
Sphere Flame: F D DF [2A]
Doom's Time: D DF F [2A] (Level 2 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Dormammu Dormammu
Dormammu rules the Dark Dimension, using his mystical powers to try and conquer other dimensions.
Support Moves:
Dark Hole (Alpha)
Purification (Beta)
Liberation (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Dark Spell-Destruction: D DB B [X]
Dark Spell-Creation: D DB B [Y]
Liberation: D DB B [B]
Dark Hole: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Purification: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Mass Change: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Chaotic Flame: D DF F [2A]
Stalking Flare: D DB B [2A]
Dark Dimension: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Hulk Hulk
When Bruce Banner was exposed to radiation from a gamma bomb, the power of the Hulk was unlocked. Now, whenever Banner gets angry, he becomes the massively strong and powerful Hulk.
Support Moves:
Gamma Wave (Alpha)
Gamma Charge [Anti-Air] (Beta)
Gamma Charge (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Gamma Wave: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[Y]/[B])
Gamma Charge: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Gamma Charge 2nd: [X]/[Y]/[B] (During Gamma Charge)
Gamma Charge: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Anti-Air)
   Gamma Charge 2nd: [X]/[Y]/[B] (Anti-Air) (During Gamma Charge Anti-Air)
Gamma Tornado: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hyper Combos:
Gamma Tsunami: D DF F [2A]
Gamma Crush: D DB B [2A]
Gamma Quake: F D DF [2A]
Iron Man Iron Man
Billionaire Tony Stark fights the forces of villainy in the high-tech Iron Man armor. He is one of the cornerstones of the Super Hero community and a founding member of the Avengers.
Support Moves:
UniBeam (Alpha)
Repulsor Blast (Beta)
Smart Bomb (Gamma)
Special Moves:
UniBeam: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Repulsor Blast: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Repulsor Spread: D DB B [B] (During Repulsor Blast)
Smart Bomb: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Flight: D DB B [A]
Hyper Combos:
Proton Cannon: D DF F [2A]
Angled Proton Cannon: F D DF [2A]
Iron Avenger: D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Magneto Magneto
With almost complete control of magnetism, Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants alive. He uses his massive powers to fight for his own mutant agenda at any cost.
Support Moves:
Electromagnetic Disruptor (Alpha)
Hyper Gravitation (Beta)
Force Field (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Electromagnetic Disruptor: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Hyper Gravitation: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Magnetic Blast: U UF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Force Field: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Magnetic Shockwave: D DF F [2A]
Magnetic Tempest: D DB B [2A] (Also in Air)
Gravity Squeeze: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
M.O.D.O.K. M.O.D.O.K.
M.O.D.O.K., the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing who leads Advanced Idea Mechanics, is gifted with super intelligence and psionic power, using these powers to vex the world's Super Heroes.
Support Moves:
Barrier (Alpha)
Balloon Bomb (Beta)
Psionic Blast (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Battering Ram: [A], [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air) (Can Be Directed)
Psionic Blast: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Psionic High Blast: D DF F [A] (With Psionic Power Charged)
Analysis Cube: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Balloon Bomb: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Jamming Bomb: F D DF [A] (With Psionic Power Charged)
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Hyper Psionic Blast: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Battering Ram: D DB B [2A] (Also in Air)
Killer Illumination: F D DF [2A]
Phoenix Phoenix
Mutant Jean Grey became the receptacle for the powerful Phoenix Force, which grants Jean near god-like powers when it becomes fully active.
Support Moves:
TK Shot (Alpha)
TK Overdrive (Beta)
TK Trap (Gamma)
Special Moves:
TK Shot: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
TK Trap: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
TK Overdrive: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Teleportation: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Phoenix Rage: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Healing Field: D DB B [2A]
Dark Phoenix Rising: When Vitality Is Reduced To Zero (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Sentinel Sentinel [Unlocked By Earning 4,000 Player Points]
Invented by Dr. Bolivar Trask, Sentinels have one destroy or capture mutants. There have been many different types of Sentinels employed by different groups.
Support Moves:
Sentinel Force [Charge] (Alpha)
Sentinel Force [Bomb] (Beta)
Rocket Punch (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Rocket Punch: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Sentinel Force: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Human Catapult: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Plasma Storm: D DF F [2A]
Hard Drive: D DF F [2A] (In Air)
Hyper Sentinel Force: D DB B [2A]
She-Hulk She-Hulk
When Jennifer Walters received a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, she gained the power to become She-Hulk.
Support Moves:
Torpedo (Alpha)
Clothesline (Beta)
Somersault Kick+ (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Heavy Strike: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
Somersault Kick: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Runner's Start: D D [A]
   Chariot: F (During Runner's Start)
     Torpedo: [X] (During Chariot)
     Clothesline: [Y] (During Chariot)
     Somersault Kick+: [B] (During Chariot)
     Emergency Stop: [A] (During Chariot)
   Catapult: B (During Runner's Start)
     Shooting Star: [X] (During Catapult)
     Flying Drop Kick: [Y] (During Catapult)
     Diving Senton: [B] (During Catapult)
     Emergency Landing: [A] (During Catapult)
Hyper Combos:
Emerald Cannon: D DF F [2A]
Emerald Impulse: D DF F [A] (During Emerald Cannon)
Emerald Disaster: D DF F [A] (During Emerald Impulse)
Taking Out The Trash: F D DF [2A]
Road Rage: D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Shuma-Gorath Shuma-Gorath (DLC)
Shuma-Gorath is an ancient and terrible being who wants to enslave humanity with his supernatural powers and ability to shapeshift.
Support Moves:
Mystic Ray (Alpha)
Mystic Stare (Beta)
Mystic Smash (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Mystic Smash: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Devitalization: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Mystic Stare: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[Y]/[B])
Mystic Ray: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[Y]/[B])
Hyper Combos:
Hyper Mystic Smash: F D DF [2A]
Hyper Mystic Ray: D DB B [2A]
Chaos Dimension: D DF F [2A], [B] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Spider-Man Spider-Man
When a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker, he gained the proportionate strength and agility of the arachnid, which he now uses to fight evil.
Support Moves:
Web Ball (Alpha)
Web Swing (Beta)
Spider Sting (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Spider Ball: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Spider Sting: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Spider Bite: [B] (During Spider Sting)
Web Swing: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Web Throw: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Web Glide: ([A]+[X]/[Y]/[B]) (Also in Air) (Can Be Directed)
Hyper Combos:
Maximum Spider: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Crawler Assault: F D DF [2A]
Ultimate Web Throw: F DF D DB B [2A]
Storm Storm
Ororo Munroe was gifted with the mutant ability to control weather. She joined the X-Men and has been one of their most reliable members.
Support Moves:
Whirlwind (Alpha)
Double Typhoon (Beta)
Lightning Attack (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Whirlwind: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Double Typhoon:  D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Lightning Attack: ([A]+[X]/[Y]/[B]) (Also in Air) (Can Be Directed)
Lightning Sphere: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Hail Storm: D DB B [2A]
Lightning Storm: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Elemental Rage: F D DF [2A]
Super-Skrull Super-Skrull
The Super-Skrull (also know as Kl'rt) was given all of the powers of the Fantastic Four. He uses these powers as a champion of the Skrull Empire.
Support Moves:
Stone Smite (Alpha)
Orbital Grudge (Beta)
Tenderizer (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Orbital Grudge: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Fatal Buster: D DB B [B] (During Orbital Grudge)
Tenderizer: (Tap [X]/[Y]/[B]) (Also in Air)
Elastic Slam: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Meteor Smash: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Rolling Hook: F F F [B]
Worm Squash: D D [B]
Hyper Combos:
Skrull Torch: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Inferno: D DB B [2A] (Also in Air)
Death Penalty: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Taskmaster Taskmaster [Unlocked By Earning 8,000 Player Points]
Taskmaster has photographic reflexes, which allow him to copy any movement he has seen perfectly. He uses his abilities as a mercenary working for the highest bidder.
Support Moves:
Aim Master [H. Shot] (Alpha)
Aim Master [Parabolic Shot] (Beta)
Aim Master [Vertical Shot] (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Aim Master: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air) (Can Be Charged)
Guard Master: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Sword Master: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Head Butt: [B] (When Sword Master L Is Blocked)
   Lights Out: D DF F [B] (During Head Butt)
Head Butt: [B] (When Sword Master M Is Blocked)
   Below The Belt: [Y] During Head Butt)
     Low Kick: [B] (During Below The Belt)
        Lights Out: D DF F [B] (During Low Kick)
Head Butt: [B] (When Sword Master H Is Blocked)
   Below The Belt: [Y] (During Head Butt)
     Low Kick: [B] (During Below The Belt)
        Shield Bash: [B] (During Low Kick)
           Knee Kick: [Y] (During Shield Smash)
              Lights out: D DF F [B] (During Knee Kick)
Hyper Combos:
Legion Arrow: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Aegis Counter: D DB B [2A]
Thor Thor
The God of Thunder wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir to fight the forces of evil. He is also a founding member of the Avengers.
Support Moves:
Mighty Spark (Alpha)
Mighty Smash (Beta)
Mighty Strike ( Gamma)
Special Moves:
Mighty Spark: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Mighty Smash: F D DF [X]/[Y]
Might Smash: F D DF [B] (Can Be Charged)
Might Strike: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air) (Can Be Charged)
Mighty Hurricane: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Mighty Speech: D D (Hold [B])
Hyper Combos:
Mighty Tornado: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Mighty Thunder: F D DF [2A]
Mighty Punish: F DF D DB B [2A]
Wolverine Wolverine
This Canadian member of the X-Men is the best there is at what he does, with his healing factor and adamantium claws. But what he does isn't very nice.
Support Moves:
Tornado Claw (Alpha)
Berserker Slash (Beta)
Berserker Barrage (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Berserker Barrage: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Can Be Chained Together)
Tornado Claw: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Can Be Chained Together)
Drill Claw: ([A]+[X]/[Y]/[B]) (Also in Air) (Can Be Directed)
Berserker Slash: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hyper Combos:
Berserker Barrage X: D DF F [2A]
Fatal Claw: D DB B [2A] (Also in Air)
Berserker Charge: D D [2A]
Weapon X: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
X-23 X-23
A female clone of Wolverine, X-23 has all of his powers in female form.
Support Moves:
Neck Slice (Alpha)
Ankle Slice (Beta)
Crescent Scythe (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Neck Slice: D DF F [X] (Can Be Charged)
Ankle Slice: D DF F [Y] (Can Be Charged)
Decapitating Slice: D DF F [B] (Can Be Charged)
Talon Attack: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Crescent Scythe: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Mirage Feint: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Can Be Charged)
Hyper Combos:
Rage Trigger: D DF F [2A]
Weapon X Prime: F D DF [2A]
Silent Kill: D DB B [2A], [A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
CAPCOM Characters:

Akuma Akuma [Unlocked By Earning 2,000 Player Points]
A fighter who took on the name of "Master of the Fist." He seeks a true battle to the death with Ryu, and to make him into a worthy opponent, he tries to lead Ryu down the path of the "Satsui no Hadou."
Support Moves:
Gohadoken (Alpha)
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (Beta)
Hyakki Gojin (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Gohadoken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
Zanku Hadoken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Goshoryuken: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Hyakkishu: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Hyakki Gosho: [X] (During Hyakkishu)
   Hyakki Gojin: [Y] (During Hyakkishu)
   Hyakki Goho: [B] (During Hyakkishu)
Ashura Senku: F D DF/B D DB [A]
Hyper Combos:
Messatsu-Gohado Agyo: D DF F [2A]
Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo: D DF F (Hold [2A] [B])
Tenma-Gozanku Agyo: D DF F [2A] (In Air)
Tenma-Gozanku Ungyo: D DF F (Hold [2A] [B])  (In Air)
Messatsu-Goshoryu: F D DF [2A]
Raging Demon: [X] [X] F [Y] [B]
Albert Wesker Albert Wesker
A very calculating and dangerous individual, he will do anything to further his own gains. Having perfected the Uroboros Virus, he plans to infect the global population with it, leaving only the chosen ones such as himself to create a new world.
Support Moves:
Ghost Butterfly (Alpha)
Samurai Edge [lower shot] (Beta)
Jaguar Kick (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Cobra Strike: D DF F [X]
Ghost Butterfly: D DF F [Y]
   Phantom Move: ([X]+[Y]+[B]) (During Ghost Butterfly)
Jaguar Dash: D DF F [B]
   Jaguar Kick: [B] (During Jaguar Dash)
     Cobra Strike: D DF F [X] (During Jaguar Kick)
Hyper Combos:
Mustang Kick: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Phantom Move: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Tiger Uppercut: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B]
Phantom Dance: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Rhino Charge: D DB B [2A]
Lost In Nightmares: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Amaterasu Amaterasu
100 years ago, Amaterasu sealed away True Orochi, but lost her physical form due to injuries sustained in battle. Her spirit was contained within a statue, and she was later resurrected, although without her Celestial Brush powers. She began a journey to restore beauty to Nippon while regaining her powers. She looks like an ordinary wolf to the average person.
Support Moves:
Solar Flare (Alpha)
Cold Star (Beta)
Bloom (gamma)
Special Moves:
Head Charge: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Power Slash: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Weapon Change: D D [X]/[Y]/[B]
Solar Flare: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (With Solar Flare Weapon)
Thunder Edge: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Can Be Charged) (With Thunder Edge Weapon)
Glaive Chop: D DF F [A] (In Air) (With Thunder Edge Weapon)
Cold Star: (Rapid Fire) D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (With Devout Beads Weapon)
Hyper Combos:
Okami Shuffle: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Vale Of Mist: D DB B [2A] (Also in Air)
Divine Instruments: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Guage Required)
Arthur Arthur
The legendary knight who jumped into the demon world all by himself to save the prince who had been kidnapped by Satan. While best known for his dauntless courage in the face of terrifying monsters and life-threatening traps, he also enjoys wearing strawberry-print boxer shorts. Though he looks like an old man, he's really only 28 years old.
Support Moves:
Heavenly Slash (Alpha)
Dagger Toss (Beta)
Fire Bottle Toss (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Dagger Toss: (Rapid Fire) D DF F [X] (Also in Air)
Lance Toss: (Rapid Fire) D DF F [Y] (Also in Air)
Scatter Crossbow: D DF F [B] (Also in Air)
Shield Deflect: F D DF [X]
Heavenly Slash: F D DF [Y]
Hellbound Slash: F D DF [B]
Fire Bottle Toss: D DB B [X] (Also in Air)
Ax Toss: D DB B [Y] (Also in Air)
Scythe Toss: D DB B [B] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Goddess' Bracelet: D DF F [2A]
Golden Armor: D DB B [2A]
For The Princess: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Guage Required)
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield
Ever since the Raccoon City Incident, he has been fighting continuously against the spread of bioterrorism despite the dissolution of Umbrella. He is also searching for his former partner Jill, whose whereabouts are unknown.
Support Moves:
Combination Punch (Alpha)
Gun Fire (Beta)
Grenade Toss (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Combination Punch: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Body Blow: [X] (During Combination Punch L)
     Heavy Blow: [Y] (During Body Blow)
        Payoff: [B] (During Heavy Blow)
   Magnum Combo: [B] (During Combination Punch M)
Grenade Toss: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Gun Fire: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Prone Position: D D [B]
Hyper Combos:
Grenade Launcher: D DF F [2A]
Sweep Combo: F D DF [2A]
Satellite Laser: D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Chun-Li Chun-Li
She tirelessly continues her investigation to take down the criminal organization Shadaloo. While her strong sense of duty and obligation are readily apparent, she also longs to live the life of an ordinary woman.
Support Moves:
Kikoken (Alpha)
Tenshokyaku (Beta)
Hyakuretsu Kyaku (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Kikoken: B DB D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Kikoanken: [B] (During H, Kikoken)
Spinning Bird Kick: Hold-D, (U+[X]/[Y]/[B]) (Also in Air)
Hyakuretsukyaku: (Tap [X]/[Y]/[B]) (Also in Air)
Tenshokyaku: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Kikosho: D DF F [2A]
Hoyokusen: D DB B [2A]
Shichisei Ranka: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Guage Required)
Crimson Viper Crimson Viper
When it comes to work, she leaves honor and emotions behind and keeps it about business. Her diligence and efficiency earned her the nickname "Miss Perfect." However, in front of her daughter she becomes a gentle, loving mother.
Support Moves:
Thunder Knuckle (Alpha)
Seismic Hammer (Beta)
Burning Kick (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Thunder Knuckle: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
EX Thunder Knuckle: D DF F [A] (Uses 1 H.C. Guage Stock)
Burning Kick: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
EX Burning Kick: D DB B [A] (Uses 1 H.C. Guage Stock)
Seismic Hammer: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
EX Seismic Hammer: F D DF [A] (Uses 1 H.C. Guage Stock)
Hyper Combos:
Emergency Combination: D DF F [2A]
Burst Time: D DB B [2A]
Viper Full Throttle: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Dante Dante
Half-man half-demon born from the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and his human wife Eva. When he was still young, his mother was killed in a demon attack. To hunt down those responsible, he became a Devil Hunter and opened up a shop named "Devil May Cry."
Support Moves:
Jam Session (Alpha)
Crystal (Beta)
Weasel Shot (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Multi-Lock: D DF F [X] (Can Be Charged)
   Acid Rain: D DF F [X] (During Multi-Lock)
Crystal: D DF F [Y]
   Million Carats: D DF F [Y] (During Crystal)
Hysteric: D DF F [B]
   Grapple: D DF F [B] (During Hysteric)
Reverb Shock: D DB B [X]
   Fireworks: [B] (During Reverb Shock)
   Crazy Dance: [A] (During Reverb Shock)
Revolver: D DB B [Y]
   Fireworks: [B] (During Revolver)
   Crazy Dance: [A] (During Revolver)
Jet Stream: D DB B [B]
   Fireworks: [B] (During Jet Stream)
   Crazy Dance: [A] (During Jet Stream)
Twister: F D DF [X]
   Tempest: F D DF [X] (During Twister)
Volcano: F D DF [Y]
   Beehive: F D DF [Y] (During Volcano)
Jam Session: F D DF [B]
Killer Bee: D DF F [X] (In Air)
   The Hammer: D DF F [X] (During Killer Bee)
Air Play: D DF F [Y] (In Air) (Can Be Charged)
Sky Dance: D DF F [B] (In Air)
Air Trick: D D [A]
Drive: D DF F [A]
Hyper Combos:
Million Dollars: D DF F [2A]
Devil Trigger: D DB B [2A]
   Air Raid: D DB B [A] (Also in Air) (During Devil Trigger)
Thunder Bolt: D DF F [A] (In Air) (In Devil Trigger Form)
Vortex: F D DF [A] (In Air) (In Devil Trigger Form)
Devil Must Die: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Felicia Felicia
A catwoman who was taken in by a gentle Sister, she is very kind and cheerful. She worked hard to achieve her dream of becoming a musical star. In order to help children who shared her circumstances, she now works as the Sister of an orphanage.
Support Moves:
Rolling Buckler (Alpha)
Sand Splash (Beta)
Cat Spike (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Rolling Buckler: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Neko Punch: [X] (During Rolling Buckler)
   Rolling Slide: [Y] (During Rolling Buckler)
   Rolling Uppercut: [B] (During Rolling Buckler)
Cat Spike: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Delta Kick: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B]
Sand Splash: Hold-B, (F+[X]/[Y]/[B])
Hell Cat: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
EX Charge: D D (Hold [B])
Hyper Combos:
Dancing Flash: D DF F [2A]
Kitty's Helper: F D DF [2A]
Please Help Me: D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Guage Required)
Hsien-Ko Hsien-Ko [Unlocked By Earning 6,000 Player Points]
Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling are twin sisters who transformed into a jiangshi using Igyo Tenshin-no-Jutsu. They fight to save their mother's soul from the darkness. Hsien-Ko does the fighting, while Mei-Ling transformed into the charm on her hat in order to keep Hsien-Ko's powers under control.
Support Moves:
Senpu Bu (Alpha)
Henkyo Ki (Beta)
Anki Hou (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Anki Hou: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
Senpu Bu: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air) (Can Be Used Repeatedly)
Henkyo Ki: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Houten Geki: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hyper Combos:
Chireitou: D DF F [2A]
Tenrai Ha: D DB B [2A]
Rimoukon: F D DF [2A]
Jill Valentine Jill Valentine (DLC)
Jill was one of the members of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha team. She was also one of the few people to escape Raccoon City before it was destroyed.
Support Moves:
Cartwheel Kick (Alpha)
Arrow Kick (Beta)
Somersault Kick (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Flip Kick: D DF F [X]
Cartwheel Kick: D DF F [Y]
Arrow Kick: D DF F [B]
Double Knee Drop: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Fallen Prey: F D DF [X]
Ensnarement: F D DF [Y]
Position Exchange: F D DF [B]
Feral Crouch: D D [A]
   Low Sweep: [X] (During Feral Crouch)
   Jumping Roundhouse: [Y] (During Feral Crouch)
   Somersault Kick: [B] (During Feral Crouch)
Hyper Combos:
Machine-Gun Spray: D DF F [2A]
Raven Spike: F D DF [2A]
Mad Beast: D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Mike Haggar Mike Haggar
Former professional wrestler who became the mayor of Metro City. Calling himself the "Fighting Mayor," he teamed up with his friends and took on the Mad Gear crime syndicate, paying back the destruction the gang had caused in spades.
Support Moves:
Double Lariat (Alpha)
Violent Axe (Beta)
Steel Pipe (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Violent Axe: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hoodlum Launcher: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Flying Piledriver: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Skyhigh Back Drop: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Double Lariat: ([A]+[X]/[Y]/[B])
Wild Swing: D DF F [A] (In Air)
Hyper Combos:
Rapid Fire Fist: D DF F [2A]
Giant Haggar Press: F D DF [2A]
Final Haggar Buster: F DF D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Morrigan Morrigan Aensland
She is a succubus, a demonic creature able to seduce men. She is well known for her voluptuous figure and her titillating clothing. Although she is the head of the Aensland house, one of the three major houses of the demon world, she often abandons her dull duties to go look for excitement.
Support Moves:
Shadow Blade (Alpha)
Soul Fist (Beta)
Dark Harmonizer (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Soul Fist: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Shadow Blade: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Vector Drain: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Flight: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Finishing Shower: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Astral Vision: D D [2A]
Shadow Servant: F D DF [2A]
Darkness Illusion: D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Nathan Spencer Nathan Spencer
Once a hero of the war against the Empire, following the Bionic Purge he was branded a traitor by the government and sentenced to death. However, with the emergence of a new bionic threat, he has answered the call to return to the battlefield.
Support Moves:
Wire Grapple [H. Shot] (Alpha)
Wire Grapple [Slant Shot] (Beta)
Armor Piercer (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Wire Grapple: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Reel In Punch: [X] (When Wire Grapple Hits)
Zip Kick: [Y] (When Wire Grapple Hits)
Come 'Ere!: [B] (When Wire Grapple Hits)
Jaw Breaker: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
   Smash Kick: [Y]/[B] (During Jaw Breaker)
   Critical Smash: [Y]/[B] (Specific Timing) (During Jaw Breaker)
Armor Piercer: D DF F [A]
Hyper Combos:
Bionic Maneuvers: D DF F [2A]
Bionic Lancer: D DB B [2A]
Ryu Ryu
Ryu's name gained great recognition among martial artists after he defeated the Muay Thai king in a fight. However, instead of claiming his fame, Ryu began to wander the globe, hoping to become a true warrior. He continues his journey, engaging in battles with fighters he meets along the way.
Support Moves:
Shoryuken (Alpha) Ryu does an uppercut. Must be close to work.
Hadoken (Beta) Shoots a fireball straight forward.
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Gamma) Does a spinning kick.
Special Moves:
Hadoken: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Shoryuken: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Jodan Sokuto Geri: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hyper Combos:
Shinku Hadoken: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Shinku Hadoken (Vertical Up): D DF F [2A], Hold-U
Shinku Hadoken (Vertical Down): D DF F [2A], Hold-D (In Air)
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: D DB B [2A] (Close)
Shin Shoryuken: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Trish Trish
Originally created by a demon in order to lure Dante into a trap, she worked side by side with him and fell to his charms and betrayed the demon world. Now she works together with Dante as a partner in his business.
Support Moves:
Trick "Hopscotch" (Alpha)
Trick "Peekaboo" (Beta)
Low Voltage (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Low Voltage: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Trick "Hopscotch": D DB D [X] (Also in Air)
Trick "Peekaboo": D DB B [Y] (Also in Air)
Round-Trip: D DB B [B] (Also in Air)
   Switch Sign: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air) (During Round-Trip)
Air Raid: D DB B [A] (Also in Air)
Hyper Combos:
Round Harvest: D DB B [2A]
Maximum Voltage: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Duet Pain: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Tron Bonne Tron Bonne
The only daughter of the Bonne family of air pirates, she is extremely prideful and is a sore loser. However, she can be charmingly awkward in front of someone she has a crush on, and values her family above all else. She travels the world in the hopes of getting rich quick, but her misadventures usually only end up adding to her debt.
Support Moves:
Bonne Strike (Alpha)
Gustaff Fire (Beta)
Liberation (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Bonne Strike: B D DB [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air) (Can Be Used Repeatedly)
Beacon Bomb: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
Servbot Launcher: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Bonne Mixer: F DF D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hyper Combos:
Servbot Takeout: D DF F [2A]
Servbot Surprise: F D DF [2A]
Shakedown Mixer: F DF D DB B [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe
Sucked into Movieland, Viewtiful Joe fights for truth and justice using the time altering powers of his V-watch, which is activated by the magical phrase "Henshin."
Support Moves:
Voomerang (Alpha)
Groovy Uppercut (Beta)
Shocking Pink (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Voomerang:D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air) (Can Be Charged)
Shocking Pink: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Can Be Charged)
Red Hot Kick: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Air Joe: (Tap [X]/[Y]/[B]) (In Air)
Groovy Uppercut: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Hyper Combos:
Desperado: D DF F [2A] (Also in Air)
Viewtiful God Hand: D DB B [2A]
Mach Speed: F D DF [2A]
Zero Zero
Ever since he was found in a cave by Sigma, he has worked tirelessly as a Maverick Hunter. Beneath his cool exterior lies an extreme intolerance for evil; once he gets into a fight with a Maverick, he won't stop until his enemy has been mercilessly cut down. He is best friends with X of the Maverick Hunters' 17th Elite Unit.
Support Moves:
Ryuenjin (Alpha)
Hadangeki (Beta)
Shippuga (Gamma)
Special Moves:
Hadangeki: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B]
Ryuenjin: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B]
Raikousen: F D DF [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Hienkyaku: D DB B [X]/[Y]/[B] (Also in Air)
Sentsuizan: D DF F [X]/[Y]/[B] (In Air)
Hyper Zero Blaster: (Hold [X]/[Y]/[B]) (Also in Air) (Can Be Charged)
Hyper Combos:
Rekkoha: D DF F [2A]
Sougenmu: D DB B [2A]
Genmu Zero: F D DF [2A] (Level 3 Hyper Combo Gauge Required)